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Scholarship in the Czech Republic

Types of scholarships at universities in the Czech Republic

Students of Czech universities, including foreigners, can receive scholarships. The procedure for obtaining scholarships for full-time students of state universities is regulated by Law No. 111/1998 “On Higher Educational Institutions”.

Link to the law – https://www.msmt.cz/uploads/Areas_of_work/higher_education/Act_No_111_1998.pdf

The decision to issue a Czech scholarship is made by the university or faculty of the university on the basis of the Regulations on Scholarships. There are several types of scholarships in the Czech Republic:

  • for outstanding academic achievement (prospěchové stipendium). Each university has its own criteria, but the main one is student performance, the average score should be as close to 1.0 as possible. The size of the scholarship in the Czech Republic for excellent students is also determined by the university, as well as the method of payment: regularly or one-time.
  • scholarships in the Czech Republic for international students for outstanding research and creative achievements, leading to a deepening of the student’s knowledge.
  • Czech Republic government scholarships for developing countries.

Czech scholarships for international students for accommodation

Scholarship for living (ubytovací stipendium). A Czech student is entitled to it, who: studies full-time, did not interrupt his studies, studies on a budget and not in a foreign language, does not expect expulsion, is not a state scholarship holder.

Amount of scholarships in Czech Republic for international students for accommodation is different everywhere and amounts to 600-900 CZK per month. Charles University Scholarships calculate the budget on an individual basis and publish regulations just before the academic year. Often paid not monthly, but once a semester. In addition, Czech students can eat at canteens with a 50% discount (set lunch – 50 CZK), and many Czech companies provide discounts upon presentation of an ISIC student card. The ISIC card can only be issued by students up to 26 years of age.

ISIC card discounts in the Czech Republic

Always look for current ISIC sales points on the official website of the company, they may change – https://www.isic.cz/prukazy/prukaz-isic/koupit-isic/

Registration for students

Study in Czech Republic scholarships. Think very carefully before going to enroll in students of a Czech university, whether you really will study there. For if you have not passed to a faculty that is much more priority for you and the passing score will be reduced there after your enrollment, then go to enroll in students of the Czech Republic. Even if you lose one semester of study and individual scholarships in the Czech Republic if you enter the desired place. But if you have gone to several faculties and want to go to the registration only for the sake of getting confirmation of your studies more quickly or to do “Look around, think before you start studying”, then it is better to refrain and go to the registration exactly where you will study in the Czech Republic.

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Enrollment in Czech students is not a toy. Do not take someone else’s place, do not create extra work for faculties in the Czech Republic.

How is enrollment in the students of the Czech Republic

That you yourself expelled, that you were expelled – it is believed that you have already tried to study at a Czech university at this stage, but failed, and therefore you are a bad student in the Czech Republic. And giving scholarships to bad students is not very good, priority should be given to successful, diligent ones. Therefore, for example, in the conditions for obtaining a housing scholarship at the Czech Technical University in Prague, it is expressly said that it is paid only to those who study in their first undergraduate or graduate study program in the Czech Republic. If a student studied at this stage earlier at any university in the Czech Republic, then the right to this scholarship in the Czech Republic is lost.

How long to study for free at a university in the Czech Republic

Scholarship in Czech universities. Do not hope for the existence of a mess in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Education maintains a register of students, and finding your places of study in the Czech Republic at the university is not a problem. Another thing is that the “first curriculum” can be considered the one for which you first enrolled. But in most cases, your previous terms of study will be quickly calculated by the student department of the faculty and will issue an invoice for studying in the Czech Republic.

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Applying for a housing scholarship

Don’t forget to apply for the Living Scholarship! Every student who does not have a residence permit in the Czech Republic is entitled to a housing scholarship “ubytovací stipendium”. In some universities, this scholarship is automatically credited to everyone who needs it.

At Charles University, you need to fill out an application, you need to do this on the Internet. You can apply from about mid-November. Therefore, calmly sign up, get isic (this is important!) And wait. Around November, it is worth starting to go to one of the pages of the university information system. You are interested in the item “ubytovací stipendia”. Then you need to click on the link “podat žádost” (submit an application). You need to fill in all the required fields – most importantly, do not forget that “trvalý pobýt” is your address in your home country, and also do not forget to indicate a bank account in the Czech Republic.

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Scholarships for international students in the Czech Republic. In the end, you should receive a letter to your email address stating that your application was approved and that you can wait for scholarships in the Czech Republic. You do not need to check the account every time – when the money arrives, a notification letter will also come. The size of the scholarship in the Czech Republic, the frequency – all this can be viewed where you applied. The size of the housing scholarship at Charles University is only 580 CZK per month.

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Scholarships in Czech Republic for developing countries

Scholarships in Czech Republic for international students

State scholarships for studying at universities in the Czech Republic are regulated by Decree of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 77 of January 28, 2019, within the framework of the joint program of international development cooperation conducted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (https://www.msmt.cz/) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://www.mzv.cz/), implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Health (https://www.mzcr.cz/).

Czech government scholarship 2022 for international students. Scholarships for the 2022/2023 academic year are available only to citizens of the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Zambia.

Czech scholarships for developing countries. The scholarships are intended solely to promote the study of foreign nationals from developing third countries. Thus, neither a citizen of the Czech Republic, nor a citizen of the European Union, nor any other foreign citizen with a permanent residence permit in the territory of the Czech Republic can apply for a scholarship in the Czech Republic. These so-called state scholarships are designed to cover the standard duration of study at universities in the Czech Republic.

Source of information about government scholarships in the Czech Republic: https://www.msmt.cz/eu-and-international-affairs/government-scholarships-developing-countries?lang=2

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