Review of trendy cafes in Prague for a students and young people

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Where to spend your free time in Prague for a student

Prague is a youth and student city. If you count the students of all universities in Prague, then the population of Prague (1325,000 people) will increase by 140 thousand! And, of course, students in Prague have their favorite places. where to find cool cafes in Prague for students?

1. Vnitrobloisk in Prague

Czech Republic trendy cafes in Prague for students – Vnitrobloisk


Address: Tusarova 31, Praha 7- Holešovice.

Czech Republic trendy cafe in Prague for students and young people – Vnitrobloisk. This is not a specific institution, but a whole small youth quarter for the most modern and creative residents of Prague. Here you can drink coffee, have a snack, watch a movie, visit an exhibition, dance, and buy sneakers in the latest fashion. Hangouts in Prague for young people. During the day, locals often come here to work over a cup of coffee, and in the evenings they meet with friends for a couple of glasses of wine. Another plus is that you don’t need to speak Czech to make new acquaintances in VNITROBLOCK. Here you will have no problems communicating in English, as Czech youth knows it almost completely.

2. Pragovka in Prague

Czech Republic hangouts in Prague for students – Pragovka


Kolbenova 923/34a,

Czech Republic hangouts in Prague for students – Pragovka. Creative quarter on the territory of the former factory. Students or freelancers will find secluded corners for work here, art lovers – exhibitions and festivals, beer lovers – the largest craft Biergarten in Europe. Coffee lovers will find a nice coffee shop, and photographers will find an excellent location for industrial filming.

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3. Kasárna Karlín – popular youth cafe in Prague

Kasárna Karlín

Kasárna Karlín

Addresses of cool cafe in Prague for students: Prvního pluku 20/2,

Czech Republic popular student cafe in Prague – Kasárna Karlín. A coffee shop, a summer cinema, a sauna, an art gallery, a garage club, a swimming pool – and all this in one place. In the space of the former barracks. Here, too, something creative is constantly bubbling up-youth.

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4. Střecha Lucerny. Lucerna rooftop bar Prague

Střecha Lucerny

Střecha Lucerny

Střecha Lucerny. Palác Lucerna, Štěpánská 61, Praha

Websites of trendy cafe in Prague for students –

Lucerne bar Prague. Between the city and the sky is the motto of this place. These are the roofs of the Lucerne Passage, which is in the very center of Wenceslas Square. This place is designed for a little more “old” youth. At least because the entrance here is paid – 100 CZK. But the opportunity to do yoga or sit with a glass of wine with a view of Prague Castle is worth it.

5. Střecha Radost Prague rooftop Cafe

Photos of trendy cafe in Prague for students Střecha Radost.

Střecha Radost

Střecha Radost

Opatovická 18 / pasáž Spálená 15,

Cool cafe in Prague for young people – Střecha Radost. Well, since we’re talking about roofs, it’s worth mentioning one more place – the Joy Roof. There is also a paid entrance here – 100 CZK, but the drink is included in the ticket price and the proximity of the Higher School of Economics ensures its popularity among students. Concerts and events are also held here sometimes.

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Suggest a cool cafe in Prague for students – Super Tramp Caffee!

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6.  Super Tramp Caffee. Hipster bar Prague

Super Tramp Caffee

Super Tramp Caffee

Popular cafe in Prague for students and young people in the Czech republic – Super Tramp Caffee. A small hipster coffee shop in the center of Prague. You find yourself in a pretty courtyard with garlands, quiet music, good coffee and various desserts. A great place to hide from the noise of Narodny Prospekt and sit in relative privacy. It happens that there are no empty seats in the coffee shop. Then you can take a coffee and move to the neighboring garden of St. Michael’s Church. It’s open, just pull the handle on the door a little harder.

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