1LF UK entrance exam for the Medical Faculty of Charles University

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Taking the 1LF UK exam

Entrance exam for the Medical Faculty of Charles University took place on 18.06. The 1lf uk exams were held in the following order: Chemistry – Break for 1 hour – Physics – Break for 1 hour – Biology. Taking the 1LF UK exam.

The result of admission to medical school in prague was reported on 21.06. If you were admitted, everything is fine, you just need to bring the documents: ZKLF and nostrification. Enrollment in the medical faculty of Charles University – student registration

Know that taking the lf uk exam takes a long time, when you arrive at 8:00 in the morning, you leave the exam in the Czech Republic after 6 hours at best.

That’s why:
Be sure to take food with you! You will be 100% hungry, and looking for somewhere to eat, run somewhere – well, so-so idea. I recommend bringing along some light salad, some protein, some fruit, and maybe some sweets. Do not take only sweets, of course, you will quickly get full of them, but you will also quickly get hungry – and we don’t need a feeling of hunger during the exam. As well as feeling sleepy when you eat a lot.

Taking the 1LF UK exam

Taking the 1LF UK exam. “Questions on the exam come across from Modelové otázky?
Answer: yes, they do!

Questions of the oral exam 2.LF and 3.LF

How to prepare and pass the language exam at the Faculty of Medicine

That’s why:
– we deal with “questionnaires”  Modelové otázky until the very last days of the exam
– you are unlikely to have time to solve all the questions again, but this is not necessary, therefore:
– we look at those questions that seem difficult to us
– we look at topics in which we do not understand well (for me it was optics, formulas in biochemistry and botany / eras / periods in biology) in the 1.LF UK questionnaires, I did not have time to solve the very end in biology, where mostly botany, periods, etc., but just a couple of hours before the exam, I managed to look at a few questions – and met them on the exam. How to prepare for exams at a medical university in the Czech Republic: biology, chemistry and physics

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Medical faculties in the Czech Republic and Prague – admission conditions

By the way, last year at 1.LF UK there were a lot of similar biology questions, which was completely unexpected on my part, but I was able to answer a couple of questions accurately due to the fact that I scrolled through the questions before the exam, and some of the other questions were exactly in fact, I found it after the exam, when I checked them in the questionnaire for the sake of interest. even when I was already on my way to the exam, between breaks, I solved the “otazniks” – Modelové otázky .

1LF UK entrance exam for the Medical Faculty of Charles University

But! Judge for yourself whether this is bad advice (everything can get mixed up in your head, extra stress, you won’t breathe before you die) or good (for those who have a good short-term memory) – I just talked about my experience and I think it helped me.

Both in physics and chemistry, I came across questions that I managed to scroll through in a matter of days / hours before the exams.
Get a good night’s sleep before your exam in the Czech Republic!

Tips for admission to the medical faculty in the Czech Republic

Remember that the 1.LF exam takes a long time. Same as exam 3 lf uk.

Answers to questions at exams in biology, chemistry, physics are entered into a form, which is subsequently checked by a computer. The forms themselves look like in the photo, for this you need to paint over the circle corresponding to the desired letter with a black marker. There is always a briefing before the start of the exam.

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Answers to questions at exams in biology, chemistry, physics

Pass the exams for the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. You also need to allow 15-20 minutes to complete the forms.
Reading 70 questions and marking the answers in a circle is not easy, already at 50 my eyes began to ripple, I looked in the wrong direction and … all the answers went to me. I had to take another form. And then another. And then more. Yes, I messed up 3 forms on one medical exam in Prague. The first two were brought quickly, and the third one I waited for 5 minutes (and this is valuable time!), So we put in time with a margin.
I hope you enjoyed my tips for the exam in the Czech Republic, I tried to remember everything that helped me get into 1.LF UK.

Textbooks for admission to medicine at Charles University

Assistance for studying at the faculty of medicine in Prague

Podcasts in the Czech Republic on medical topics. Medical youtube channels

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