Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University – review. Credit system Charles University

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Review about studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University – personal experience and advice. What subjects to choose in the first year of 1LF

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

Credit system at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

Registration for the exam in the SIS. In my experience, preterminy (preterminy – dates for early exams) are usually not busy.  The last terms of the first week of the session will be busy. The exception is the Latin language, where pre-terminals are booked instantly, I strongly advise you to take this subject early so that you don’t fool around with it later.

How is the school day in the second year of the Third Medical Faculty in Prague – student feedback

Recording of subjects at the Faculty of Medicine

How to enroll in subjects? Link

There are 4 key dates for recording subjects at Charles University:

  • Datum. The immediate date of the exam.
  • Odhlásit do. The time before which you can abandon the term, keep track of how much material you have to pass before the exam.
  • Zápis do. The time of the last recording opportunity.
  • Přihlašování od. The first date to look at for recording is the date of opening the reservation window.

You have chosen an exam, you have chosen a Term. The procedure is as follows: on the day and at the hour when it will be allowed to register, you switch to the so-called text SIS mode (it loads faster) and a minute before the registration window opens, you convulsively start updating the page and then register. Some Terms fly apart just in seconds, for example, pretermines into Latin.

Student Information System – settings, instructions 

How to write down subjects for study at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. Text instructions –

1LF credit system of Charles University

1LF credit system

1LF credit system

For getting a credit, passing an exam, you get a certain number of points – they are called credits and in order for you to be transferred to the next course, you need to dial a certain number of them.

To better understand how it works, let’s turn to the booklet that is given to each freshman when enrolling in the 1st year – Pruvodce Prváka (Czech. Freshman’s guide). This is a very cool booklet, which contains the necessary minimum that you need for the first time.

How to prepare for exams at a medical university: biology, chemistry and physics

Mandatory and optional subjects

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. How to study at the medical Charles University. There are compulsory subjects and optional subjects (optional elective subjects). You pass all the required subjects – you can say that you have almost passed, but for a full pass you need to write down at least one optional subject.

In reality, it all comes down to one thing – you pass all the exams, get credits and you’re free. Compulsory subjects take up the bulk of your training. There are few optional subjects, for the most part it is very easy to get a credit for them (you just go to them, you check in and that’s it). For compulsory subjects, they give a lot of credits, for optional ones a little.

If we look at the curriculum for the first year of Charles University, which consists only of compulsory subjects, the Kredit column contains the most important information for us, if we count and add up all credits for all subjects, then 58 will come out.

Tips for a medical student in the Czech Republic. At the bottom, students are required to take from selective compulsory subjects (povinné volitelné předměty) only Czech for foreigners.

Modelové otázky Charles University for admission to the Faculty of Medicine

How many credits do I need to collect?

Personal experience of studying medicine in the Czech Republic. And now the most important thing. How many credits do you need to gain at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and what do you need to do to at least not be expelled after the first session of exams?

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Let’s turn to Pruvodce Prvaka. In order not to fly out in the first year, you must collect the minimum number of credits, in the first year it is 50. Let’s see what you can get them for. In the winter semester, you received all the credits, almost all students do this, passed the first anatomical autopsies, passed Biophysics from some time, in the summer semester you passed the second autopsies and received all the credits in the subjects. Now you have three exams in front of you – Anatomy, Histology and Latin. Let’s add up the loans that we have 3+8+2+4+7+1+2+2=29. Not a lot, but we managed to be safe and took a lot of optional subjects – 2 in the summer and 2 in the winter semester and scored the maximum 9 credits that can be obtained from optional subjects. It turns out that we have 38 credits, which is much more positive, and in order to gain 50 credits, we just need to pass one big subject – Anatomy or Histology (38 + 13 and 38 +12, respectively), while not even passing Latin.

Non medical specialties in czech universities “nelékař”

Intermediate conclusions from the above:

  1. Tips for a medical student in Prague. In order not to fly out, you need to collect 50 credits.
  2. To get them, you need to: a) pass all the tests; b) write down a few optional subjects in the winter and summer semester, which in total will give you 9 credits.
  3. The most important thing: you need to pass one big exam – Anatomy or Histology.
  4. 50 credits will give you the right to an ISP – individualní studijní plan – an individual student plan (or in student jargon Meziročnik – “Meziročnik”, it is described below)

What if you scored 50 credits, but did not pass anatomy (or histology) and Latin?

