Etiquette in the Czech Republic – code of good manners and rules of conduct in the Czech Republic

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Czech etiquette. Manners in the Czech Republic.

Common manners in the Czech Republic

Arriving in the Czech Republic, you can immediately notice that everyone always says “thank you” and “goodbye”. There is nothing special about this. Just as in America it is customary to talk about “nothing” in line or in an elevator, in the Czech Republic it is customary to say hello. Just to arrange a person, show his friendliness, invite to communication. So, if you don’t say hello to the cashier, he can be very offended, he’s not a robot. Etiquette in the Czech Republic.

If you see an elderly person on public transport, it is customary to give him your seat. The same goes for pregnant women, people with broken limbs, etc. When you first meet a person, you need a firm handshake and direct eye contact.

You are expected to have a certain status. This means that when visiting theaters, concert halls, you need to dress up. A shirt with a jacket or full suit for guys and a nice dress or dress for ladies usually do the trick. Jeans, shorts and T-shirts are not. Bad manners of a person – by the way, if you are a guy, having a hat indoors is also a big mistake.

When you visit someone’s house, take off your shoes. You leave shoes with outside dirt in the hallway. The host will provide you with slippers, don’t worry.

Good manners in the Czech Republic

“You make an appointment at four o’clock, you have to be on time.” It doesn’t matter if you’re five minutes late, you’re late. So plan ahead and don’t be late. Next, you will learn how to behave in the Czech Republic.

Etiquette in the Czech Republic – code of good manners and rules of conduct in the Czech Republic

Here are some distinctive features of Czech etiquette. Czechs blow their nose everywhere and everywhere. The habit of visitors to “squish their nose” seems unhygienic to them.

Manners of appearance in the Czech Republic

The attitude to clothing in the Czech Republic is conservative. The more convenient, practical and simple – the better. What is the appearance of Czech girls? Czechs do not really care about their appearance and do not really care for themselves. The point is that they want to live simply. Their appearance reflects their lifestyle. Many Czech women look like “scouts” going on a hike in the mountains. Sneakers, jeans, a sloppy ponytail. But why try to be what you are not? Czechs love hiking and mountains, and so do their friends, so everyone around them is happy with their appearance. And their young man will be with similar interests, he will also maintain a minimum presence of cosmetics, and a minimum of painted nails.

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Manners in the Czech Republic

  • Czechs greet each other all the time. Even if they are strangers or meet several times a day. Czech etiquette and manners in the Czech Republic – when entering a public building, shop or doctor’s office, a greeting is expected.
  • When meeting, they shake hands with both a man and a woman.
  • Faced on the street – both will apologize.
  • Etiquette in the Czech Republic. Usually only friends refer to each other by their first names. In a formal setting, they use the treatment “mister” (pan) or “madam” (paní) together with the surname.
  • “You” is a common form of addressing strangers, and in order to switch to “you”, it is necessary to obtain consent from the interlocutor.
  • The Czechs are hospitable, but it is customary to invite only close friends to the house. Even birthdays and name days are most often celebrated in a restaurant or cafe.
  • If there is a queue somewhere in the Czech Republic (fronta in Czech), the order is clearly observed.
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Politeness in the Czech Republic and rules of conduct in the Czech Republic

  • In the Czech Republic, they always say goodbye and thank you (in stores, at the post office, in restaurants).
  • Czechs are law-abiding: they rarely make noise after 22:00, do not cross the road at red lights, do not litter on the street.
  • Czechs are restrained, tolerant and tolerant. Czechs are very punctual.
  • In the Czech Republic they don’t like fast speech. Czechs are superstitious.
  • In extremely rare cases, men let women go ahead. In the Czech Republic, the rule is different: the woman follows the man.
  • In Czech restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip in the amount of 5-10% of the check amount.

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Etiquette in the Czech Republic

To begin with, the Czechs have a very close relationship with sports. From childhood, children are put on skis, put on a bicycle, accustomed to hiking and, in general, to active pastime. A common practice in Czech schools is a seven-day trip with a class to a ski resort, the so-called “ski”. Do you want to find friends? Go to the skating rink, climbing wall, trampolines and the environment of sociable Czechs is provided for you.

