Czech language levels. Levels of knowledge of the Czech language

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Czech language levels – table

There is an organization – the Council of Europe, which, among other things, deals with languages ​​and has created a scale of knowledge of languages. The member states of the Council of Europe usually determine the language level of foreigners by referring to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), which defines the level of language proficiency in six increasing levels, divided into three ranges – Czech language levels (A1 and A2; B1 and B2; C1 and C2) depending on the three types of language activities: reception (listening and reading), production (oral and written speech) and interaction (oral and written). Levels of knowledge of the Czech language.

Czech level A1

At A1 level of CEFR Czech, the language learner can: understand and use the simplest expressions to meet specific needs. Introduce yourself and ask others questions about personal information. Interact in a dialogue if the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly.

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Czech level A2

At A2 CEFR level. You understand certain phrases and commonly used words in statements about topics that are important to you (for example, basic information about you, about family, about shopping, about where you live, about work). You understand what is being said in simple, clear and small messages and announcements. You understand short, simple texts. You can find specific, easily predictable information in simple texts of everyday communication: in advertisements, brochures, menus, timetables.
You are able to communicate in simple typical situations that require a direct exchange of information within the framework of familiar topics. You can keep a very short conversation on everyday topics, and yet you do not understand enough to carry on a conversation on your own You can, using simple phrases and sentences, talk about your family and other people, living conditions, studies, present or former work. You can write simple short notes and messages.

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Level Czech B1

Czech language level B1 CEFR A language learner can: understand matters relating to family, work, study or leisure. Understand most of the tourist information in regions where the language is spoken. Write simple texts on topics of personal interest. Briefly describe experiences, events, dreams and ambitions, as well as opinions or plans.
You understand the main points of well-spoken statements within the literary norm on topics known to you that you have to deal with at work, at school, on vacation, etc. You understand what most current affairs radio and television programs are talking about. The speech of the speakers should be clear and relatively slow. You understand texts built on commonly used vocabulary in everyday and professional communication. Can participate in conversations on familiar topics (e.g. family, hobbies, work, travel, current events) without prior preparation.
Level B1 of the Czech language – you can build simple coherent statements about your personal experiences, events, talk about your dreams, hopes and desires. You can also briefly justify and explain your views and intentions. You can also tell a story or outline the plot of a book or movie and express your attitude towards it. You can write simple connected texts on topics that are familiar or of interest to you. You can write letters of a personal nature, reporting in them about your personal experiences and impressions.

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Czech level B2

At the Czech CEFR level B2, learners can: understand the main ideas of a complex text, such as a technical part related to their field. You understand extended reports and lectures and the complex arguments contained in them if the topics of these presentations are familiar to you. You understand almost all news and current affairs reports. Level B2 of the Czech language – you understand the content of most films if their characters speak the literary language. You understand articles and messages on contemporary issues, the authors of which take a special position or express a special point of view. You understand modern fiction.
Knowledge of the language B2 Czech – you can participate quite freely in dialogues with native speakers of the language you are learning without preparation. You can take an active part in a discussion on a familiar problem, justify and defend your point of view. You can speak clearly and in detail on a wide range of issues that interest you. You can explain your point of view on an actual problem, expressing all the arguments for and against. Czech language level B2 – you can write clear, detailed messages on a wide range of topics of interest to you. You are able to write essays or reports, highlighting issues or arguing a point of view for or against. You know how to write letters, highlighting those events and impressions that are especially important to you.

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Czech level C1

At the CEFR Czech C1 level, the language learner can: understand a wide range of long and complex texts or conversations. Express ideas without much thought. Use language effectively in social, academic or professional situations.
You understand extended messages, even if they have a fuzzy logical structure and insufficiently expressed semantic connections. You are almost fluent in all television programs and films. You understand complex non-fiction and fiction texts, their stylistic features, special articles and long technical instructions, even if they do not relate to your field of activity
Level C1 of the Czech language – you can express yourself spontaneously and fluently, without difficulty in choosing words. Your speech is distinguished by a variety of language means and the accuracy of their use in situations of professional and everyday communication. You can accurately formulate your thoughts and express your opinion, as well as actively support any conversation.
Level C1 in the Czech language – you can explain complex topics clearly and in detail, combine parts into a coherent whole, develop individual points and draw appropriate conclusions. You are able to clearly and logically express your thoughts in writing and to cover your views in detail. You can detail complex issues in letters, essays, and reports, highlighting what seems most important to you.

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Levels of knowledge of the Czech language C2

At the C2 level of Czech, the learner can: With ease, understand almost everything that is read or heard. Summarize information from various sources into coherent speech. Express yourself using the exact meaning of words in complex topics. Understand slang and obsolete expressions.
If you passed an exam for a certain level of Czech language proficiency, this does not mean that you know the language at this level. This means that you just passed the exam. Such certificates can be issued by any school (courses) of the Czech language.

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Why do I need Czech language certificates?

  • To apply for a job.
  • To obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • You are applying for a government job
  • For admission to universities in the Czech Republic.

Previously, universities in the Czech Republic did not require any certificates of the Czech language. But gradually, many foreign students began to enter the Czech Republic and some universities could not cope with the large influx of people who wanted to study in the Czech Republic. And thus, Czech universities decided to defend themselves by complicating admission for foreigners.

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University requirements for Czech language certificates

Czech language levels. Levels of knowledge of the Czech language

There are universities that still do not require any certificates of the Czech language for admission. There are universities that conduct their own examinations in the Czech language. There are universities that accept any certificate of the Czech language at a certain level. There are universities that only accept the UJOP certificate from Charles University.

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For example, the Higher School of Economics in Prague conducts its own test for the level of Czech language proficiency (the cost of the Czech exam is 610 crowns). The Agricultural University in Prague also conducts its own exam – a test for the level of knowledge of the Czech language at a cost of 700 crowns.

Most Czech universities require confirmation of the Czech language at level B2 upon admission. The levels of Czech for university admission are from A2 to C1. The A2 certificate is already sufficient for admission to the Faculty of Horticulture of the University. Mendel in Brno, the Faculty of Social and Economics at the Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem or the Faculty of Transport at the University of Pardubice.

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On courses in the Czech Republic, you can get certificates for Czech language levels up to C1 for admission to a medical university. C1 is already a very advanced level of Czech language proficiency. There are some faculties that accept only with such a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language! For example, Faculty of Electrical Engineering ČVUT, 1 and 3 Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Evangelical Faculty of Charles University or some specialties at UMPRUM.

In most cases, at the end of the Czech courses, all foreign students take an exam in the Czech language at level B2 and enter universities in Prague or Brno.

The rules may change every year. Therefore, write an e-mail in advance to the student department of the faculty with a request to clarify which certificates of knowledge of the Czech language are accepted by Czech universities. If necessary, you will have to take the Czech language exam at the UJOP of Charles University for your own money. Find out the schedule of exams in Prague for obtaining a certificate of the Czech language.

Find out at the Czech faculty where you are applying for the deadlines for providing language certificates. Ask the university in advance about the possibility of rescheduling these dates if you do not have time to bring this Czech certificate. Before applying to the University of Prague, we advise you to go to an open day in the Czech Republic of a university or faculty, where you can ask all your questions. You should also find out the possibility of passing entrance exams online and questions of internal nostrification by universities. If something is not clear, you need to write a letter with questions to the Czech dean’s office.

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