What the Czechs love. How the Czechs live. Czech Happiness. Says a migrant

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Stereotypes about Czechs, which, in my opinion, turned out to be completely true. What the Czechs love. What the Czechs don’t like

What the Czechs love

What the Czechs love

I’ll make a reservation right away that I don’t sign all Czechs under one line, but I’m talking in general about the majority of the Czech population in Prague. What the Czechs love.

  1. Czechs dress badly – sad, but true. Fashion is not particularly developed here, the sense of style is even more so. Skinny ripped jeans and sandals with socks are still worn here. The Adidas suit is a favorite clothing in the Czech Republic.
  2. Czechs drink beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner – it’s a fact. On the lunch break, they drink quietly and at work in the bank, anywhere. Beer in the Czech Republic is not alcohol, they drink it like compote. Gatherings in restaurants are a variant of the cultural pastime of the local population. A favorite place of the Czechs is a pub with long tables, where everyone is having fun chatting and relaxing. Often you can see dogs lying peacefully nearby.
  3. Czechs choose the cheapest resorts for their holidays – mostly yes. It’s easier to get by train for 800 CZK to the sea and just lie on the beach, Czechs don’t need any luxury hotels on vacation. The Czechs also love hiking in the mountains, I don’t know what they do there, but they go often.
  4. Czechs do not like to spend money on luxury goods. Apparently they consider it unnecessary and useless.
  5. Czechs like to go to the country on weekends – the younger generation is not particularly, but a little older – 100%. Almost everyone has this cottage outside the city, where they grow their cucumbers and enjoy the fresh air.
  6. Czechs are lazy – in moderation. On weekends, holidays, or a minute later after the end of their work, you definitely won’t get anything. They don’t recycle for a second, but here I think they are doing the right thing.
  7. Czechs like to eat a million calories – that’s all. The fatter, the more dumplings and mayonnaise – the better. Czechs love bagels. Bagels are the most common bakery product in the country.
  8. How to live in Prague. The Czechs have three buckets in the kitchen: plastic, paper, mixed garbage (leftovers, for example). Bottles are collected separately.
  9. How the Czechs live. It’s normal here to have a nice house, a simple car, modest clothes. By the way, many Prague residents do not buy a car in principle, although they can afford it.
  10. Many shops and other establishments are closed on Friday afternoons and weekends. By the way, remember that at Christmas in Prague, even transport does not run for a couple of days. Don’t come here at this time.
  11. Young people in the Czech Republic marry late, prefer to live in a civil marriage. It often happens that couples live in the same house with their parents and at the same time pay for housing.
  12. About the education of the population in the Czech Republic. Only a few Czechs have higher education. But if you have already graduated from university, then you will be guaranteed to receive a good salary (provided that you find a place). Most Czechs are not worried about higher education and a high position. They are happy if they work as a salesman, hairdresser or cashier in a store.
What the Czechs love

Czechs love bagels

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How the Czechs live. What the Czechs love

Czechs honor law and order, like to do everything on schedule, but at the same time prefer to rest a lot and work a little. In general, the Czechs are a very calm, adhering to traditional values, a measured living people who love stability and deny change.

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Czech humor is sharp, sometimes too straightforward, even rude. However, if you have enough command of the language to catch the irony, then you will get used to it very quickly. By the way, if a joke offends you, do not hesitate to say it right away and directly – usually such criticism is treated very understandingly.

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What the Czechs don’t like

From the Czechs, you can often hear the question: do you have many Gypsies, Ukrainians, Italians living in your area? It seems to me that the Czechs dislike Gypsies, Poles, Afghans, Chechens, Arabs, Ukrainians, Chinese and Hindus, representatives of Muslim countries and blacks the most.  The Czechs would have treated the Russians, Croats, Serbs and Vietnamese neutrally. And all because the Czech is not interested in where you were born, but how you behave at his house. Czechs generally like to joke about death, poop, religion, fascism and blacks. The total lack of political correctness does not confuse them, but amuses them, and only all other nations take it for fierce xenophobia.

Czechs don’t like to rush

In the Czechs, I don’t like that they do everything slowly and tiresomely, you need to try to get through somewhere. Sometimes they leave work earlier, which also pisses me off. For example, I had such a story with the hostel: I corresponded with the assistant (she rarely answered me) and, finally, I asked if I could sign the documents and come by next week on Monday. She ignored me for exactly 5 working days, and then on Sunday at 8 p.m. she wrote that she was waiting for me in the morning with all the certificates and documents and a deposit of 5,000 CZK in cash in her office.

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What would you understand, there was a fresh negative covid test among the documents, and fortunately, I managed to sign up for the very morning and get the result on time. In general, when communicating with Czechs, they often need to be hurried and adjusted.

I would not say that there is something super unusual in the Czech Republic. At first, it was surprising and amusing that the Czechs really start drinking beer in the morning, even on weekdays, but now it already seems familiar.

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Welcome to the Czech Republic

By tradition, even strangers greet each other in nature in the Czech Republic. Apparently, this habit is not only in the Czech Republic. Usually we greet everyone if we meet in the forest on a narrow path. The standard greeting of Czech tourists on a hike sounds “Ahoj!” In this case, do not pay too much attention to the age difference. If you are not comfortable saying “Ahoj!” to people who are 30 years older than you, then you can do with the standard greeting in the Czech Republic “Dobrý den!”

Czech Happiness

  • Someone will say that the national sport of the Czechs is hockey. And it will be true. Hockey causes a lot of excitement among the Czechs. Especially when the Czech Republic reaches the semifinals or finals of the championship. But once the championship is over, they forget about hockey for a while.
  • But not about tourism. This love of tourism is also evident in clothing. The uniform of a modern IT specialist looks like this: jeans, T-shirt, hoodie. On his feet — sneakers.
  • Spend a day in nature, alone or with friends, walk tens of kilometers, see a lot of beauty, clear your head, drink a beer in a mountain shelter, and before dark return down to the melted stove, to a well-deserved dinner, a glass of borovičky, is it not Czech happiness.
  • On holidays, the Czechs do not hang out the national flag, except for victories in hockey.
  • Czechs are not proud of their government or president
  • Czechs expect problems and extortion from the state. Their love for the place of residence contrasts with this. They adore their kotlinu, their domovinu, its relief and nature. In this sense, the Czech anthem «Kde domov můj» (Where is my home) fully reflects their feelings.

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