Specialty “porodní asistance” in the Czech universitet

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Studying for obstetrics in the Czech republic. Midwife training in Prague

Porodní asistance or obstetrics is as old as humanity itself. And as you understand, it has always been and will be in demand. Specialty “porodní asistance” in the Czech universitet.

Specialty of a midwife in the Czech Republic is suitable for you if you are sociable, have the ability to empathize, observant, have patience, but at the same time are able to make decisions quickly.

The purpose of training as a midwife in Czech universities is to actively acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that will allow you to independently and responsibly engage in the obstetric profession to the full extent of your competence. Much attention is paid to the practical training of a midwife in Prague (about half of the training).

You will provide your professional services to women during pregnancy, childbirth and for six months after childbirth. Not only the mother will be in your care, but also the newborn.

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The knowledge you acquired during your training as a midwife at a Czech university will allow you to competently and independently take care of the health of women and their newborn children, including helping to establish a loving bond between mother and child and establish breastfeeding.

The competence of the obstetrician / ci mainly includes the field of reproductive health and support of the physiological processes of the female body, as well as the management of various complex conditions in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, in this case already in cooperation with a doctor.

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Specialty of a midwife in the Czech Republic

Specialty porodní asistance in the Czech universitet

The obstetrician/ca provides advice, information and skills – he/she is a guide for the woman/couple. He (a) professionally prepares a woman for her new role and thus becomes part of the birth process.

Specialty “porodní asistance” in the Czech universitet

The main place of work of a midwife in the Czech Republic are hospitals, as well as primary care institutions. You can also be an independent specialist in prenatal and birth care and training centers, as well as work in organizations focused on helping women and their children.
In addition, you can get a job in research institutes and departments.

After graduation, specialty porodní asistance in the Czech republic will allow you to obtain a license established by law for the right to practice in all EU countries.

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