Comparison of the education of the Czech Republic and the USA

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Pros and cons of studying in the Czech Republic and the USA

Czech Republic or USA for a student

One of the most popular countries for students to move to is the Czech Republic. Studying in the Czech Republic will be cheaper than in America. To get a free higher education in the Czech Republic, you will have to learn the Czech language at a level not lower than B2. For admission to some medical faculties in the Czech Republic, language proficiency at level C1 is required. Comparison of the education of the Czech Republic and the USA.

Czech language levels. Levels of knowledge of the Czech language

Features of higher education in the Czech Republic for foreign students

Having received a diploma of higher education at the University of the Czech Republic, you have good prospects for employment in Europe. The Czech Republic is considered an economically stable and developing country, in which more and more well-known companies and branches of giant global corporations open every year.

After receiving a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the Czech Republic, you will not have to obtain a work permit. After graduating from a university in the Czech Republic, you need to change the status of your student visa. For graduates of Czech universities, a new residence permit will appear in order to find a job or prepare for entrepreneurial activity. Will be issued for 9 months.

In the future, it will be much easier to get permanent residence. Since the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, graduates get the opportunity to work legally in many European countries.

To enter a university in the Czech Republic, a foreigner must submit an application and pass the entrance exams. Some specialties in universities in the Czech Republic can be entered without entrance exams. Of course, the requirements of each university are different. After successful admission, you must obtain a student visa. You can find out detailed information about admission on the faculty website or write a letter to the student department.

Comparison of the education of the Czech Republic and the USA. In addition to the advantages, studying in the Czech Republic has many disadvantages that foreign students face in the Czech Republic.

You can get free higher education in the Czech Republic for a foreigner only at the State Institute of the Czech Republic and in the Czech language. To do this, you need to study it at the annual Czech language courses in the Czech Republic to the desired level (not lower than B2). If you do not plan to then stay in the Czech Republic, then you will have to learn another language, since Czech, unlike English, is not spoken anywhere outside the Czech Republic.

Higher education in the Czech Republic in English is paid and expensive and is not available in all specialties.

The competition for admission to universities in the Czech Republic for different specialties is different. Especially big competition for legal (10 people per place) and medical specialties. For some specialties, the competition for universities in the Czech Republic is small.

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Cons of the Czech Republic for international students

Many students from other countries do not like the climate and the characteristics of the local population. People in the Czech Republic are rather reserved and peculiar, far from being as welcoming and friendly as in America.

Features of Etiquette in the Czech Republic

Comparison of the Czech republic and the United States for study

Studying in the Czech Republic will be cheaper than in America.

Benefits of studying at US universities

America is the dream of millions of students and not only. It is not for nothing that every second inhabitant of the planet would like to get to this country. There is no limit to the possibilities, career growth and success is really available to everyone. A person is judged solely on his abilities and qualifications.

That is why America has the most foreign students in the world. Their number has long exceeded 600 thousand people. Higher education in the US is expensive. But this does not stop applicants, since the advantages of studying in America are much greater than the disadvantages.

Where is it better to study in the Czech Republic or the USA

The main advantages of studying in the USA are:
High level of education. It is in America that there are institutions that regularly enter the TOP of the best universities around the world. These are not just universities with good teaching staff, but entire scientific and research centers where you will be allowed to gain knowledge in practice. Some campuses cover such an area that they look more like small cities. The territory has everything that a modern student needs for education and life in general.
In the institutions of America you will find any specialty, and you might not have heard of many at all. The methodology of education in the United States is the most progressive, it is here that all modern technologies are applied.

Review of studying in Prague at the university of Economics

Choice of the Czech republic or the USAfor a student

Comparison of the education of the Czech Republic and the USA. Grants and scholarships. They allow gifted students who are not able to pay 20-40 thousand dollars a year for it to receive affordable education. Some scholarships may cover the full cost, others only partially. Plus, students are allowed to earn extra money while studying.
environmental tolerance. You won’t be the only immigrant here, so no one will look down on you. Students immediately find friends, both from foreigners and the indigenous population.

Choice of the Czech republic or the USA for study. Possibility of self-selection. The student has the right to choose which specialty he will study. Of course, there are a few main ones. But the rest – only based on individual preferences. Therefore, a nuclear physicist can easily learn art if he wants to.
After graduating from a university in the USA, you automatically become a desirable applicant for a good position in any company. At the same time, by the end of the training, each graduate knows English perfectly. Many even lose a noticeable accent.

You have endless opportunities, because you can choose a job in any of the fifty states. Each of them has its own foundations, climate, customs. It remains only to decide where you want to “settle” and spend your life.

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Podcasts for learning Czech. Podcasts for students in the Czech Republic

Benefits of studying in America

America’s universities are the best in the world. This can prove any rating. If we take the TOP-100 of the best universities on the planet, then the vast majority will be occupied by US colleges. It is here that the universities of the famous Ivy League (The Ivy League), which is traditionally associated with the quality and elitism of education, are located. The Ivy League consists of eight universities: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Cornell University and Dartmouth College. They are among the first institutions of higher education and are the oldest and highly respected today. But there are many more good universities.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League

Features of higher education in the USA

Prepare to submit documents to an American institute should be two years in advance. This will require references, a list of grades and, of course, a brilliantly written essay. When choosing a university to enroll in, carefully study the universities. The better you do this, the better your chances of getting in. Feel free to show your interest, this will show you from the best side in front of the selection committee.

Another feature of education in the USA is that in the first year you do not have to choose a specialization. It can be determined only by the end of the second year. This allows you to try yourself in different subjects and clearly define what exactly you like.

American colleges have a small selection of subjects. There can be four, five, maximum six per semester. But they are given a lot of homework. Any absenteeism or negative evaluation is taken into account. There are a large number of tests and exams between sessions. The final test is only 15% of the grade you get for the semester. To a greater extent, it is influenced by intermediate assessments. This will allow you to study the subject in depth.

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Cons of studying in the USA at the university

Feedback from a student after studying at a university in the USA and the Czech Republic.
Czech universities have more opportunities and time to communicate with professors and lecturers. More opportunities for internship while studying at a Czech university. The standard university in America is very huge and there are a lot of students studying there! But since there are so many students, it is very difficult to find time to chat with your professor. And in the Czech Republic, universities are smaller, there are fewer students in the classrooms. But at the same time you get one of the best educations in Europe! Plus, education in the Czech Republic is cheaper and you can get more experience and job opportunities. Be brave and just come to study in the Czech Republic. You deserve a better future.

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Student visa interview for Czech Republic

ISIC card in the Czech Republic

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