What do Czechs drink in September? Burčák

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Burcak season in the Czech Republic

At the end of summer – beginning of September, the burčák season begins throughout the Czech Republic.

Burcak season in the Czech Republic

Burcak season in the Czech Republic

“Burcak” is a young wine that has not yet undergone the full fermentation process and still contains some sugar. Czech Burcak typically has a delicate and sweet taste with fruity notes, making it an ideal drink for those who prefer light and refreshing wines. burčák is a popular drink at wine festivals and fairs in the Czech Republic. In mid-August, on the roadsides you can see the first tents selling fermented grape juice.

Personally, I just adore it, my description of burčák will be quite strange. In my opinion, burčák is something between compote and kvass. But very tasty! Burchak’s aroma is bright, fruity, fresh and without the smell of yeast. 90% of Czech young wine is made from white grapes.

The average price per liter of Burcak in Prague is 150-250 CZK.

Burcak has an official definition in Czech law. Only young wine made from Czech grapes has the right to be called Burchak and can only be sold from September 1 to November 30.

Very often, Burchak is bought to take away, then it is poured into liter plastic bottles. And then, attention!!! Burchak contains gases, and therefore it is necessary to open the cap from time to time to release excess gases from the bottle. Otherwise the bottle will explode! So I advise you to follow this rule.

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The Burcak season in the Czech Republic, unfortunately, is only one month – until the end of September. Therefore, if you are in the Czech Republic, I advise you to hurry up! My favorite place for Burcak in Prague is Champagneria and česky archiv vín. The latter is located right next to the building of the Higher School of Economics, so you can drop by after a hard day of study!

Alcohol content in Czech Burcak

What do Czechs drink in September? Burčák

What do Czechs drink in September? Burčák

From 1% to 7-8%. At the very beginning of fermentation there is less alcohol, and the most delicious Burchak is at 4-5% alcohol. The normal temperature of young wine is 20-25 degrees, but there is nothing wrong with cooling it slightly.

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