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Online training in the Czech language

Websites for studying a foreign student in the Czech Republic

1.Czech textbook. Fundamentals of Czech grammar and rules. http://cokdybysme.net/outlineczgramm.html

2. A site where you can check the Czech text for errors and automatically place diacritics. https://www.nechybujte.cz/

3. Czech language learning site with explanation of the correct answer. Contains a total of 8756 test questions. https://www.mojecestina.cz/

4. Fundamentals of Czech grammar and rules. https://priruka.ujc.cas.cz/

Online training in core subjects in the Czech Republic

  • www.redmonster.cz/kurzy – within 2 months the online school opened free access to all its courses: biology, social studies, history, Czech language, geography and literature.
  • www.nabla.cz/ – programming, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology. Terminology and many useful materials for preparing for exams and nostrification.
  • www.isibalo.com – mathematics, chemistry, physics. Tests, videos, explanations of the rules.
  • www.khanovaskola.cza free site where you can find textbooks in all areas: economics, art history, social studies, etc.

  • www.skillshare.com – Free online courses in illustration, animation, photography and video.

Topics and tickets for nostrification exams in the Czech Republic

Czech video lessons for foreign students

Czech video course for foreigners A0/A1

Each czech video lessons for foreign students contains:

  • practical topic (orientation in the city, weather, date and time, family)
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • additional online activities
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At this link you will find a private playlist video lessons in czech for foreigners. Learning czech by video

Online libraries where you can download books and fiction

Websites for a student in the Czech Republic.

  • www.knihovny.cz – single site of Czech and Moravian libraries
  • www.kramerius-vs.nkp.cz – public library for students
  • www.techlib.cz/cs – the NTK library opened access to digitized archives for students
  • www.it.muni.cz/knihovny-samostudium – Masaryk University Library has opened access to all its collections and monographs on natural sciences, computer science, medicine and psychology
  • www.lib.cas.cz/27870/knihovna-online – the library of the Czech Academy of Sciences opens its collections for 1 crown.

The process of appointing exams nostrification in the Czech Republic

Online movies in Czech

Websites for a student in the Czech Republic.

  • www.hbogo.cz/ – the largest collection of contemporary films and series in the Czech language. For new subscribers, the site gives free access for 7 days to the entire collection.
  • www.kinobox.cz/videa/cele-filmy-zdarma

Important contacts in the Czech Republic for foreigners

Obligations of foreigners in the Czech Republic – Law on foreigners, fines

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