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Czech manners. If you don’t like sports, then there is beer. Beer, whatever one may say, is an iconic element of Czech culture and a matter of national pride. Young Czechs often hang out in bars for a glass of refreshing foamy drink. Invite your classmates there and they will 100% accept this offer. The main thing is not to tell a Czech that German beer tastes better!

Czechs don’t bother about everyday clothes, therefore, in order to be accepted as one of their own, don’t dress up on the street like for a ball, otherwise you will be a black sheep.

Etiquette on a visit to the Czech Republic

They do not come to visit in the Czech Republic empty-handed. Usually they present a bouquet for the hostess and a bottle of wine for the host. They do not take children with them, except in cases when this has been agreed with the hosts in advance. You leave your dog at home.

You are supposed to come to visit in the Czech Republic with a ten-minute delay. By no means before. Flowers in the Czech Republic should be given without a paper wrapper. Wine in the Czech Republic is usually given wrapped.

The hostess of the house is the first in the Czech Republic to greet, extending her hand to the guest’s companion, then she will greet the guest.  Men greet each other with a handshake. A man gives flowers to the hostess, his companion gives wine to the owner.

For lovers of antiquity and the manner of kissing the hand, let’s open a secret. The hand is not actually kissed. The man brings his face closer to his hand, and stops about a centimeter from the skin before straightening up. To hear a juicy smacking sound when kissing a hand is a sure sign of a man’s lack of awareness of etiquette.

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Most often, Czechs take off their shoes before entering the apartment. Shoes are left either on the mat in front of the door, or taken inside, and put on a shoe shelf or in a locker. Guests should praise the hosts. You can praise the interior, paintings, furniture, anything that will compliment the taste of the owners.

Some things don’t change — the best compliment to the hostess is still an appetitiously eaten treat. The owners will resist the temptation to show off the talent of children or cute pets.

Czech etiquette on the train

Czech trains are sedentary. Sleeping cars are available on international trains. Wagons can be divided into compartments, and there are also fully open types. In any case, most likely strangers will be sitting next to you or opposite you.

Under no circumstances do we take off our shoes on the train. We do not put our feet in socks on the seat in front of us, even if it is empty.

You need to put your luggage on the shelves above your head and do not leave your luggage on the floor or in the aisle. We help women to put and remove luggage from the shelf. If you want to open the window, turn off the light, or vice versa turn it on, ask permission from the others in the compartment. In first-class carriages with tables, we do not occupy the entire table with a laptop, newspapers and drinks, we will leave room for the rest of the passengers. When watching action movies on a laptop, we use headphones.

Sorry, Pardon, S dovolením, Omlouvám se, Promiň, Odpusť

Etiquette in the Czech Republic. In the Czech language, there are different words and phrases for expressing an apology, from a light Pardon when you invade a person’s personal space to a deadly important odpusť, which is spoken on his deathbed. Let’s figure out what to use and when.

  • Sorry. In the Czech language, the strong English word Sorry has little weight.
  • Pardon. The same as Sorry. Pardon is said when they did not have time for the beginning of the film and desperately squeeze to their place in the dark. When you lightly touched a person with your elbow in a store, or blocked a doorway with another. Or coughed at the table.
  • S dovolením. The only thing that the phrase S dovolením is needed for is a situation when you need to get off at a bus stop.
  • Omlouvám se. The equivalent of “Excuse me, please!”. A formal apology. Everyone understands that no one died, but it turned out ugly, so politeness requires an apology. Are you late for a meeting? — Omlouvám se! We agreed to play squash, but the plans have changed? — Omlouvám se!
  • Promiň, odpusť (mi to). Sorry. This expression is used in the most difficult critical situation. If no one and nothing can be returned. In situations where a person was just inconvenienced, Promi? sounds too tragic. A courier who is an hour late with pizza will never tell you a Promise to, but will only say Omlouvám se.

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