Part time work in Prague for students – feedback. Study and work in the Czech Republic

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Study and work in the Czech Republic review – part time job of a student in Prague 

Brigáda work for students in the Czech Republic review

For the first time, I took up the issue of finding a work in Prague for a student in the summer after the UJOP Czech language courses. It was very important to me that I had a flexible schedule, and that I could choose my own shifts of work in Prague for international students. In the Czech Republic, this kind of work is called brigáda. First of all, I made a resume for myself (here you can embellish a little and assign yourself at least some work experience so that there are more chances).

Vacancies work in Czech republic for international students

Then I went to the most popular work search sites: and brigá , and sent a resume to the vacancies she liked. Usually applications are answered in a week or two, but I received refusals. That’s why I printed out my resume and personally went to the Fashion Arena (an outlet with many different stores), and there I went to each department and asked if they needed brigadnici (students for part-time work) and if so, I left a resume.

Part time work of a student in the Czech Republic review

As a result, Guess called me, appointed something like an interview, and we agreed on a trial working day. I came, they were satisfied with everything in me, and I was accepted. My duties included: helping customers with the choice, finding the size, sometimes changing the price tags, dismantling the warehouse, and the rest of the little things. The payment is 100 – 120 CZK per hour, but I asked for 120.

It’s good that I didn’t hesitate to ask for more, because, as I later learned from conversations with other students, everyone there received only 100 crowns – this is the earnings of a student in the Czech Republic. In general, the work is not difficult, but I did not like it as much as possible. Why?

Story about a student’s work in the Czech Republic. Work and work shift at Guess lasts 11 hours. There are three breaks during the shift: 30 minutes lunch, 10 and 15 minutes. The rest of the time you need to be on your feet, you can’t sit down, you can’t get the phone. You don’t seem to be doing anything special, but you get very tired. I worked like this for about a month and a half, 3-4 shifts a week. Then she left, I won’t do this anymore.

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Study and work in Czech Republic review

Then the study began – the first semester in the Czech Republic, and it is very difficult to combine at least some work with it (at least in the 1st year). Therefore, it is very difficult to work and study in the Czech Republic at the same time. But there is also a very cool option here.

Work in Prague for english speakers students. There are such applications: and Grason. Here cafes, coffee shops and restaurants lay out day jobs. That is, they need the help of a waiter or something similar for 1 day. You submit an application, and within 24 hours they give you an answer.  There are not always free shifts in restaurants and cafes, but nevertheless, it is as convenient as possible as a side job if you need, for example, to earn a little for gifts for the New Year.

There is one caveat – in order to get access to the application, you need to upload potravinářský prúkaz there – proof that you are healthy and can work in the gastronomic field. It can be obtained from a doctor for about 500 CZK. There is always a work for students in the Czech Republic, but the main thing is still studying!

Story about a student’s part time work in Prague

Prices in the Czech Republic are growing noticeably: for food, for electricity, they raise rental prices. Raising prices in the Czech Republic in dorms, taking a mortgage already generally seems unrealistic.

Inflation in the Czech Republic is so noticeable that the Government of the Czech Republic approved an increase in the amount of the minimum for survival (Czech. Existenční minimum), which is fundamental for determining the amount of financial security for obtaining and extending a visa to the Czech Republic. In connection with the growth of inflation, the authorities are forced to raise the living wage in the Czech Republic.

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Work for a student in Prague reviews

In this regard, it was decided to find a work in Prague for students. My favorite website for looking for a work in the Czech Republic is There are many other sites, but this one has the most offers for finding a work in Brno for students + new job vacancies in Prague for students are constantly appearing.

I sent my resume to at least 100 companies in the Czech Republic, of which about 30 answered me (by inviting me for an interview or saying that I was not suitable for them). I went to about 20 work interviews in Prague.

Study and work in the Czech Republic feedback. The main problem is that for this type of work for students in the Czech Republic (brigáda), employers need people who can take shifts for the whole day, from 8 to 20 hours, for example, and not only on weekends. I have lessons from Mon to Fri in the middle of the day, for which a visit is mandatory. In general, it was difficult to agree on the schedule of my work as a student in Prague.

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As a result, I got a job at the ZŠ Rakovského primary school as a teacher of the Czech language. They asked me for a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language (I have a certificate of Czech from Charles University, 96/100 points), they interviewed me and made sure that I speak Czech well.

The interview was a normal conversation. In this particular job, they were interested in my ability to speak Czech fluently so that I could teach it.

Student expenses in the Czech Republic

Study and work in Czech Republic – salary

Work for a student in Prague reviews

Part time work of a student in Prague review. Now I am teaching Czech to a class of Ukrainian children. Tue and Wed and Fri – two hours each, and more by agreement on other days. They pay me 150 crowns an hour for this. It’s hard to find a permanent job on weekends now, because so many refugees come and they take a lot of work in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, on weekends, if there are places, I go to the “one-off” work of a Czech student from the Grason application, mainly a work as a waiter for an 11-hour shift, payment immediately after in cash, mostly 110 czk per hour.

IIn the current crisis situation in the Czech Republic and in the world, most of my student friends in the Czech Republic have left to work in Brno or Prague for the summer holidays.

Study and work in Prague. Given the peculiarities of the schedule and the obligation to attend lectures, it is not so easy for a student to find a work in Prague, but it is possible. After the end of a semester, I found another part-time work – to meet tourists at the airport, take them to the hotel, sometimes take them on excursions and like that. Basically, it’s just a weekend work. Salary 120 crowns per hour.

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