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On the website “Student hit” you will find information:

The information on the site is for informational purposes only and is not a guide to action. Due to constant changes in the legislation of the Czech Republic, all up-to-date information on the procedure and conditions for obtaining a Czech visa must be found on the website of the Consulate or Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country or from representatives of Czech language schools.

List of countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter the Czech Republic

In connection with COVID-19, the rules for admission to universities in the Czech Republic change every year. Admission rules must be found on the website of each specific faculty or by sending a written request by e-mail.

Sample letter to the student department of the faculty

For more information about the visa to the Czech Republic, you can find:

1. On the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.mzv.cz (information for foreigners in the Czech Republic )

2. On the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic: http://www.mvcr.cz/clanek/sluzby-pro-verejnost-informace-pro-cizince-informace-pro-cizince.aspx (information for foreigners in the Czech Republic)

3. Consult the Czech Embassy in your country.

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