SIS Charles University. Student Information System – settings, instructions

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Charles University Information System and how to work with it. Instructions for using the SIS of Charles University

SIS - studijní informační system - educational information system of CU

SIS – studijní informační system – educational information system of CU

SIS – studijní informační system – educational information system of Univerzita Karlova v Praze

SIS – the student information system of Charles University is like a diary at school and a record book at the university, only in electronic format. SIS is the “personal account” of a student of Charles University, where absolutely everything is stored:

  • Schedule of subjects. How to make yourself a convenient schedule. Some subjects (outside the curriculum) are recorded by the student himself through the SIS, he can also view the current schedule, from the date of the lecture to the audience number.
  • Exams: Select the date of the exam and view grades. Many of my friends were extremely surprised that we choose the exam date for ourselves, of course, from the suggested dates. In SIS, you go to Termíny zkoušek – přihlašování – choose Zapsat and a specific exam.
  • Information: about you, about the teachers.
  • Information about subjects, cvičení (practices), přednášky (lectures), about attendance and exam conditions.

SIS of Charles University – assistance to a foreign student. Thus, SIS is the main electronic tool of a student of Charles University, storing everything you need in one place. How to register in the information system of Charles University?

How to get access to SIS UK

Charles University Information System for International Students. First, I will try to tell you about SIS of Charles University. SIS – studijní informační system – educational information system. Access to SIS. After enrolling as a student, you are given a stamp on which you write your unique student number. On the 1LF website there is a complete instruction on how to make a login and password for yourself. A link to it can be found at the bottom right on the SIS website. The login can be found out without any additional manipulations, but to get a password you will need to go get a student ID. Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.

Just come to one of the addresses and say: “Dobry den, prosím vas, chtel bych si udělat/vyřídit ISIC.”). You have a login and you will make yourself a new password. All according to the instructions:

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It is difficult to describe everything that can be done through SIS, I will highlight only what I had the most experience with. You can choose your own exam date from the suggested dates. You go to the SIS in the Termíny zkoušek – přihlašování section and choose a specific Zapsat exam. The SIS of Charles University is your assistant No. 1 for all years of study at the faculty, through which you will do everything: write down your subjects, sign up for exams, watch grades, so it is important to understand SIS KU.

The main sections of the SIS of Charles University

How to use the SIS of Charles University – personal experience. The photo shows what students will often use in the information system of Charles University:

The main sections of the SIS of Charles University

The main sections of the SIS of Charles University

Termíny zkoušek, přihlašování. Through this tab, students sign up mainly only for exams and for some tests.

Zápis předmětů a rozvrhu. During the academic year, you will open this tab only twice — the first time on 20.09 (in the next post) and when recording summer subjects of your choice

Výsledky zkoušek, prohlížení. You need this section to view the assessment for the exam or to make sure that you have received a credit for the subject

Rozvrh NG. A tab through which you can view your current schedule.

ISIC card in the Czech Republic

And now in more detail SIS Charles University

Tips for working with SIS Charles University. Make sure exactly which circle you are studying in, if you watched this last time in July, then now this number may change:

osobní údaje a nastavení – studijní skupina

Attention. Not to be confused with the number studijní obor – (LEK20) and studijní plán (BLEK21) – these numbers are all the same. This is my mistake last year.

SIS of Charles University

SIS of Charles University

After entering the data, you will see the “inconvenient” schedule of normalní rozvrh— on one page the subjects are scheduled for the year ahead and there is no idea how each week is loaded specifically.

In order to keep track of the schedule conveniently, go to podrobný rozvrh and see the items scheduled for each day.

It is difficult to navigate the schedule by the highlighted color, always open the subject and read what is written there. For example,

  • přednášky these are lectures, it is not necessary to attend them, these are pairs that are held for half of the stream (1001-1010/ 1011-1020 circles) and attendance is not marked on them. (Biophysics, anatomy, histology).
  • cvičení are practical classes, they attend either only a certain circle (anatomy, physical education, biophysics) or neighboring circles 1019-1020. (Histology).
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Attendance at practices is necessarily monitored, of course, in a very rare case and for a serious reason, you can skip them and then nahradit (work out, reimburse), but perceive the practice in such a way that it can not be missed in any case and thus adjust the subjects of choice so that they do not overlap with practical classes. If you go to all practical classes, then usually the credit for the subject is set automatically, so do not complicate your studies in honey with passes.

“Items highlighted in pink” are “irregular” items that you will have for a certain time, for example, první pomoc, anatomická pitva 1/2, they also have mandatory attendance.

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Orientation in the schedule SIS Charles University

Instructions for using the SIS of Charles University. Usually the names are written on the subjects in the schedule — these are not the professors who will teach the subject, this is garant předmětu — the head of the department of this subject, who in case of difficulties helps to solve the student’s problems. For example, histologie a embryologie — we see Tomáš Kučera in the schedule, if you do not have problems with histology, then most likely you will not even cross paths with him. The lectures will be conducted by different professors in turn, and the practice will be your kruhovy lektor.

All the most important things you need to know about the subject, I highlighted in red.

Souborový manažer. On this portal, some of your teachers will publish their scripts that you need to learn from, they will tell you about it at the introductory lesson

Osobní údaje a nastavení. From the name it is clear that your personal information is stored in this tab and you can configure it in different ways, hide something, change, etc.

Important Settings SIS Charles University

Tips for using the Charles University SIS. Set up everything as in my photo, this is necessary so that you do not sit in sis around the clock and that you receive all the most important notifications: about the evaluation, the release of the term, etc.

How to write down items for yourself and what to write down

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University – review. Credit system 

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