Mentality in the Czech Republic and reviews of life. Says a migrant

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Czech mentality

In general, as a typical migrant, I have gone through all stages of the life cycle of a migrant. Mentality in the Czech Republic.

  • The first year in the Czech Republic – delight, joy, naivety, it seemed that everything was new and perfect.
  • The second year in the Czech Republic – fatigue, anger, difficulties in understanding the mentality, there was a moment when I wanted to buy tickets back home.
  • The third year in the Czech Republic – sobering up, addiction, acceptance, loyalty.

Laws in the Czech Republic

Czechs follow the laws because they believe that the built system is smarter than a person. In addition, the Czechs are very proud of their country and the order in it. They believe that if the law is broken or the system is questioned, chaos will ensue and everything will begin to fall into disrepair. Therefore, professors do not take bribes (even chocolates), citizens do not drive without a license, etc. If your neighbor is Czech and you listen to loud music at night, he will simply call the police to give you a warning. Czechs greatly despise those who violate their laws, they perceive such people as cave animals who not only do not know how to live in their environment, but also do not respect the rules of their environment.

Laws and duties of foreigners in the Czech Republic

The police in the Czech Republic work clearly, they treat citizens very respectfully. Plus, the police have no right to cross the threshold of the house.

Czech manners

In general, when it comes to breaking rules and laws, Czechs never solve problems with their own hands. They would rather write to Urjad, to the police, to the ministry, let the problem be solved by the one who has the right to do so. Again, if a Czech gets into a finely organized system and “breaks” something, it will be worse for him. If a woman’s computer breaks down at work, a Czech colleague will not run to set it up, even if he knows how to do it, he would rather call the IT department and the computer will be restarted by the one who has the function and the rights to do this, even if such an indirect procedure will take longer. It’s safer.

The mentality in the Czech Republic – attitude towards alcohol

mentality in the Czech Republic

Traditions in the Czech Republic. Czechs are crazy about beer. Students drink beer with teachers, this is the norm here. Every year the universities have a battle to see which university will drink the most beer. Beer for the Czechs is a tool of socialization and recreation. They believe that it is not so much a “noble” drink as “friendly”. They can sit by the embankment in the park and drink beer, right on the street, and not touch anyone.

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Conflicts in the Czech Republic

Behavior in the Czech Republic. In general, Czechs hate conflicts. Why stir up conflict if no one will benefit from it? Why waste time and nerves? If there is a fight on the street, they definitely will not climb to separate the fighting. Czechs very rarely scream and swear at each other, they are just like the Japanese, they are afraid to lose face. In the Czech Republic, no one will care about you if there is a conflict on the street.

Relations in the Czech Republic

Czechs easily approach relationships, for them it is just a means of pleasant pastime. At 20-30 years old, both Czechs and Czechs strive to build a career, and therefore they do not want to bind themselves with unnecessary obligations. This is due to the fact that they are confident in their strengths and the capabilities of their country. All they want is to travel, explore the world and take everything from life.

Who pays for cafes in the Czech Republic

mentality in the Czech Republic

Reviews about life in the Czech Republic. Since the Czechs are easy on intersexual relations, the check is often divided in half (well, or a third or a quarter is still paid by the girl). For Czechs, this is a sign of independence. For example, if the acquaintance with the guy was unsuccessful, the Czech woman can pay for herself in order to distance herself from the guy and not feel attached and obligated. Paying a check in Europe is a kind of game, today you pay, tomorrow I, as a sign of concern.

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Czech mentality – how to make friends in the Czech Republic

Czech traditions. Friendship in the Czech Republic is functional. School, university, work. You are friends, because at this stage of time it is mutually beneficial for you, it simplifies life. If you invite your Czech school friend for tea, she, at worst, may perceive it as a hint of a relationship between two women, and at best, she simply will not understand why you are so imposing on her.

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Manners of people in the Czech Republic. The following example, which happened to me, perfectly illustrates Czech friendship: one day my Czech friend fell very ill, lay with a temperature of 40 and could not get out of bed. The minute I found out about it, I planned to go to the store, buy him a bunch of fruits and vitamins and bring him the same day. When I finished my mission and it was time to leave, my Czech friend asked me to leave the check on the table. I had to ask twice, what kind of check are we talking about? And then he told me that he was not used to getting help for free. The last time his best friend bought him groceries, he left a receipt from the store to get the money back on the card.

I still can’t accept it and understand it. It’s strange that when your close friend “dies”, you find it quite normal to ask for money for a glass of water that was served to him … Amazing and insanely sad.

How is a birthday celebrated in the Czech Republic?

Life in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, it is not customary to be generous; for Europe, this is not a sign of farsightedness and extravagance. If you are invited to a holiday in the Czech Republic, most likely everyone will pay for their drinks themselves. It is not customary here to cut salads and set the table. Life should be simple, why so much fuss. Therefore, you can come and go at any time, a birthday gift is not required. In general, in the West, the guests entertain the birthday boy, not the guests.

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Is there hospitality in the Czech Republic?

Strangeness in the Czech Republic. The same applies to gatherings at a party. In the Czech Republic, there is absolutely no culture of tea drinking at a party. They can pour you tea bags and leave you hungry for the whole evening.

What is unusual about the Czechs? How to become a friend in the Czech Republic

Czechs are quite cold, cautious when it comes to letting you into your personal life or not. You can meet friends at school, chat within the institution, but they will not even add you as friends on social networks. For Czechs, this is their personal life. Many perceive social networks as a personal photo album, therefore, even if you communicate warmly, they will think whether to add you to them or not, whether to allow you to “flip through” their personal photos.

