Hostel Volha in Prague. How do I live in Volha dormitory in Prague VSCHT

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Hostel Volha in Prague overview and living conditions

Hostel Volha in Prague

Now I live in Prague in a student dormitory of VSCHT

“Cage” for 4 people, 2 people in each room and a shared bath and toilet. There are other options for rooms: for 1 person, for three, etc. The kitchen is located on the floor, opens at 7:00 and closes at 22:00, they clean there, so it is quite clean. There is a stove, oven and microwave. There is either no kettle, or it is terribly dirty, and I would not advise drinking from it. Hostel Volha in Prague.

Volha dormitory in Prague VSCHT

There are 4 laundries for the entire dorm VSCHT in Prague, on different floors. Each has 2 washing machines and 1 dryer. You can enter the laundry room only by ISIC. You put an ISIC – you come in. There is a small scoreboard inside, you put the ISIC there again, choose which washing machine you will use, and it turns on and is ready for use. Each drying/washing now costs 40 czk. This amount is “recorded” on the ISIC, and then, when you come to pay for the dorm, it is combined with the payment for the accommodation itself, and pay all together.

Prague dormitory Volha Photo

dormitory VSCHT in Prague

Payment for a dormitory VSCHT in Prague can be done in several ways:

Everyone who lives in the dormitories VSCHT in Prague has an account in ISKAM VŠCHT, there is information about the tenant, there you can also see which laundries are free, call the master if the sink is clogged. In this ISKAM VSCHT you have written your “personal code” for payment by transfer. Therefore, you can simply make a transfer by specifying your “personal code”, you can top up the ISKAM “account” using a bank card. And ISKAM VSCHT itself will write off the required amount of money every month.

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Hostel Volha in Prague. You can personally go to the referents and pay by card / cash.

Hostel Volha in Prague

I did not receive a confirmation of residence from this hostel, I went there after getting a residence permit, and just informed the police about the change of address. I first filled out and signed the contract online, then when I checked in, I was given the original.

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apartman student Volha

VSCHT – apartman student Volha prices:

Hostel Volha in Prague prices

These prices are for student VSCHT in Prague and VŠCHT employees, for others 15% more expensive.

I lived in a room with a girl from Vietnam. But she moved out a couple of days ago, so now I’m alone in the room. Two French girls live in the next room. In general, the hostel Volha is quiet. The conditions here are very good in comparison with other hostels, but I really don’t like that it is far from the center, and there is no place to go for a walk nearby. Dormitory Volha in Prague is opened 24/7, doors are never closed, so you can come any time.

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