Czech liqueur becherovka. Czechs’ favorite drink becherovka

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All kinds of becherovka cz. How to drink czech becherovka. Becherovka price in Prague

Czech liqueur becherovka

Czech liqueur becherovka

Becherovka in the Czech Republic. There are few who have not yet heard of Beherovka. This is one of the most favorite drinks of the Czechs, which has gained fame outside of their country. Today I will tell you about what you might not have known about this liqueur yet.

Becherovka (Czech. Becherovka) is a liqueur with a strength of 38%, produced in the Czech Republic in Karlovy Vary for more than two hundred years. The drink was originally conceived as a medicine for sore throat, but then it became popular and as alcohol. From the cooking recipe, it is only known that the composition uses water exclusively from the Tepla River, which flows near Karlovy Vary. But why the drink has such an unforgettable taste is unknown to anyone, except for the director of the distillery where the Becherovka is bottled. It is said that more than 20 different herbs are collected in this liqueur. I can readily believe it!

czech alcohol becherovka, like any other liqueur, is recommended to drink chilled, without mixing with anything. Like vodka, the drink is served in small glasses. The biggest mistake is drinking Becherovka in one gulp. You need to drink it little by little, in small sips, in order to recognize the most subtle notes of this drink.

czech liqueur becherovka is not accepted to have a snack, but even Czechs sometimes violate this rule and use lemons and other citrus fruits as snacks. Also, despite the manufacturer’s recommendations, Cordial or Lemond Becherovki are often added to tea.

I was advised to wash down the Becherovka with dark unfiltered beer, and I’ll tell you that it’s not bad at all. It’s definitely worth a try!

All kinds of becherovka cz. How to drink czech becherovka with health benefits

Czech liqueur becherovka

Czech liqueur becherovka

Karlovy Vary is famous not only for its sanatoriums and springs. Various methods of treatment and medicines have been developed here for many years. One of these is the Becherovka liqueur.

Since the 18th century, the Becherov family has been creating herbal medicines. One day, the famous Becherovka liqueur appeared. His secret recipe contains more than 20 types of herbs collected from different corners of the Earth.

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Englisch Bitter (Original Becherovka)

The first liqueur was ENGLISH BITTER. An English doctor also took part in its creation, hence the name. It tastes a bit like the famous German Jägermeister, but the price is much nicer. It has a sharp herbaceous smell. Alcohol content 38%

Becherovka Lemond

My most favorite liqueur from this series. It contains only 20% alcohol. Wonderful citrus smell, rich taste. Not only lemons are added to it, but also tangerines and kumwat. The last fruit distinguishes the drink from all other citrus alcohols. Refreshing on a summer day.


This drink tastes and colors a little like red wine, but has a strength of 40%. Suitable as an aperitif.

Becherovka Unfiltered

I really like the design of this liqueur, so distancing in the old days. The drink is made according to the same recipe as the original Becherovka, only it is unfiltered. Due to this, the taste is softer and the color is golden. I like this option more.

Becherovka Cordial

Created on the basis of lime flowers with the addition of wine and caramel syrup, which makes it moderately sweet. It is good to add to coffee, tea and desserts. 38% alcohol.

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How to drink czech drink becherovka

You can drink it as an independent drink, the main thing is not to overdo it. Also, the Becherovka goes very well with a tonic in proportions of 2 to 1. KV14 is excellent to mix with orange juice. Delicious cocktail recipes.

The most delicious cocktails from beherovka:

  • Becherovka 40 ml+ tonic 100 ml+ KV14 15 ml
  • Becherovka 40 ml+ tonic 50 ml+ apple juice 50 ml
  • Becherovka 40 m+ tonic 50 ml+ any dry wine 50 ml+ just a little sweet syrup

To decorate, add a slice of lemon, it will give additional acid and bitterness.

Where to buy becherovka price in Prague

The original Becherovka and lemon can be found in all stores. Other types are not sold everywhere, look in large hypermarkets. If you go to Karlovy Vary, go to the central colonnade. There is a large bottle of Becherovka there, right in it they sell all kinds at more pleasant prices than in the store.

In Prague, a bottle of Becherovka will cost 140 CZK. You can buy it in supermarkets, for example, in the supermarket “TESCO”, located on Narodni Street 26. But in Duty Free at the airport, the price will be cheaper. In Duty Free, you can buy a small set if you don’t want to drive large bottles.

0.5 liters of becherovka prague for the promotion costs 209 crowns

0.5 liters of becherovka prague for the promotion costs 209 crowns

There is a museum dedicated to liquor at the beverage factory. It is located in Karlovy Vary on the street where Josef Becher lived. In the museum you can see the history of creation, learn the production process, taste it.

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“Becherovka Original” – classic Becherovka according to the recipe of 1807, strength – 38%.

“Becherovka KV 14” – Becherovka with the addition of red wine, strength – 40%.

“Becherovka Cordial” – liqueur with the addition of lime color, strength – 35%.

“Becherovka Lemond” – liqueur with citrus flavor, strength – 20%.

“Becherovka ICE & FIRE” is a liqueur combining menthol and chili flavors, strength – 30%.

All kinds of becherovka cz

All kinds of becherovka cz

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4 ways to Drink Becherovka

For more than two centuries of the existence of Becherovka, a whole culture of its use has developed. Let’s focus on the most popular ways to use this liqueur.

Method No. 1 – Beherovka for appetite. It’s time to remember about the beneficial properties of Becherovka, because it was originally created as a medicine. So, because of the herbs included in its composition, Beherovka has medicinal properties: it promotes the secretion of gastric juice, increases appetite, improves digestion, and also calms the nerves. As a medicine, it should be drunk 20 ml before meals.

Method No. 2 – Becherovka for immunity. And again about the beneficial properties of this amazing liqueur: two tablespoons of Becherovka added to tea or coffee will support your immunity and overall body tone. You will almost not feel alcohol in such a drink, but a pleasant herbal taste is a must.

Method No. 3 – Beherovka in its pure form. This is how experts recommend drinking Becherovka: from small glasses, chilled to 5-7C, in the evening after dinner, snacking on a piece of orange sprinkled with cinnamon.

Method No. 4 – Beherovka in Slovak. Slovaks prefer to wash down a glass with a gulp of chilled Becherovka with light beer. The combination of herbs included in the Becherovka with hops and malt creates an unusually pleasant aftertaste. However, experts recommend not to get carried away with this method of using Becherovka, especially if you have plans for the next day.

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