Review of studying in Prague at the university of Economics

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VSE student. Studying in Prague at the university. A story about studying in the first year of  VŠE

Timetable of classes

Review of studying in Prague at the university of Economics. Prague university of Economics and Business – Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, VŠE. I am a student at the Faculty of International Relations at VŠE, majoring in international trade.

Studying in Prague starts with the schedule. At the Prague university of economics and Business, it is possible to draw up a study schedule on your own. Select the subject you want and you will be presented with a list of when the subject is being taught and who teaches it. Thus, you can choose the time of study in Prague and the teacher.

There is a specific curriculum for a student at the Higher School of Economics that needs to be completed. In fact, you can study subjects from this plan whenever you want in any semester. You also need to go through sports twice for studying at a Czech university. You can choose from football, basketball, volleyball, fitness, swimming, swordsmanship and others.

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Credits at a Czech university. Review of studying in Prague

How to study in the Czech Republic? In Czech universities they have a credit system of education. For a bachelor’s degree in the Czech Republic, you need to score 180 credits. Studying in Prague lasts 3 years, that is, for each semester you need to earn 30 credits. Each subject costs a certain amount of credits.

Here’s how the credit system of education works: “You learn a subject, pass the subject successfully and get credits.”

If you do not pass the subject, then you are deprived of credits from the so-called reserve credits, and you take the subject for the next semester. Reserve credits: 36 credits in total. This means that you have the right to fail in total for all studies and take subjects for a retake with a total value of 36 credits. For example, you may not pass 6 subjects, each of which costs 6 credits, if you do not pass one more – expulsion from a Czech university. It is also obligatory to score at least 9 credits in each semester in the VŠE, otherwise – expulsion.

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Bologna system of higher education in the Czech Republic

Schedule and subjects of the first semester in the Czech Republic

In the first semester of VŠE, I had the following subjects:

Mathematics – 6 credits
Microeconomics – 6 credits
Law – 5 credits
Management – 4 credits
Geography of World Politics – 3 credits
English – 3 credits
French – 3 credits
Fitness – they don’t give credits for it, you just need to pass it.

Now my schedule looks like this (blue box – seminars, green box – lectures).

In the second semester, I decided to take 36 credits (6 credits more than I needed). In this way, I plan to do the next semesters, so that in the last semester I need to collect less than 30 credits, and I can spend more time on a part-time job in the Czech Republic for a student.

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How is studying in Prague

Getting Started at the University:
the earliest lecture (“přednáška”) starts at 7:30 am.
the latest lecture (“přednáška”) ends at 19:30.

Break between lectures – 15 minutes. “Přednáška” lasts 1.5 hours, in some subjects there may be two lectures in a row at once, that is, the duration of one lesson is three hours.

In almost every subject, most of the learning in the Czech Republic we have to do on our own. Attendance at VŠE lectures is optional. Attending seminars while studying in Prague depends on the teacher, but is mostly mandatory. Usually 2 or 3 absences from classes at a Czech university are allowed.

The availability of homework at a Czech university also depends on the subject. Usually the subjects for which there are seminars in the Czech Republic – лишее require homework, which must be handed over to the teacher. There are academic subjects for which there are only lectures at a Prague university and usually do not require homework.

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ISIC card in the Czech Republic

Is it difficult for a student to study in Prague?

Difficult, but very real. In general, it is impossible to unambiguously answer this question, because everyone has their own abilities. It is absolutely true that studying in the Czech Republic is easier for someone, and someone does not get out of textbooks. In general, I advise you to go to study at the NTK “Narodní technická knihovna”. The “National Technical Library” is the library of the Technical University in Prague and admission costs 50 CZK per year. This is a very large and modern library, and students of Prague are constantly studying in it. There is always a maximum learning atmosphere here. Studying in Prague in a library is much more productive than in a hostel in the Czech Republic.

Do you like studying in Prague? I think I like it. This is my first free higher education in the Czech Republic, so I have nothing to compare with. But in my opinion, they teach well, the subjects themselves are also interesting (but not all).

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