Review about studying at the medical faculty in the Czech Republic. In this case, you are eligible for the ISP of Charles University

  • You can “not pass” in the first year a maximum of 2 any subjects, for example, Anatomy or Histology and Latin.
  • For all 6 years of training, you can only have an ISP twice.
  • If you do not pass the Anatomy or Histology exam, you get into the so-called “Meziročnik” of Charles University, you do not move on to the next course and, as it were, are between two courses. The “Mezirochnik” lasts two years. In the first year, you are required to pass those subjects that you did not pass in the previous year – for example, Anatomy, and you do not pass the main subjects of the next course (for example, Physiology and Biochemistry from the second year). The second year is essentially a normal next course of study (for example, the second year).
  • How to pass exams at the Medical Faculty of Charles University. You have 3 attempts at the exam again, but if you did not pass this subject at the ISP on the 3rd attempt, you will be expelled from Charles University.
  • If you do not pass Latin or, for example, some computer science in healthcare, you do not get into the Mesirochnik and go to the second year, but you are obliged to pass these subjects. The introduced system of Prerekvizit (Prerequisites) works here

The story of a medical student about studying in Prague. Here is an explanation on the example of subjects from the 1st and 2nd year. To teach some complex subject, such as Physiology in the second year, you need to pass Anatomy in the first, which is logical, you can’t teach how the body works if you don’t know what this body is made of. But Latin is not so closely connected with the main subjects in the second year and is not their prerequisite. Prerequisites can be found in the description of the subject in the SIS of Charles University on the right.

  • At the end of the ISP (for example, the second year – with an ISP this is the third year of study), you must have a “Normal number of credits”, that is, in the case of the second year it is 120 credits.
  • To apply for an ISP, you need to come to the student department of the Faculty of Medicine and submit documents, there they will explain everything in detail and tell you all the conditions. I highly recommend recording everything, even better on a dictaphone.

History of the establishment of medical faculties in Prague in the Czech Republic

Which elective subjects are better to take in the first year of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

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There is a whole list of subjects recommended for the first year on the wikiskripta portal with attendance statistics.

Which of these is better to choose? The most profitable item. I was guided by the principle of more credits, few hours of lectures and credit is given only for attendance.

The item was ideally suited – Kompexní výživa sportovc? i nesportovc ? a sportovní výkon – B01830.

A total of 6 lectures for an hour and a half for 3 credits. It is held both in the winter and in the summer semester. Lectures on sports nutrition. If you are also an athlete, then this subject is just for you.

First of all, try to write it down for yourself. Review about studying at the Medical Faculty of Charles University.

Tips for admission to the medical faculty in the Czech Republic

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. What other subjects should I choose?

Religionistický seminář 1, 2 – B00728 – according to my friends, you can just sit there and learn anatomy at lectures, but it is quite long (15 hours per semester) and lasts two semesters, but 2 credits for winter and 3 for summer, in total 5, which is quite profitable.

Základy lékařské chemie – obecná a fyzikální chemie – B01368 – again, I did not take this subject myself, just a repetition of the school chemistry course, 2 credits is 2 credits.

Jazykový tandem – B02865. I would even advise you to take this subject, according to my good friend there is practically nothing to do for 2 credits!

Most of the subjects I mentioned above are taken in the winter semester of the Faculty of Medicine 1 LF.

Educational websites on medicine

A story about studying medicine in the Czech Republic

In summer, the subjects are more interesting and directly related to anatomy/histology.

Klinicka anatomie – B00691 – takes place in the first half of the summer semester, everyone can write it down, it seems to have nothing in common with anything except summer autopsies, by the way, we were quietly released from them and this did not prevent us from passing them in any way.

I was very pleased. Some surgeon, oncologist, neurologist would come and discuss with us the diseases and methods of their treatment with photos and videos. Highly recommended, 2 credits.

Dráhy CNS a klinické obrazy jejich poruch – B01248 – This subject is taught by the leading of my anatomy practices, a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Dr. Nemtsova. The subject is taken in the second half of the summer semester, unfortunately, at the same time as Embryology (Vybrané kapitoly z embryologie člověka). The credit is given for attendance. It costs as much as 3 credits.

Vybrané kapitoly z embryologie člověka – B00736. The subject is taught at the Department of Histology in the second half of the summer semester, a total of 7 lectures. Someone liked this subject, I personally would not say that he gave me something. On the other hand – 2 credits.

The attitude of the Czechs to doctors

Preparation for the exams of the first year of the medical faculty in the Czech Republic

  1. In the first year of the Faculty of Medicine, I would be guided by the principle – more credits, few hours of lectures and credit is given only for attendance.
  2. In one semester, you can write down a maximum of 3 subjects, for a year you can get a maximum of 9 credits from them, which is required, if you have scored more credits from optional subjects, then they are considered so-called ineffective and are not counted in the overall SIS.
  3. Use the list of recommended subjects on wikiskrita, after all, attendance statistics solve everything.
  4. If I had to decide now what to choose for myself, I would take výživa sportovców and Jazykový tandem in the winter semester, and Klinická anatomie c kapitoly z embryologie clověka in the summer semester.

About the conditions for obtaining loans

If you’ve looked at your curriculum, then you’ve probably seen these letters that indicate how to finish the subject and get credits:
Z — offset. It is enough to go to all practices, write tests, etc. Everyone has different conditions for getting a credit.
Zk — exam.
Z + zk is a common combination, there is no access to the exam without getting a credit
KZ — differentiated credit. This is usually a test on a computer

This is my review about studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.

Charles University – recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK

Educational websites on medicine for students in the Czech Republic

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