Comparison of Prague and Brno for education and immigration

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Advise Prague or Brno for a student. It is better to move to Prague or Brno

When I moved to the Czech Republic, I thought that in Brno I would spend only a year on Czech language courses, and then I would go to university in Prague. I also thought about this while studying for a master’s degree in Brno, but I still went to work in Brno. And that’s what I decided for you. Next, my personal opinion and comparison of Prague or Brno for immigration

It is better to live in Brno or Prague?

1. Why is Prague better?

Comparison of Prague and Brno for education and immigration

Why is Prague better?

There is a lot of work in Prague. It is much more than in Brno and this is a fact. Even a student after university will not be difficult to find a job in almost any field. After studying, many foreign students move to live in Prague for this reason. Types of Czech labor contracts.

Firstly, English, can be found in the job application requirements. It is more difficult to find a job in Brno, because there are a lot of graduate students, the choice is large and you need to show your uniqueness. For each well-paid position there will be a rather big selection and several stages of an interview.

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Choosing Brno or Prague for life – salary. In fact, salaries are higher in Prague. Average salary in Prague ~44.237 Kč (information from the website ), in Brno ~35.178 Kč.
Everything is very relative. But housing in Brno is definitely cheaper.

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2. Why is Brno better?

Why is Brno better?

Why is Brno better?

The population in Brno is 2.5 times less than in Prague. The population in Brno, including students (this is an important point) about 500,000 people. Prague has a population of about 1,325,000. If you count the students of all universities in Prague, you will get more than 140 thousand people.

Better Prague or Brno? The number of the population is one of the most important indicators for me, because I love peace and quiet. The feeling after a walk in Brno is silence and comfort. Silence scares some people. People associate it with loneliness. But I love Brno for the fact that you can live in a good area, but at the same time have access to a forest park within a 5-minute walk.

Yes, Prague is also surrounded by forest parks and beautiful quiet places, but you have to go to them if you want to live in the center. In Prague, I have never been able to get rid of the feeling of a big city. Although, I will say this, in Prague you will not suffer from the number of people anyway, except in the very tourist center of the city.

3. Choosing Brno or Prague for life

Housing prices. Prices for apartments are cheaper in Brno. The city is much smaller, housing prices, respectively, are cheaper. An ordinary 1 + 1 apartment (separate kitchen) can be rented for 11-13 thousand Kč (450 – 550 $), when in Prague this price will be 13-16 thousand Kč (550 – 650 $).

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Choosing a university in Brno or in Prague

I will not undertake to claim that universities in Brno or Prague are better. There are many of them, they are all different, there are different specialties, and there are very similar ones with absolutely the same program. So you can find a university for every taste, either in Prague or in Brno. Studying in Prague or Brno? Brno is considered a student city in the Czech Republic. Top universities in Czech Republic for international students

Products and services. There is also no clear leader here, because food prices are almost the same throughout the republic. The only thing that is different is the prices of restaurants. The average check in a restaurant in Prague is 1000 Kč for two, when in Brno the same thing will cost 700 Kč.
The service sector is not cheap at the same prices.

This is my short review of the comparison of two large cities in the Czech Republic, where the majority of immigrants move. The pros and cons you decide for yourself. The main thing is that you feel at home in a new city.

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