NTK in the Czech Republic. National technical library in Prague for students

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Národní technická knihovna – national technical library in the Czech Republic

NTK in the Czech Republic

NTK in the Czech Republic

That’s what you associate the library with? Many have boredom, a strict librarian and dusty shelves. Today I will tell you about a very popular place among students in Prague, which is not like other libraries in the Czech Republic.

The Czech National Technological Library (in Czech: Národní technická knihovna) abbreviated NTK in the Czech Republic is located at Technická 6 in Prague 6. This building also houses a branch of the Prague City Library.

NTK is a popular place for students in Prague. During the session in Prague, students arrive an hour before the library opens to take a queue. And I’m telling you this without exaggeration. After opening until lunch, there is no free space here. A lot of people come on weekends too.

How does NTK in the Czech Republic differ from the rest?

National technical library in Prague for students

National technical library in Prague for students. Lobby

Firstly, you do not need to issue a library card. You can go through the usual student (plastic card with a chip) through the turnstile or just take a ticket for a one-time visit from the vending machine. Absolutely everyone can come.

Secondly, free concerts and exhibitions are held here. Everyone can come.

Thirdly, you can talk here. You can come with your classmates to sort out some topic and no one will interfere with your discussions. The main thing is to choose the right floor. The third and sixth are quiet zones, where you already need to behave calmly.

Self-service. On the website you can find the book you need and take it yourself. It’s very easy, each shelf has its own number. You can also take it yourself. Just put it on a special tape and according to the book code, the system will write it off from your student account. Those who wish can order the necessary literature in advance via the Internet. By the way, there are a lot of textbooks in English.

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NTK in the Czech Republic

NTK in the Czech Republic

Photo NTK in the Czech Republic

I discovered the opportunity to study in Prague outside of home in my first year of university. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got to the National Technical Library in Prague for the first time. I also belong to this number of students who can be said to live here. My friends and I spend every session here every day from about 9 to 22.

Of course, we take study breaks. We order food for lunch, because there is simply no time for cooking. If it’s warm outside, we sit on benches or on the grass. Sometimes, when you want to sleep longer, and not run to the opening, we rent separate rooms. They cost 50 crowns per hour. The company comes out cheap.

There is a cafe on the ground floor in NTK in Prague. Basically, we buy coffee there, although the choice in the bar is very wide. A lot of alcoholic beverages, cakes, snacks. Business lunches are organized on weekdays. I like the National Technical Library in Prague. You can come there and just chat with friends. The prices are small.

Cafe. On each floor there are vending machines with coffee, sandwiches, drinks and sweets.

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NTK – the largest library in Prague. The sixth floor is the most interesting in my opinion. There are about 30 rooms – private offices. They can be rented for 2000 CZK per semester. Also on the top floor there is an exit to the roof – veranda.

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Veranda. Everything necessary for studying has been formed in this place – comfortable places, sockets, a pleasant atmosphere where everyone studies, printers, vending machines with food and office.

National technical library in Prague for students

Some people come to Ntk in the Czech Republic for free internet. Computers are freely available. However, in order to use them, you need to register. There were even homeless people who came to warm up. Tutors come here to work out with students. Very convenient, no need to look for a place. Adults also come to work.
There is one round-the-clock room in a large library in the Czech Republic, open at night. You can enter it directly from the street using a student card.

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Here are the brief advantages of the library for students in Prague. The National Technical Library was opened in 2009 and is almost completely automated and very modern. The entrance is for students according to ISIC, so you do not have to constantly take coupons for entry. Possibility to use the night hall and free internet (eduroam).

Address and website of NTK in the Czech Republic

Address and website of NTK in the Czech Republic

Address NTK in the Czech Republic

Národní technická knihovna
Address: Technická 2710/6, Praha 6 – Dejvice. Metro – Dejvická.
Website: https://www.techlib.cz/en/
+420 232 002 535

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