Unusual bars in Prague and the best night clubs

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The best bars and clubs in Prague for the young and discerning

1.  Wine Food restaurant in Prague

Wine Food restaurant in Prague

Wine Food restaurant in Prague


Wine Food the Italians. In Prague there is a restaurant and coffee shop Wine Food the Italians”, where you can taste delicious Italian dishes, which, by the way, are prepared right in front of you, because the kitchen is open to the eyes of visitors. The restaurant always has fresh fish and meat. Pizza in this restaurant is like art, and the choice of wine is huge and everyone will find what they like.

The menu of Wine Food the Italians has unique dishes, for example, the Sicilian diet, which you will not try anywhere else in Prague. For example, arancini — large rice balls in breadcrumbs with meat filling. The coffee shop serves very tasty canollies. Canolli are Sicilian crispy tubes filled with a delicate sweet and sour cream.

Important! Wine Food is a very popular place in Prague for young people, and therefore it is better to book a table there 3-4 days in advance!

Address: Strakonická 948/1, Praha 5–Smíchov
Telefon restaurace: +420 733 338 650 (10–22)
Telefon prodejna: +420 603 214 932 (9–21)

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2. Manifesto market Florenc Prague

Manifesto market Florenc Prague

Manifesto market Florenc Prague


A space unlike anything else, which is built on the principle of a “container village”. Manifesto consists of 27 containers and several almost transparent hemispheres imitating an Eskimo needle. Here you can not only eat and drink something delicious, but also learn something new, dance at a concert and meet interesting people.
In terms of gastronomy, Manifesto offers guests a very rich choice: several dozen restaurants of various cuisines and bars operate on the territory of the space, including Le Valmont Bubbles Bar, recognized in 2016 by the Czech Bar Awards as the best night bar in Prague.

The first Manifesto was opened in 2018 near the Florenc bus station.
Manifesto market Prague Andel. Recently, a second Manifesto was launched near the metro station Andel. Manifesto andel is a space organized according to the same principle, but slightly smaller.

Important! Manifesto bars are closed in winter. Bars open to visitors in March.
Na Florenci, 10 00 Praha 1- Nové Město
Náměstí 14. října 82/16, Praha 5- Smíchov

3. Kraftdog cafe in Prague

Kraftdog cafe in Prague

Kraftdog cafe in Prague


The first restaurant in the Czech Republic with original hot dogs of huge size. Fillings, invented based on several national cuisines, will appeal to even the most discerning tourists in Prague, and you can wash down all this splendor with craft beer from small family breweries.

Address: Spálená 19, Praha 1-Nové město

4. Hemingway bar in Prague Czech Republic

Hemingway bar in Prague Czech Republic

Hemingway bar in Prague Czech Republic


Hemingway is one of the best bars in Prague. Inside, the Hemingway Bar looks like a classic American bar in Prague from the 1920s and 1930s. There is always a slight twilight here, and portraits of Ernest Hemingway from different periods of his life look at you from the walls.
The best cocktail bar in Prague Hemingway is famous for delicious and very beautiful cocktails in Prague, a large selection of rum. Hemingway is the best absinthe bar in Prague. Hemingway has repeatedly entered the tops of the best bars in Europe and the world. At the same time, the prices in it, for the best bar in Prague, are quite democratic.

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The best place to have a drink in Prague. Those who come to the Hemingway bar for the first time are immediately surprised by the strict rules of the bar: you can not move furniture, change seats, talk loudly, use a computer and in general somehow touch people at the next table. Thanks to this, Hemingway goes for a pleasant, relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Attention! Booking a table in a cool bar in Prague for Hemingway tourists is mandatory and takes place only by phone!

Address: Karoliny Světlé 279/26, Praha 1

5. Balcony Bar – the best rooftop bar in Prague

Photo of a bar in Prague – Balcony Bar.

Balcony Bar in Prague

Balcony Bar in Prague


Yes, it really is a balcony bar in Prague. In the heart of Prague, with a wonderful view of the red roofs, the National Avenue and the National Theater. A wide selection of Burgundy wines and cocktails, especially gin and tonics. Here you will be offered delicious snacks, and the relaxed atmosphere is ideal for a cozy warm evening with friends.
For the colder months, the bar also has an interior.
Trendy bar in Prague. Balcony Bar is a very popular place in Prague among tourists and young people, so be sure to book a table in advance.

