Podcasts in the Czech Republic on medical topics. Medical youtube channels

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Czech medical youtube channels. Useful medical podcasts in the Czech Republic

Podcasts in the Czech Republic on medical topics.

Proven Czech podcasts about medicine and science

Brain we are CZ

A podcast about the brain, mind, biohacking and how we function. Each time the authors try to learn a little more about the human body, share their discoveries and invite interesting experts on various topics.

Medicina srdcem (podcast of the Plzen Medical Faculty of Charles University)

Interviews with doctors, medical students, patients and other people who can tell a lot of new and interesting things about health

Podcasts in the Czech Republic on medical topics – Věda 24

Interviews with Czech scientists and doctors on completely diverse scientific topics and about all kinds of modern discoveries

Věda na dosah

Podcast from the Czech Academy of Sciences, conversations and reports from various scientific fields

Useful websites for a student in the Czech Republic online training

Czech YouTube channels about medicine and science in Czech

In the list of youtube channel in the czech republic about medicine there are animated videos, and more scientific long lectures and live videos about student life in the Czech Republic!

Promedik – blog of a medical student @zasluncevdusi! Anezhka talks about the everyday life of a medical student, shares tips for those who are studying and want to enroll. Just a super useful medical YouTube channel for you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCghJ4s3T3TQSUmRKTqRF1_w/featured

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Olinium is the chemistry teacher’s channel @oliniumchemistry, where you will find video lectures on this subject. In addition to helping to consolidate vocabulary, it can be a good addition to our course

Otevřená věda is a channel of the eponymous educational project focused on natural science and technical education. There you will find short animated videos, for example, on the topic of radioactivity or photosynthesis, interviews with students, as well as video lectures.

Vědecké kladivo is a channel where questions are answered in simple and understandable language “How does the radio work?” or “What are enzymes?”. Learn a lot about everyday things around us – is it great?

Milujeme vědu is a channel of the popular science portal of Masaryk University. There are very few videos on the channel, but several interesting experiments are described. In addition, you can also look at the official channel of the university itself.

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