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Feedback from a student in Brno 2022

I study at the VUT Technical University ( at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, specialty (equipment) “Architecture”. I am a student in Brno and studying for a master’s degree. https://www.vut.cz/en/life/brno

Only recently resolved all domestic issues in a hostel in Brno for students, and now ordinary life has begun. Studying in Brno and other things are going well for me. Despite the global situation, by and large I don’t have any problems yet, except that GoPay stopped working with Russian banks the day before yesterday and today I couldn’t pay for a travel card or for mobile Internet with a Russian card. I have already ordered a Czech bank card for myself, but this situation is still annoying.

I live right in the center of Brno, 7 minutes walk from the main square, in a 3 + 1 apartment – I rent a bed in a room for two people for 4105 CZK per month (payments included).

Living in the center is incredibly convenient, but having visited residential areas, I decided for myself that I prefer quiet and peaceful neighborhoods near forests, a 10-15-minute drive from the center – I hope new housing will be in such a place.

The Technical University in Brno impressed me a lot, both in terms of education and in terms of architecture and planning. My studies in Brno take place in the main building near the center, the university has public spaces, there is a workshop where future architects – Brno students can come and study at any time, there is a printing salon, an excellent dining room, a tram stop right at the entrance and a lot of what else. All these are banal things, but I didn’t have them when I studied for a bachelor’s degree in Russia.

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Student in Brno

Student in Brno. Feedback about studying in Brno at the VUT

The curriculum made me very happy. You are provided with all the conditions and materials for studying in Brno at the university and do not set incredible goals for you. Just take and study in Brno. I also liked the teachers in Brno. In terms of the Czech language, I thought everything would be much worse, but in fact, after a month, I quite normally consult with them on educational projects. In general, at the moment everything is fine, I hope it will continue to be so!

In general, speaking of the Czech Republic, it is very difficult to describe the culture shock that I experienced when I arrived here. I lived far from the worst city in the world, but when I visited Brno, I got the impression that I came from Africa. The structure of the city, its planning, modern and historical architecture, public transport, service – all this struck the imagination. To compare with a provincial city in Russia is simply stupid. And I haven’t been to Prague yet! Yes, of course, there are drawbacks, but their advantages overlap almost completely. I like studying in Brno at the university!

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