Charles University – recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK

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Entry of Elective subjects 1.LF UK. How much and how to write down the subjects of your choice LF UK and go to the second year

Charles University - recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK

Charles University – recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK

Recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK. 09/20/22 at 9:00, the entry of elective subjects opens for first-year students of 1.LF UK (volitelné předměty).

You need to study:

Home page, general information. Výběr a zápis volitelných předmětů na akademický rok 2022/2023 – 1. lékařská fakulta Univerzity Karlovy

How to write down the subjects of your choice LF UK

Table with all items

Pay attention to the doporučený ročník, the hours and the condition for obtaining credits (we only need Z = credit, no exams).

The unspoken rule of all elective subjects in the 1st year is more credits, less body movements.

The simpler it is, the better. Do not complicate your life in the 1st year of the medical faculty with difficult subjects, take those where there are few requirements and few hours. As one senior student told me: “You will take the subjects that are really interesting to you from the 2-3 course, now your task is to survive, so take what is simpler and don’t show off with difficult subjects.” Yes, he’s right.

Do I need to enroll in compulsory subjects at a Czech university?

No, the student department will automatically record them for you, your task is to record only the subjects of your choice on the first day of recording.

How many items should I record?

Now the entry is open only for the winter semester, respectively, you will write down subjects for yourself only for the first six months. Their maximum is 3, but I advise:

  • we need to start from how many credits per academic year we need to collect:

– 50 credits will entitle you to an ISP – individualní studijní plán. Individual student plan or in the student jargon Meziročnik. “Meziročnik”, you do not move on to the next course and are, as it were, between two courses.

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– 60 credits for the transition to the second year.

  • in winter, I advise you to take more items than in summer, since in summer you will not be up to additional items at all, so it’s better to give everything in winter.

Recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK. My plan was this:

  • I took 2 items in winter:

1) Komplexní výživa sportovců a nesportovců […] — B01830

3 credits

  • a quiet subject where credits are given for visiting, you can do your own business in pairs

2) Úvod do zdravotnické informatiky — B02123

2 credits

  • that year it was an online subject, where at the end of the semester you had to do some simple tasks in Word, Excel, Power point

Pay attention to the number of the object, the number B8…. – in English, do not confuse, in Czech – B0….

  • and 1 item in summer:

1) Vybrané kapitoly z embryologie člověka — B00736

2 credits

  • last year it was also an online subject, where once a week you had to write tests in Moodle

My conclusion: taking into account the fact that I passed the biophysics exam in winter and summer, all compulsory subjects according to the plan, except physical education — I have 64 credits. The most important thing: you need to pass one big exam – Anatomy or Histology.

Use the list of recommended subjects on wikiskrita, after all, attendance statistics solve everything.

Many guys cannot pass the Latin exam in the 1st year (4 credits) and transfer to the 2nd (this is possible), even with this in mind, I would have 60 credits and a transition to the 2nd year of the medical faculty.

Therefore, carefully calculate the credits, but it seems to me the most optimal would be to take 2 additional subjects in winter (5 credits) and one additional subject in summer (2 credits). A total of 7 credits in additional subjects.

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What should I do if I didn’t have time to write down the desired subject?

There’s nothing wrong with that, there are 3 possible outcomes:

1) Just wait. Until 7.10, most likely at least one place will be released for sure (if there are 40 seats, not 15, of course), most often people unsubscribe /overwrite near the end of the recording, so places appear if you monitor

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2) Write to the teacher with a request zvýšit kapacitu. Someone agrees, someone does not, it’s worth a try

3) Write a post on FB with a request to unsubscribe to you if a person changes his mind about signing up for the subject. I had it like that, I wrote on fb and several people unsubscribed to me

How do I unsubscribe from an item?

Until 7.10 you can safely sign up / unsubscribe, and after this date, only the student department will be able to unsubscribe from the subject. It is possible, but it is difficult and it is better to solve everything before 7.10 and unsubscribe before that date

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The most important principles of recording subjects of choice 1.LF UK

Entry of Elective subjects 1.LF UK

Entry of Elective subjects 1.LF UK

  • More credits means less body movements. In the first year, I would be guided by the principle – more credits, few hours of lectures and credit is given only for attendance.
  • It’s better to load yourself with winter than summer.

You have to go to cvičení, so pick up your subjects so that VP optional subjects (Volitelné předměty) do not overlap with them. If it intersects once, then it’s okay, you can always agree, but no more. Take items based on your schedule povinných předmět?.

If now I had to decide what to choose for myself, I would take výživa sportovców and Jazykový tandem in the winter semester, and Klinická anatomie c kapitoly z embryologie člověka in the summer semester.

Recording of subjects of choice 1 LF UK. Take seriously the recording of elective subjects at a Czech university in winter, I repeat that in summer you will not be up to subjects; and it will be very disappointing if one loan is not enough (as some of my friends have), so calculate everything correctly based on the student plan.

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