Educational websites on medicine for students in the Czech Republic

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Medical training websites for students in Prague

Blogs. Medical websites for students in Prague

Educational websites on medicine for students in the Czech Republic

Educational websites on medicine for students in the Czech Republic

So far I have found 3 truly interesting

In each of them, a whole block is devoted to the first course.

I liked lenjulenka’s article about selective subjects, the author also offers an abbreviated version of the table of selective subjects only for the first year (the full one is available on the website 1 LF), a description of each compulsory subject and exam on it is given.

The second blog http://www.stefajir .cz recommended WikiSkripta (actually, like the first one), the author constantly updates it through new students. In this blog you will find a more detailed description of the items, a bunch of cheat sheets, recommendations, etc.

Third blog

Also on the advice of wiki scripts, most of the information concerns anatomy: tests, presentations, pictures and tips on which books it is better to teach this or that part of anatomy with a description of each book.

Medické blogy is not even a blog, but a whole list of blogs of Czech students from different medical faculties: from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Plzen, Faculty in Hradec Kralove, Masaryk University in Brno, Palacki University and even the faculty in Bratislava.

Websites for medical students in Prague

WikiScript is an open space for creating and storing medical educational materials. Here you will find 10,455 articles from various fields of medicine.

See also  How is the practice of medicine in the Czech Republic – a place where you can find almost all the information: descriptions of items, including selective ones. I do not know for sure whether a separate article is devoted to each volitional subject, but it feels like they are striving for this, and there are 420 of them.

All that I need so far is in the pr_vodce prváka section. From what I really liked:

  • Combinations of anatomy textbooks
  • Rating of selected subjects for the first year – unofficial 1LF page, also a bunch of everything – photos, documents, tests, presentations, cheat sheets, lectures, etc.

On this site I would like to highlight an article about what the anatomy tests are from the author Jiří Beněš, who works on the anatomical statute. There he tells what questions freshmen have and what students are “caught” on, for example: in the drawing, he highlighted N.trigeminus not yellow, but red, and all the students wrote that it was an artery, although it comes from the ganglia.

Training sites for doctors in the Czech Republic – I don’t know yet how much this site will be useful for training. It is a set of tests on anatomy, you are presented with a drawing with a bone / organ / body part and an inscription in Latin. The task is to find the right part in the drawing. – medical websites for students in the czech republic. There is a PAID REGISTRATION (50 Kch / year), well, or you can invite a friend via FB and you don’t have to pay anything. I found a lot of useful documents – materials from lectures, exams, presentations, atlases, etc. BUT! All this is not free, the necessary material can be bought for the local currency – BANANAS. It’s very easy to get them – you unload some material, they buy it from you, you get bananas. There is an opportunity to buy for Czech crowns.

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Medical websites for students in Prague –  Anatomical website from 3 LF with 3D atlas, tables and documents on anatomy.


Oh, I forgot to say, in addition, I was looking for where to buy cheaper textbooks, of course there are several Burz (book fairs):

  1. It seems like even the official –
  2. The group in FB is the place where it is most likely to find something valuable.

Tips for admission to the medical faculty 

Modelové otázky Charles University for admission to the Faculty of Medicine

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