Review of studying at the Medical Faculty in the Czech Republic

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How is studying in the Czech Republic at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University – review

studying medicine in Prague

We mix the reagents and get a beautiful reaction in a test tube. Studying medicine in Prague

How is the school day in the second year of the Third Medical Faculty in Prague – student feedback

Studying medicine in Prague

Overview of studying medicine in Prague.  6:20 — rise. There will be no beautiful breakfasts with avocado and chia seeds, I’m sorry, because this is a realistic post about the life of medical students, for whom to wash off formalin at night after classes and eat at least something warm and +/-organic nature is already luxury self-care.

8:00 — the beginning of classes. I don’t go to lectures from time to time, because thanks to distance learning in 2020, we have all recorded lectures for all years of study, so lectures can be studied at home, but I go to the faculty early because I don’t like to study at home.

Each student has their own personal schedule on the website, but I moved it to the iPhone’s offline calendar for convenience. There are days when we have 5-6 pairs in a row without a break for lunch, but most often on average we have 3 pairs a day with a break. Now I’m writing this post because I had the first pair at 8, and the second one will be at 15:15.

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Now we had very intensive anatomy classes (3-5 hours each) in the afternoon, because of which we were constantly very tired and sleepy in the evenings. Most often I was released no earlier than 7 pm.

Physiology is always NOT at the faculty, but at the Department of Physiology, a 20-minute walk from the I.P. Pavlova metro stop, named just in honor of a well-known Russian physiologist.

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What subjects are studied in the second year of the Medical Faculty in Prague

Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Biochemistry (continued), epidemiology, Ethics, Biostatistics, Introduction to clinical Medicine 2.

Is it necessary to attend seminars, lectures, workshops?

Attendance is checked only at some seminars and at all workshops. We “check in” at the lesson by attaching the ISIC card to a special reader.

studying medicine in Prague

A special device for stirring the contents of the test tube

Lunch of Czech students. Studying medicine in Prague

I really don’t like days without a lunch break, because I rarely have breakfast at home before classes. We have a canteen at the faculty, open from 7:45. Lunches start at exactly 11:00. We also have a second canteen for students and doctors working at our FNKV hospital, but I prefer not to waste time on the way there to study more at the faculty or just relax with headphones on the sofa.

Electives (elective subjects)

Studying medicine in Prague. Most often they take place in the evenings, because they are common for different courses and faculties. This year I have 3 electives: clinical morphology at the friendly Second Medical Faculty, a trip to Poland to the Auschwitz concentration camp, a course “Medicine as a science”, where invited teachers from different countries and universities give lectures. Therefore, there are days when I finish classes at 19-20 o’clock.

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What does a student do in Prague in the evening

We often study at the faculty alone or in small companies. We can stay at the faculty until about 12 o’clock, but before the session, the dean allows us to spend the night at the faculty and study around the clock. That’s why I have my own toothbrush at the faculty.

Self-study of students in the Czech Republic. Studying medicine in Prague

The third medical faculty in Prague has all the conditions for self-study. Therefore, in the presence of noisy neighbors, poor Internet in the dormitory or distractions, it is convenient to study in the university building. There is a microwave, a kettle, a coffee machine, vending machines with drinks and snacks, a lot of bags for sitting and lying down, earplugs from noise, a shower, beautiful classmates.

Do you have at least a little time to hang out or loaf around?

To be idle — no, because there is absolutely always something that can be learned. But “to have a good time” — yes, although very rarely. At least I have time to chat with friends, have lunch together or drink coffee. This is my review of studying in the Czech Republic at a medical university.

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