5 best places to have breakfast in Prague. Tourist reviews of breakfast in Prague

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Where a tourist can have breakfast in Prague. The best breakfast cafes in Prague with reviews

Five best places to have breakfast in Prague

1. SmetanaQ Cafe & Bistro

SmetanaQ Cafe & Bistro

SmetanaQ Cafe & Bistro

Breakfast in Prague. A modern coffee shop with a pleasant atmosphere, wonderful coffee and delicious breakfasts. It is located on the embankment near the People’s Theater. Perfect breakfasts in Prague. «Foodporn for bfast. Great ambiente. Silent music… But the Fooooood!! Breakfasts there are just foodporn in its pure meaning. Absolutely delicious, nicely plated, fresh coocked, perfectly served…»

«Best Pancakes ever! Very nice place with great breakfast, but you have to try the pancakes! Best we ever had! You have to try it».

«Spontaneous visit! Happened to be here on Saturday afternoon – it is quite rushy, but staff is dealing with it very good. Waitress is super nice, quick and professional, food was excellently prepared with fresh and homegrown meat, eggs, vegetables and homemade bread.

Coffee was fine, my partner had a cappuccino and it was very well prepared with nice steamed milk and good balance between temperature of coffee and milk. I would recommend reservation, but if you pass by and wait 5-10 minutes there is a possibility that you will be seated».

Address: Smetanovo nabrezí 334/4

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2. Breakfast in Prague. The Miners Coffee & Characters

The Miners Coffee & Characters

The Miners Coffee & Characters

Another modern place for tourists in Prague for breakfast with a minimalist interior and amazing coffee. The menu includes nice and hearty breakfasts and brunches. And Prague residents often come to The Miners to work, read or study: it is light, spacious and quiet here.

Where to have breakfast for tourists in Prague – reviews.

  • «Slightly sterile coffeeshop, and queues get too long here. Not the cosiest but it has nice working ambience. A range of speciality coffee preparation methods, you better try all of them! Not cheap».
  • «Batch brew was good. The bun sandwich didn’t taste fresh. And the table I sat at didn’t get cleaned after the people who sat there before, although staff said they’d come and clean».
  • «My second visit with long delay. Coffee is still great, space, furniture is simple. Prefer it that way. Orders n payments on the bar only…»
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Address: Slavíkova 1611/5

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3. Waf-Waf

An unusual place in Prague for breakfast, where almost all dishes are waffles with a variety of fillings, including not sweet ones. You can also have delicious pancakes for breakfast here.

  • «Yummy. Not for lactose intolerant. Mmmm, yummy! Salted or sweet – they are perfectly delicious pancakes and waffles! Try their milkshake 🙂 Unfortunately, no options for lactose intolerant»
  • «Delicious fresh waffles and pancakes. The food in Waf Waf is lovely, and being able to personalise your food is a nice touch. The cafe has such a cute aesthetic, and the staff are lovely too. Worth every penny.»
  • «Satisfy your sweet tooth. One of my absolute favorite places in Prague. The create your own crepes and waffles allows there to be something for everyone. Food comes out quick for you to eat there or for take-away. I recommend one of the shakes, wish I would have got a Waf-Waf coffee mug».

There are several Waf-Waf cafes in Prague.  Choose where you are closer to come:

  • Milady Horákové 52
  • Bělehradská 67
  • Náměstí Republiky 1, PALLADIUM Shopping Center

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4. Můj šálek kávy – Muj Salek Kavy

Muj Salek Kavy

Muj Salek Kavy

Breakfast cafe in Prague with its own bakery and delicious pastries. A lot of positive feedback is received about coffee in the institution. Some locals believe that the best coffee in Prague is made here.

Tourist reviews of breakfast in Prague.

  • «The best coffee in Prague. I visit this place quite often since Im working 5 minutes from it. The coffee is great, served gently and I appreciate that they serve it with vegan milk. The desserts are delicious and waiters are always kind and friendly».
  • «Gluten-free mouthgasm. As a gluten-free person, my options are normally either limited or taste funny. However, Můj šálek kávy rocked my palate. I ordered poached eggs on gluten-free bread, and not only was I pleasantly surprised with the quality and taste of the food, but I was practically ready to marry the dish».
  • «Really great option for a brunch. If you are looking for a brunch place in Karlín, this is a really good option. Breakfasts are good, not pricy at all and very tasty. Staff is really professional and they manage the terrace and tables very well. You cannot book so better to go soon as it is always full! Desserts are the best, give it a try».
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Address: Křižíkova 105

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5. Breakfast in Prague. Ugo

This breakfast option in Prague is suitable for lovers of healthy food and freshly squeezed juice instead of coffee. Here you can have breakfast with vegetable or mushroom quiche, salad, mozzarella roll or order a special morning offer.

Ugo is a chain institution and there are a lot of its branches in the Czech capital, in all districts. Just look at the website https://www.ugo.cz / which one is closer to you.

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