Therefore, if you want to melt the Czech, you need to “become one of them”, be interested in their culture, share their interests, show that you are safe, adequate, friendly, that you are not a spy who is added as a friend.

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Kitchen talk

Czech realities. There are no kitchen talks about politics in the Czech Republic, you will never know directly what a Czech thinks about the country. Discussing politics is not accepted here, you can ignite a conflict. The Czechs can still discuss the politics of other countries, but discussing the politics of the Czech Republic itself with the Czechs is an absolute taboo. When you are in the position of a migrant and talk about the shortcomings of the country you have arrived in, you may be quite abruptly asked to leave.

Czechs love their country and any criticism is taken to heart. So I strongly advise against ever touching on this topic. Talking about politics causes Czechs to sweat coldly, because it seems that a conflict is about to come. Therefore, it is better not to scare them. The Czechs see that the number of migrants is increasing every year, and it is better for them to be happy and peaceful migrants than migrants who condemn the laws of the country they came to.

Strange habits of the Czechs

Citizenship in the Czech Republic

Traditions in the Czech Republic. Czechs are attached to their country and are ready to help it. Once, while riding a tram, I noticed an empty bottle of beer flying on the floor. The nice-looking Czech picked her up, threw her into the bin at the bus stop, went back into the car, disinfected his hands and drove on as if nothing had happened. Many people are surprised that Europeans stop at the garbage cans in rich cars and sort the garbage. In addition, Czechs mow the lawns around their plots, decorate their houses and front doors.

They find time to stop by for coffee after work, take a leisurely walk, drink beer. When their working day ends, the time they spend on themselves begins.

Attitude towards others in the Czech Republic

mentality in the Czech Republic

How do Czechs live? Czechs solve problems alone, asking for help is not particularly accepted here. Close friends or family can help. If you are carrying a heavy suitcase up the stairs, even if you are wearing a dress, in the vast majority of cases passers-by will not help you. In the subway, too, they will not give up their seat. They seem to think that you could calculate everything in advance and take care of your comfort in advance, call a taxi. Likewise, if you got into a mess with some question, then you let everything take its course and you yourself are to blame. From their point of view, the system gives every opportunity to avoid problems, and therefore, it is not necessary to help you.

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Traditions in the Czech Republic. Similarly, it is better not to invite Czech friends to a tea party. And it’s better not to visit unfamiliar European friends for tea one on one either, very close people are usually invited to visit.

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Place in society in the Czech Republic

Features of life in the Czech Republic. If you are new to the company of Czechs, the first thing you will be asked is “what do you do”. The more interesting hobbies you have, the more countries you have visited, the better. This is a sign of independence and solvency. In professional terms, your title will play a big role – the highest degree of education that you received. The Czechs greatly value independence and enterprise, breadth of interests and experience gained.

Etiquette in the Czech Republic – code of good manners and rules of conduct in the Czech Republic

Behavior in the Czech Republic

Reviews about life in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, on the first day of school, you don’t see children bringing flowers to teachers. During exams and before Christmas, it is not customary to give chocolate or alcohol in the Czech Republic. In ministries, dormitories, hospitals, gifts are not expected from you either. Once, in the first year in the Czech Republic, during one terribly bureaucratic procedure, a Czech woman helped me. Very intelligent. She accepted me outside of working hours, which is not typical for Europe. I decided to express my gratitude and thank her with a small box of chocolates, quite symbolic. Her reaction shocked me! She laughed out loud and, so that the rest of her colleagues in the next room heard, said: “For God’s sake, keep the chocolate for yourself and drink it yourself with tea.” So I went home with chocolate.

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Features of the mentality in the Czech Republic

It is better not to give gifts to officials, the Czechs may perceive this as a bribe and become very indignant. When I want to express gratitude, in the Czech Republic I usually leave reviews in restaurants and social networks.

Or, recently, in a report on a student program, I mentioned the name of the curator and described her irreplaceable help and support. She was always in touch and answered any questions.

Of course, everywhere there are exceptions. But the point is not at all that the Europeans are insincere, they just grew up in a different system that encourages individualism, self-development and independence. The mistake of many migrants is to hide in their own little world. But still, you need to move forward and study the environment, discover new and good sides in it.

The Czech mentality is studying at a university. Personal opinion

Diligence in Czech society is somehow not particularly encouraged. In Czech society, it is safer to be “like everyone else” and “keep a low profile.” When you work on a project with Czechs who are too lazy to write something, if they find out that you understand the subject better than them, they will either shift the most difficult part of the work to you, or remove something from the project that they don’t like. So that your part of the work doesn’t stand out too much.

With all this, I would repeat again that I do not think that this attitude was related to my cultural affiliation. Most likely, this is the principle of the Czech system.

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Czech Mentality – titles

The Czech Republic is one of the countries that treat titles with some kind of sick trepidation. In all job applications, you are asked to indicate your title in the Czech Republic (master, doctor).  You also address teachers at the university strictly by their titles, as if emphasizing your deep and sincere respect for their Czech intelligence.

And this fact annoys me a lot, because your grades hardly reflect your academic performance at the university.  A fool can easily write off the exam for an A grade, and you can be flunked. At the same time, working on projects with some Czechs who do not know the basics of your specialty, sometimes you sincerely and deeply wonder how it turns out that you share the same title in the Czech Republic.

Titles, in addition, give you the right to earn an order of magnitude more money. And if with the title of bachelor you may not be taken to the position of a top manager, then with the title of master there will be no such barrier.

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