Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Prague – Review of the best cafes, bistro

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Review of the best cafes in Prague for tourists and students. Bistro in Prague

Bageterie Boulevard (BB)

Bageterie Boulevard (BB)

Bageterie Boulevard (BB)

Review of the best cafes in Prague. This is a Czech bistro chain that specializes in baguettes, salads and more. The Prague Bistro has many outlets in Prague and a very large selection of dishes.

Why is it beneficial for the student? Bageterie Boulevard has a “studentská nabídka” student offer.

  1. For 99 CZK, you can buy half a baguette (filling in the assortment), iced tea with lemon, fried potatoes in a rustic way with sauce.
  2. For 139 CZK, you can buy a whole baguette (filling in the assortment) and all the same!

BB also has its own bonus card, which you can get for free at the checkout and save points with each purchase.

Reviews of Bageterie Boulevard

Great place for a lunch. Delicious loaded baguettes that are served hot and fresh. Quickly prepared, not many people inside the restaurant. It was nice to sit at the table right next to the window. If they’re selling the limited bbq meatballs baguette, do not hesitate!”

Tasty fast food. You can find premises of this chain of fastfood any here in Prague and I must state that prepared baguettes and fried potatoes were freh and yummy. Food can be ordered as simple baguette (several types and it depends on your choice) or as a menu with fried potatoes (not french fries) and a drink. We were four and final bill was below 500 CZK (less than 20 eur) so if you are looking for not expensive and quick food in Prague you will not be disappointed.”

Great quick baguettes. Great quick baguettes at great price! We opted for the box option for 2 people for 199. You get a choice of two fillings (one each) off the basic filling menu. We had the Swiss and the roast beef. They were great and came with a pot of wedges each! Great place for a quick cheap lunch in Prague especially if you’re on a budget”.

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Review of the best cafes in Prague – Bistro in Prague BilboŠmak.

If you want to try Czech cuisine for a cheap price or miss home—cooked food, the BilboŠmak restaurant is for you. BilboŠmak Cafe in Prague offers Czech national cuisine (dumplings, goulash) and other delicious food (cutlets, chops).

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BilboŠmak is a chain bistro with several outlets in Prague. Prices from 90 CZK for the second course.

Cheeses that are produced in the Czech Republic and are very popular


1.  The pictures will remind you of the taste of traditional Czech food and you will give in to the impression that the taste will be the same and order something. Error. I’ve tried it twice and neither time, no glory, the rice in the risotto is not much, and definitely don’t eat the knee either. It’s neither pretty nor good.

2.. I have eaten here several times, I am quite satisfied with the food, I do not expect miracles from this place, but I will enjoy it here. I’m just a bit “bothered” by the service, the young man who works there is quite arrogant and doesn’t want to communicate too much, so it spoils the overall impression. As for the place to sit, sometimes it is a struggle to find a place to sit.

Website: https://www.bilbo-smak.cz/

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Review of the best cafes in Prague – HAVELSKÁ KORUNA

Bistro-dining in Prague HAVELSKÁ KORUNA. Review of the best cafes in Prague

Bistro-dining in Prague HAVELSKÁ KORUNA

Where to enjoy Czech cuisine and eat for the whole day ahead?

Bistro-dining in Prague HAVELSKÁ KORUNA. This is a self-service dining room in the very center of Prague with quite affordable prices for its location.

Address. Prague 1, Václavské náměstí 48.

Tourists in Prague are invited to assemble their own lunch: for example, you can choose a side dish, meat, sauce and pay for all this separately or take a ready-made dish. You can eat from 90 CZK, but the average check with the first and second course will be about 200 CZK. But, be careful, there are too large portions in this institution! A popular place among tourists, as it is located in the center of Prague and is the most inexpensive institution in the center with Czech cuisine and huge portions.

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Review of HAVELSKÁ KORUNA restaurant:

“Budget friendly classic Czech food. Worth visiting this classic canteen serving traditional czech food. The queue goes at a decent speed. On google maps this will come up as “ceska kuchyne”. Essentially you enter and are given a ticket where you take it up to the queue where they will write your order on it – you then take it to pay at the exit. Don’t lose the bill otherwise you will be charged 500kc. I had the pork snitzel with potatoes and ketchup (ketchup is an additional charge), and my partner had pork shoulder with cabbage and bread dumplings – came to just under £13 for the both of us and it filled us up and was tasty! Worth visiting for the experience and is almost half the price of what you will find in typical restaurants.”

Their website: https://www.havelska-koruna.cz/restaurace.html

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Chinese restaurants in Prague for tourists Cai Shen

Chinese restaurants in Prague for tourists Cai Shen. Review of the best cafes in Prague

Chinese restaurants in Prague for tourists Cai Shen

Review of the best cafes in Prague. Probably the only restaurants, not counting canteens, that offer really large portions at an affordable price are Chinese restaurants in Prague.

There are a lot of them all over the Czech Republic, they are literally on every corner and, depending on the location, prices for dishes vary, but on average: about 90-140 Czech crowns for the second course.

The most delicious and affordable food in Prague is curry rice, various types of noodles with vegetables and meat.

For those students who often study at NTK (národní technická knihovna/ National Technical Library) on Ⓜ️Dejvická, we heartily recommend one special Chinese restaurant — Cai Shen.  Cai Shen is a 5-minute walk from NTK at Jugoslávských partyzánów 1426/7, 160 00 Dejvice.

Cheap restaurant in Prague Cai Shen is popular among students due to cheap prices and a large assortment of dishes. The trick of this restaurant is that at the end of the meal, visitors are offered a free glass of wine. And in this restaurant, the container is included in the price and you can ask to pack the leftovers.

In such restaurants, very large portions!

Garlic soup “cesnecka”

Here are reviews of a restaurant in Prague Cai Shen

1. “Great food for a great price. We were very happy with the food and service. Not a posh place but in quality can definitely compete.”

2.”Surprisingly good! Me and my friends study at the library and often come here to eat, the food is average and the prices are very good! If you’re after a cheap and quick eat this is the place to go! the sushi here is good as well as reasonably priced!”

By the way, do not hesitate to ask in cafes / restaurants if students are given a discount on ISIC, because very often — yes!

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