Tips for a foreign student in Prague – the first semester. How to pass exams

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Useful tips for a first-year student in Prague. Recording items. How to prepare and pass the exams of the first semester

What a foreign student needs to know in Prague

In the first semester of the Czech University, you need to collect and pass a certain number of subjects – credits. When you choose subjects and set a schedule for the first time in your life, you probably won’t be able to do it at all. Each of the most interesting subjects that you choose now, you will have to finish and pass at the end of the semester (if you fail this semester, you will repeat and take the subject next semester). Most often, this means an exam for which you will need to prepare carefully. Therefore, do not get carried away with diversity and approach the choice of subjects with attention. After the first semester, you will know your options better – do not be afraid to postpone subjects that you are not required to take in the first semester. Tips for a foreign student in Prague.

The first semester of a Czech student. Credits are used not only for the transition to the next semester, they are needed for the entire study at the university. The student can fill his schedule independently. Accordingly, you can study 3-4 days a week, and the rest earn extra money, study extra, etc. You can study in Prague for free and receive a living scholarship (from 500 to 2500 CZK per month) and a scholarship for excellent studies (from 5000 to 33000 CZK per year).

How to study for a foreign student in Prague

Does the whole process of studying at the university seem long? But this is a big mistake – from the first semester it is worth planning tuition and loans at least in general terms. It is worth having an overview of what you have to learn and take. Also keep in mind that in the last semesters you will have more time to write the final thesis, do not leave all the required subjects until that time.

Tips for a freshman in Prague. About the recording of subjects, the location of classrooms and all such information – the website of your university and faculty. On the website you will find answers to any questions you are interested in. With the Czechs, everything is simple – you don’t know, read it on the Internet, no one will rush around with you and explain anything. Therefore, it is best to get acquainted in detail with the system of study at Charles University – SIS, with the registration and recording of subjects, with the preparation of schedules, with the necessary materials, etc. during the summer holidays after admission.

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The story of a foreign student in Prague – the choice of subjects

A large number of interesting courses are offered by your specialization. Add to this countless other faculties that you can also pass. There are many subjects that are open to any student from all over the university. Consider mainly foreign languages, various sports, or, for example, various introductions to disciplines that may be useful to you.

In addition to the choice of subjects, pay attention to the list of student associations, of which there are dozens at the university. Be sure to choose at least one, there is no better way to find new friends.

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Rights and obligations of students

It is clear that the beginning of student life implies a number of responsibilities that you must comply with in order to study properly. They relate mainly to participation in research or teaching and passing exams for a certain number of credits, but in some cases they are also based on laws and go beyond the university.

In addition to your obligations, you also have your rights, which derive mainly from the Provisions on Training and Exams. It is important to study them and find out when you have the right to exceptions or benefits, how to appeal the decision to the university or how it goes with extraordinary exams or state exams.

How to study at a Czech university so as not to be expelled after the first semester

Attend all lectures and seminars, write notes, participate in discussions and do homework – all this is not difficult to do. Remember — each of your missed lectures is a step towards the abyss, an opportunity to fly out of the university. This is especially important in the first semester, when you are not yet familiar with the system and do not have sufficient knowledge.

How to study for a foreign student in Prague. If it is difficult for you to navigate the lectures and follow the teacher’s thoughts, it makes sense to prepare for lectures in advance (especially in the first year) – look at unfamiliar words on the topic, read a textbook, look at materials from other sources. Just listen carefully and write down unfamiliar words. Prepare for seminars and study at home.

How can a foreign student integrate into the Czech environment

Tips for a foreign student in Prague

Sign up for the so-called týmovou práci only with Czechs!

You will be able to communicate with them more closely, make friends, distribute responsibilities so that your work will be done perfectly. The main thing is, do not be afraid to take on tasks and complete them on time – and the Czech guys will help if anything.

How to prepare for the exams of the first semester

Prepare for the tests in advance, use all available materials – textbooks, lectures, sample questions on the Internet, notes of students who have graduated. The main thing is not to hope that you will come across exactly the option that you found on the Internet and be ready for any question. If something is not clear to you, go to consultations. Any teacher will be happy to explain his subject to you again, tell you and show you. Just come prepared and with specific questions, and not like that – “I don’t understand anything.”

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What is important for a student to know in Prague. Give the seminar papers to your Czech friends to read for grammatical errors – they will not refuse. Try not to engage in plagiarism and “not to suck the topic out of your finger” – it’s always better to think and try it yourself. Seminar papers with your own mistakes will be credited to you, but for plagiarism they can expel you from the university.

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Help for a freshman in Prague

Useful tips for a first-year student in Prague

Useful tips for a first-year student in Prague

Have you found yourself in a problematic situation due to studying in Prague? If you don’t know how to handle something specific within your specific training program, you can contact a program consultant. They will be happy to help you solve more general problems related to your studies at the faculty. If you have a difficult mental or social situation and it affects your studies, you can turn to psychological counseling.

Tips for a foreign student in Prague

  • How to pass the exams of the first semester at a Czech university. Do not sign up for exams in a row – leave time to prepare well for each subject – no one is chasing you.
  • Read reviews about teachers and, if possible, sign up for the one that you like the most.
  • Prepare for the exams thoroughly – first learn, and only then there will be something to celebrate. Do not postpone everything to the last day – and, another week, I will have time. This is often a fatal mistake.
  • Do not be silent on the oral exam and write in writing. Everything that you know and that relates to the topic. There is nothing worse than a blank sheet or an empty answer. Most often, the teacher will help you, give you the right idea.  With good preparation, you can easily pass any exam and get a good grade. The main thing is to study and study in Prague for free!

It is recommended to start a part-time job for a student, if necessary, no earlier than the first exams. And even better, not earlier than the second or third year.

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