Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University

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How to pass entrance exams for medicine in the Czech Republic –  Textbooks. Admission to medicine in the Czech Republic

You will get most of the necessary knowledge at the preparatory courses of Charles University in Prague in medical specialties. Each entrant in the Czech Republic has its own ways of memorizing educational material for passing entrance exams to the Faculty of Medicine in Prague. Someone just needs to reread textbooks and notes several times, understand, understand the material, and someone needs to make the necessary tables / drawings / cards. Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University.

Educational websites on medicine

Textbooks for admission to medical school in Karlov

Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University

Odmaturuj z fyziky

For successful admission to the medical faculty of Charles University, it is necessary to choose the right sources of knowledge – the right books.

Useful websites for a student in the Czech Republic online training


Textbook on physics in medical in the Czech Republic – Odmaturuj z fyziky, tables with formulas.
In the case of physics, you do not need to bother too much with the selection of a textbook. Take physics to the medical faculty in Prague. It mainly requires an understanding of the basics of physics.

Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University – Chemistry

Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University - Chemistry

Streblová – souhrnné texty z chemie

Chemistry textbooks in medical in the Czech Republic. A very good chemistry textbook from the author Eva Streblova, This chemistry textbook contains all the information you need to help you get to the doctor.
The chemistry textbook consists of 2 parts. Streblová – souhrnné texty z chemie (organic and inorganic)
Take chemistry to a medical school in the Czech Republic. Everything is simple with chemistry, all the necessary literature and materials in this case were produced by Charles University itself. Ask for all textbooks at the preparatory courses of the Czech language of Charles University.

Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University – Biology

To pass biology at the medical faculty of prague. The green book “Odmaturuj z biologie” has a very good section on animals, but quite a bit on other topics, so it’s better to buy a few more books.
Odmaturuj z biologie/Biologie pro gymnázia, Vladimír Zicháček.

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Podcasts in the Czech Republic on medical topics. Medical youtube channels


Biology textbook for medicine in Prague – Genetika.

Genetika (Eduard Kočárek) is a book that will make 40% of my admission within biology. There are a lot of pictures, tests and even links to interesting pages on the Internet. In this book you will find answers to questions from the second medical faculty, because its author, Eduard Kočárek, works there and compiles Modelové otázky (Model questions).

Нow to take biology to a medical school in the Сzech Кepublic? The optimal bundle will be Odmaturuj and Kočárek.

These books can be found in bookstores/libraries, electronic versions are provided to each participant of our courses. Usually, the questions in the books are distributed by topic, buy bookmarks and separate each topic, so the work will be faster.

1LF UK entrance exam for the Medical Faculty of Charles University

Textbooks for exams to the faculty of medicine in Karlov

Biologie buněk (Radka Závodská) from Biologie pro gymnasium publishing house is a great book for the initial stage of Czech language courses, pictures, questions at the end of each chapter, it is best to start getting acquainted with the subject terminology of the Czech language.

Biologie člověka 1,2 (Eduard Kočárek). Everything about man: from somatology to evolution. Must have in the second semester. The book is in two parts: the first is a full color description with pictures (you need to look for it), the second is only a summary of the first book, black and white and without drawings.

Useful advice for medical entrance exams. In addition to books, we recommend using test collections of questions. Almost all medical faculties publish collections with possible questions in chemistry, biology and physics, which may be on the entrance exam. They do not contain any theoretical material, but you can find from 800 to 1500 tasks in them. Learn more material from books, you will always have time to solve Modelové otázky. In the last week before the exam, solve about 4,000 questions.

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Admission to medicine in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, for entrance exams to medicine, you need to take chemistry, biology and physics, including. Why does a doctor need to know physics and why is it so important?

Physics plays an important role in medicine because many medical technologies and treatments are based on physical principles. Doctors need knowledge of physics in order to properly use medical equipment, understand the principles of medical procedures and develop new methods of treatment.

The second wave of admission to medical faculties

Examples of the application of physics in medicine:

Image: Image is an important tool for the diagnosis of various diseases. X-ray tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound) use different physical principles to create images of the patient’s body. Doctors need to know the principles of these technologies in order to evaluate the image quality and correctly interpret the results.

Treatment: Many treatments, such as laser therapy and radiotherapy, are based on the laws of physics. Doctors need knowledge of physics to choose the right radiation parameters and to minimize side effects.

Medical Equipment: Medical equipment such as electrocardiographs, pulse oximeters and blood pumps use physical principles for their work. For proper use of technology and diagnostics, doctors need to know physics.

In general, knowledge of physics allows doctors to better understand the laws of physics underlying medical technologies and treatment methods.

Questions of the oral exam 2.LF and 3.LF

How to prepare and pass the language exam at the Faculty of Medicine

It helps doctors:

  • make accurate diagnoses,
  • properly use medical equipment and provide more effective and safe treatment of patients,
  • development of new methods of treatment based on physical principles.

Preparation for medicine exams in the Czech Republic: biology, chemistry and physics

Assistance for studying at the faculty of medicine in Prague

Tips for admission to the medical faculty in the Czech Republic

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