How is the practice of medicine in the Czech Republic

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Medical practice at a medical university in the Czech Republic

Naturally, each of you who enter medicine wants not just to memorize the theory, which is certainly necessary, but also to understand how to apply all the knowledge gained in medical practice in the Czech Republic, and start practicing already at the university.

How is the medical practice of students in medical universities in the Czech Republic? How to get an internship at the Faculty of Medicine?

Medical training in the Czech Republic is initially more focused on practice.  The first three years, of course, you study the foundation, a huge part of the time is spent on the theory of anatomy, physiology, pathology, so the practice takes place during the summer holidays.

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Practice of medicine in the Czech Republic

How is the practice of medicine in the Czech Republic

How is the practice of medicine in the Czech Republic

The first practice takes place after the 2nd course, it is called ošetřovatelská praxe. There you try on the role of a nurse, learn to communicate with patients and take care of them. Our advice for the future is to make friends with some nurse during this practice, she can teach many basics of medicine (for example, wound dressing, suturing, insertion of a peripheral venous catheter, preparation of solutions for droppers, etc.). In general, you should work 100 hours in practice

The next big summer practice is surgical, held after the 4th year. From the name it is clear that most of the time you will spend there in the operating rooms, learning to tie knots, assist senior surgeons, and, of course, not to faint during operations. Surgeons themselves tell a lot during operations, which helps in the exams in the future, so be careful, use this opportunity. The duration of the practice is the same – 100 hours.

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Doctor’s practice in the Czech Republic. An important addition is that during the practice you will be given special books called Logbook, where all the procedures you perform (praktické výkony) are recorded, for example, the installation of a dropper. After recording the procedure, you receive a confirmation seal about the work done. Subsequently, at the end of the 6th year of study, this book must be completed by at least 75% in order to be able to complete the training. So be careful, do everything on time!

Practice at a medical university in the czech republic is a great opportunity that universities provide, and even taking into account the fact that they take place in the summer after exams, when you want to relax and unwind, use it to the maximum benefit for yourself.

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