Get a nursing profession in the Czech Republic

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Study to be a nurse in Prague

The profession of a nurse in the Czech Republic has a long history and is an interesting, diverse, responsible and complex profession, no less important than the profession of a doctor. Get a nursing profession in the Czech Republic.

Studying in the specialty Všeobecné ošetřovatelství or General Patient Care in the Czech Republic, you will learn how to independently provide individual care and support to patients, assess the current biopsychosocial and spiritual needs of people at different ages. You will use knowledge and skills from the field of nursing, medical and humanitarian sciences, provide assistance aimed at developing, strengthening and maintaining health, and prevent diseases and their complications.

Nurse training in the Czech Republic. The standard duration of training is three years. During the training, special attention is paid to professional training, the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Block practice in a general care medical institution is a mandatory part of the curriculum. It provides a space for improving the skills, abilities and habits associated with patient care in accordance with the principles of evidence-based care. It also teaches you communication skills, responsibility, independence and teamwork.

As a graduate of the Bachelor’s degree program in General Nursing, you will be ready to practice medicine without professional supervision in the Czech Republic and the European Union. You will be able to find work in medical and social institutions, in the field of education and counseling, as well as, possibly, in the field of research. In addition, work not only in the hospital, but also in postoperative, outpatient, home care, spa and rehabilitation.

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Pediatrické ošetřovatelství (bachelor’s degree) – after completing this program, you will receive the profession of a pediatric nurse in the Czech Republic, you will be prepared to care for children, including newborns, and to carry out professional activities in preventive, curative, diagnostic, rehabilitative, palliative care.

The specialty “General nurse” (všeobecná sestra) in Czech universities is taught within the framework of the program “Patient Care” (ošetřovatelství). We are talking about a bachelor’s program with a period of study of 3 years.

Graduates are nurses of a wide profile, they can work independently or in departments as a shift nurse, head nurse or nurse responsible for the quality of patient care. A bachelor’s degree in general nursing entitles its holder to work throughout the European Union. Practical training is one of the pillars of professional training. Students must work 2,300 hours in practice, often during vacation time.

Assistance for studying at the faculty of medicine in Prague

Specialty “porodní asistance” in the Czech universitet

Specialty “General Nurse” in Czech universities

Get a nursing profession in the Czech Republic

Get a nursing profession in the Czech Republic

The specialty “General Nurse” is offered by all medical faculties of Charles University in Prague and Hradec Kralove. The 1st, oldest medical faculty of KU cooperates with the Prague Faculty Hospital. The 2nd medical faculty of KU gives the opportunity to specialize in pediatrics, cooperates with the Motol Hospital. The 3rd Medical Faculty of KU cooperates with the hospital in Vinohrady.

Nurse training in Prague

In Prague, the specialty “General Nurse” can also be obtained at a private university – the Higher Medical School (Vysoká škola zdravotnická). The fee for an academic year is approximately 34,000 kronor.

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Get a nurse’s education in Prague. The specialty “General Nurse” is offered by all medical faculties of Charles University

Where to study for a nurse in the Czech Republic. In addition to Prague, you can study nursing in Liberec – at the Technical University, at the Institute of Medical Research. You can enter there without exams, if the average score of your certificate is 1.9 points (according to the Czech grading system). Further, the specialty is offered by Masaryk University in Brno, University of Ostrava, West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Pardubice University, University of them. Palacki University in Olomouc, Slez University in Opava, Higher Polytechnic School in Jihlava, University named after Tomasz Bati in Zlin, University of South Bohemian in Czech Budejovice, University named after Yana Evangelista Purkin in Ust-nad-Labem.

Entrance exams are taken in biology (test), a foreign language, some faculties test the knowledge of applicants in chemistry, psychology – check at individual faculties if you are interested in the specialty “General nurse”.

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