Specialty physiotherapist in the Czech Republic

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Where he is studying to be a physiotherapist in Prague. Profession of a physiotherapist in the Czech Republic

Fyzioterapeut (physiotherapist) this is a medical non-medical (“zdravotnické nelékařské”) bachelor’s degree specialty. Specialty physiotherapist in the Czech Republic.

Physiotherapy in general is a comprehensive and coordinated use of medical and social means to prepare or restore the maximum possible degree of physical abilities of a person.

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The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University offers a bachelor’s program “Physiotherapy” with a period of study of 3 years. The specialty “physiotherapist” in the Czech Republic will allow you to work in the field of healthcare, conduct medical and rehabilitation procedures.

Graduates will find a job both in public and private medical institutions, as well as in medical rehabilitation centers, spa centers, social service centers, resorts, sports facilities. After completing the bachelor’s program, graduates can also continue their studies in the framework of the master’s program “Physiotherapy”.

The entrance exams for a physiotherapist in the Czech Republic are held in one round and consist of two written parts: a test of the applicant’s general abilities and a biology test.

Studying the Physiotherapy program in Prague, you will learn how to help people with motor disorders, will be able to provide therapeutic and preventive care, medical rehabilitation and other components of comprehensive rehabilitation.

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How does the process of studying for a physiotherapist in Prague work?

Where he is studying to be a physiotherapist in Prague

Specialty physiotherapist in the Czech Republic.

You will get a general understanding of all medical disciplines and detailed knowledge about the application of physiotherapy in the main disciplines.

Get acquainted with various types of physiotherapy procedures and their use in general therapy, paying special attention to the musculoskeletal, nervous and respiratory systems

As part of the occupational therapy training, you will learn how to assess the work potential and ability to load clients in order to maximize their independence and quality of life

The following areas include social rehabilitation, which consists in improving the client’s contact with the environment, the basics of spa care and physical medicine with issues of adequate physical activity, prevention of diseases of civilization, diagnosis and therapy of conditions caused by excessive sports loads.

Due to the specifics of the work, the profession of a physiotherapist in the Czech Republic involves working with people of all ages: both with newborns and with older people.

There is a shortage of physiotherapists in the Czech Republic and the European Union, taking into account the aging of the population, so this specialty is considered very popular

Physiotherapists in the Czech Republi can work in rehabilitation clinics, medical rehabilitation centers, pain relief and follow-up care centers, rehabilitation and physiotherapy departments of hospitals, outpatient facilities, independent physiotherapists, resorts, sports, etc.

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