Address: Jungmannovo náměstí 17, Praha 1- Nové Město

6. SaSaZu Club in Prague

SaSaZu Club in Prague

SaSaZu Club in Prague


Fashionable club in Prague for tourists. A popular entertainment complex in Prague, consisting of a club and an Asian restaurant. Famous musicians often perform in the club, and the restaurant is quite well fed.

The best nightlife in Prague. On the large (3000 m2) territory of the club in Prague, up to 2500 visitors can be at the same time. On the ground floor there is a large dance floor and bars, on the balconies of the second there is a VIP area. All the details of the unusual interior of the room were brought from Asia.
The SaSaZu restaurant is open daily, but the club is open only twice a week. Don’t forget about it when you’re going to go there.
a party club in prague for young people SaSaZu.

Address: Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Praha 7

7. Cross Club Cross Club Prague. The best night club in Prague

Cross Club Cross Club Prague

Cross Club Cross Club Prague


Trendy night club in Prague for young people. A place of attraction for Prague’s youth and lovers of anything unusual. A multi-level club in Prague will be remembered, first of all, by crazy interiors: even from the street you will be greeted by bizarre metal structures of various shapes. Inside — the same pieces of iron and screws, glass and red-yellow-green neon lighting.

On different floors of the club there are two stages, a cinema room, a rooftop bar and lounge areas for socializing. In summer, a nice terrace is also open to visitors.
best techno clubs in prague. The music in the Cross Club is played very different and for every taste, often unconventional, for gourmets. The current program of concerts and DJ parties can be viewed on the website of the club in Prague. By the way, the club is not limited to this one: theatrical performances, literary readings, film screenings and other cultural events are also held here. Admission to some of them is free.
cool club in prague for tourists.

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Address: Plynární 1096/23, Praha 7

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8. Bejzment burger pub Prague

Bejzment burger pub Prague

Bejzment burger pub Prague


The best burger joint in Prague. The photos on the menu make you dizzy, and what these dishes taste like! Huge, juicy, incredible burgers. The softest meat, the freshest vegetables, author’s sauces and a wonderful bun melting in your mouth. A good bar in Prague: burgers are served with craft beer and the famous Guinness.

Burger in Prague. Address: Lesnická 8, Praha 5

9. Na břehu Rhôny Praha. The best wine bar in Prague

Na břehu Rhôny Praha

Na břehu Rhôny Praha


All wine lovers are advised to visit one of the chain wine bars in Prague Na břehu Rhôny. It serves excellent French wines for every taste.
A unique bar in Prague. The peculiarity of a wine bar in Prague is self—service. You pour yourself the wine you like, and before you pour the desired volume, you can taste it. The principle of counting the wine consumed is based solely on the honesty of visitors: you yourself write down on a leaf how much and what kind of wine you have drunk. Before leaving with this very leaf, you go to pay the bill.

The owners of the Na břehu Rhôny chain are a married couple in love with France and winemaking. They constantly travel around their beloved country, visit small winemakers and choose more and more new wines for their wine bars in Prague.

An unusual bar in Prague Na břehu Rhôny. As for the cuisine, it is also light and refined here in French. You can taste interesting cheeses and mussels cooked according to a classic recipe: with tomatoes in white wine. Here you will be offered the freshest quiche. Kish is an open pie stuffed with cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables with custard made of eggs and milk, less often cream.

For touristspopular bar in Prague for tourists Na břehu Rhôny. Addresses:
• Na Hrobci 410/1
• Rohanské nábř. 657/7,
• Francouzská 246/84
• Puškinovo nám. 633/13
• Rašínovo nábř. 410/32

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10. Vnitroblock Praha

Vnitroblock Praha

Vnitroblock Praha


Student bar in Prague. This is not even an institution, but a whole space for the most modern and creative residents of Prague. Here you can drink coffee and have a snack. You can watch a movie and visit an exhibition. You can dance and buy sneakers in the latest fashion. During the day, young people often come here to work over a cup of coffee, and in the evenings they meet with friends for a couple of glasses of wine.

Address: Tusarova 31, Praha 7- Holešovice. https://www.facebook.com/vnitroblock/

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