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CV Czech Republic. Tips for writing a resume in Prague

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in these matters, but when the matter flows from theory into practice, everyone immediately begins to make a lot of mistakes. I did them, too. Therefore, I decided to collect all my practical and theoretical knowledge on the topic “How to make an excellent resume for a job in the Czech Republic” in this article. CV Czech Republic.

I’ll make a reservation right away, I’m not an expert at all. But I have already managed to change jobs and learned how to pass job interviews in Prague. Now I can share my experience with newcomers to this topic and give some useful tips on resumes in the Czech Republic.

CV Czech Republic (from Latin Curriculum vitae) is your business card. It is a resume in the Czech Republic that will make a potential employer’s impression of you, and it depends on a good resume in Prague whether they will call you with an invitation to an interview or not.

I am compiling my resume for a company in the Czech Republic online on the europass website.

This is one of the best designers for writing CV Czech Republic for employment. Here is a link to a website where you can create a resume according to the canons of Stanford University:

But I think it is better to use the first option for the European labor market.

So, next we will go through the points of making a good resume in the Czech Republic for work, but first one more important detail – when submitting a resume to a Czech company, send a resume in two copies: one in Czech, and the second in English!

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Excellent resume for a job in the Czech Republic

So, let’s fill out your Czech resume.

Resume for work in the Czech Republic. Basic information

Everything is clear here, except for one point. Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile! It’s no secret that employers and potential colleagues of your team will already look at all your social media accounts before you come to the interview.

But in order for them to visit your professional social network account, that’s your concern. Therefore, it is important to have a LinkedIn profile. For example, my employers went there and looked at current courses and work certificates. LinkedIn allows you to follow links and verify authenticity.


The first mistake of all newcomers when writing a resume: please stop writing schools or colleges where you studied at home, especially if you are still studying at a university in the Czech Republic. I don’t even know how to comment on this point, just stop doing it. It’s not professional! If you are studying at the university, then write briefly:

“The name of the university, the name of the specialty and the term of study.” The term of study can be written like this: “01/09/2021– Present”.

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How to make a Czech resume Curricilum vitae – Work

In the description of work experience, many of my friends also made many mistakes. Write only really relevant work experience. Do not enter everything you can remember here, just to fill this part!

It is better to briefly describe your work experience without a description (with experience in the service sector, etc.) than to describe on two pages where you worked while studying at the university. It is better to write everything briefly and concisely. And if you are afraid that without experience you will not be hired in the Czech Republic, then apply for a junior position. Moreover, your resume will indicate that you have studied all these years.


Languages: in europass, you will not forget to specify the knowledge and level of language proficiency.
Computer and other skills. The most important thing is not to write about work experience in “Word”, “Excel”. That’s understandable enough.
Write really practical skills in your resume. Let’s say I wrote “modules and applications related to the software” with which I work.


And the last section is a hobby. Be sure to write it! Because if the interview goes well, then you are 90% likely to want to end the interview on a pleasant note. And most often it will be about how you like to spend your free time.

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Tips for writing a resume in the Czech Republic

As an example, almost every Czech company considers it its duty to participate at least once a year in sports events such as, led tournaments, half marathons and marathons, etc. There has not been a single interview yet that I did not tell how I like to spend time playing tennis.

Driver’s license. Many people forget to write it, but in the requirements for the position, for example, it is there. HR will not always waste their time calling you and asking again. It will be easier to simply select another candidate.

Separately, in a prominent place, highlight that you do not smoke. Also indicate if you are ready to travel to the EU, business trips.

And finally, I would like to advise employees with more serious experience to do one very important thing. Start your resume with some catchy phrase summarizing your entire career, as shown in the picture below. This will definitely allow you to catch the attention from the first second.


Photos from the website

Curriculum vitae in the Czech Republic

Important! Resumes in the Czech Republic need to be updated periodically and supplemented with important details.

1. Firstly, you never know when an interesting working offer may arrive. Imagine that one day a recruiter writes to you on LinkedIn with “the position of your dreams.” It is very convenient to have a resume and a cover letter with up-to-date information in your phone.

2. Secondly, in the course of your career within the same company, you gain new experience and acquire a lot of new knowledge and skills. Even if you had to work in a new program for only a couple of months, but you have mastered it, do not forget to add this line to your resume. It will never play in the negative. However, if you feel that you have not mastered some new program enough, it is better to honestly write at what level you think you own it (Basic, Intermediate, Proficient, etc.).

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Cv in the Czech Republic – sending a resume and a cover letter

The next stage is sending a resume and a cover letter. Cover letter is not required everywhere, but HR will definitely review it. If there is a place for a cover letter in the job application form, it is better to attach it.

The cover letter itself should occupy a maximum of 10 lines. “We are not at school, no one will read essays on 2 sheets.” Try to write so that in these 10 lines it is clear what you are like as an employee.

I usually introduce myself, briefly write the position and the name of the company I work for. I usually attach an application and describe what is in it. This is usually a sample code or part of a personal project. Next, I write about the available certificates, if they relate to a potential position, and of course I express interest in the company where I send my resume. In the end, I wish you a good day.

The usual brief presentation is enough to mark you as a potential candidate without even looking at your resume. Provided that the cover letter is well composed.

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A competent resume in the Czech Republic

Which resume format to choose so that it is clear and, most importantly, structured? The most common resume format today is electronic, i.e. Word or CV in PDF. The resume should not exceed two A4 pages.

In a Czech resume, the purpose of the resume should always be clearly expressed. Always adjust the goal to a specific vacancy and position. The purpose of your resume is a statement about yourself, what a good specialist you are and what you are applying for.

The purpose of the resume should be short and clear. It is best to place the goal immediately under the main data (full name and address), the entire width of the sheet. Your goal can be emphasized. For example: “I, Anna Novak, am applying for the position of project manager.” This will show your creativity.

Czech job resume

Important! The type of residence permit can be specified immediately under the main data, above the goal, without highlighting it much if you are a student, and boldly emphasizing it if you have permanent residence.
Information about the state of health, the number of children and religion may not be of interest to anyone. So don’t write it in your resume.

The second stage is an interview with HR in person or by phone.

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