Rules for contacting teachers in the Czech Republic. Academic degrees in the Czech Republic

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Rules for contacting teachers in the Czech Republic

Academic degrees in the Czech Republic are a title confirming the scientific qualification that a graduate of an educational institution receives.

If in Czech schools it is customary to address a teacher as pane profesore “Mr. Professor”, then in universities this is unacceptable if the teacher does not have the appropriate title.

“In my first year, I asked the teacher to explain the part of the lecture that I did not understand and turned to him pane profesore, to which he sharply remarked that the time of “pan professors” was over at school, and he should be addressed in accordance with his academic degree,” they say. students.

Indeed, the correct use of academic degrees by teachers and researchers is part of the educational etiquette, so the student should understand this.

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Academic degrees in the Czech Republic

Bakalář (Bc./Bc.A) – Bachelor / Bachelor of Arts

A graduate of a higher educational institution who has mastered the undergraduate program. Correct spelling: pane bakaláři / paní bakalářko.

Magistr (Mgr./Mgr.A) – Master / Master of Arts

Awarded to a graduate of a higher educational institution who has mastered the master’s program, the next step after the bachelor’s degree. Correct spelling: pane magistre / paní magistro.

Inženýr (Ing.) – In the Czech Republic, it is used among specialists who have completed a master’s program in a technical field, economics, agriculture or military affairs. Correct spelling: pane inženýre / paní inženýrko.

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Academic degrees in the Czech Republic

Academic degrees in the Czech Republic awarded at the end of the master’s program with the passing of the regional exam (Czech. rigorózní zkouška) – a special type of state exam:

JUDr. — doctor of law

MUDr. — doctor of medicine

PhDr.— Ph.D

ThDr. — Doctor of Theology

RNDr. — doctor of natural sciences

The correct address to the holders of the listed degrees is: pane doktore / paní doktorko.

All of the above Czech degrees are written before the name of the person and indicate that he has completed a bachelor’s or master’s study program. But if you see them after the name of a person, then you have a doctoral graduate who received a Ph.D. (Doctor) or Th.D. (Doctor of Theology). You need to address him in accordance with the highest academic degree: pane doktore / paní doktorko.

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Academic titles in the Czech Republic

In addition to academic degrees, there are also academic titles for scientific and pedagogical workers: associate professor (abbreviated doc.) and professor (abbreviated prof.). The latter is the highest title that can only be obtained for a serious contribution to science. Therefore, if the teacher’s name has the abbreviation prof., it should only be called pane profesore / paní profesorko if doc. – pane docente / pani docentko.

Remember that the correct address to a person in accordance with his academic degree and title is a prerequisite for successful communication in Czech educational institutions.

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