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ISIC Czech. ISIC card discounts in the Czech Republic

Benefits of ISIC card discounts in Prague

ISIC gives the privilege to receive student discounts in the Czech Republic in a variety of places. For example, in fast food restaurants, for travel on long-distance trains, to various exhibitions, mobile communications, gyms and much more. A complete list of discounts in the Czech Republic can be found at

ISIC student card in Prague. You need to decide in advance what type of student card in the Czech Republic you will have – ISIC (giving interesting discounts in the Czech Republic, but paid) or a free university student card. Think and choose ISIC, because. the cost of ISIC in the Czech Republic will pay off more than once a year – by buying tickets on the Student Agency bus. Many Czech companies provide discounts upon presentation of an ISIC student card. Discount on Wolt ISIC orders – student benefits with ISIC.
An ISIC ticket in the Czech Republic can be obtained by students under the age of 26.

How is the enrollment in the students of the Czech Republic

Documents for applying for an ISIC card in the Czech Republic

ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is a document confirming the status of a university student, as well as preparatory courses of the Czech language. The card has been issued by the world organisation ISIC Association under the auspices of UNESCO for over 65 years.
Digital ISIC card cost – 350 CZK . To order a digital ISIC card, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Portrait photo in colour
  • Applicant over 15 years old – scan or photo of the applicant’s identity card (identity card or passport)
  • An application for an ISIC card (on the day the order is sent, the confirmation of the application must not be older than 2 months).

Additional plastic ISIC card for a previously issued digital card – 150 CZK.  To order a plastic card for a previously issued digital card, you need:

  • Valid digital ISIC, ISIC SCHOLAR, ITIC or IYTC
  • Portrait photo in colour

Here is the link to apply for a student ID and ISIC card.

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ISIC card Charles University

So, after the enrollment procedure at a Czech university, you will officially become a student in the Czech Republic, but this will not be enough even to just start your studies in the Czech Republic. For a full-fledged study abroad in the Czech Republic at any university, you must: a) make a student ID b) register in the ISIC CZ electronic system.
At Charles University in the Czech Republic (UK), you should start doing both in the same place – the ISIC Prague ID Center. In this note, you will learn about everything that a future student will encounter in terms of student ID cards and data for accessing the information system.

How long to study for free at a university in the Czech Republic

How to issue an ISIC ticket in the Czech Republic in the UK

The process of enrolling as a student at Charles University in Prague ends with the fact that you give all the papers to the UK referents. In exchange, they will give you a very small piece of paper – a coupon from the faculty of Charles University. Don’t touch it yet, just don’t lose it.
Next, head to one of the Czech Charles University’s ID centers at nám. Curieových 7. You need to find room 34 – located below, to the left of the entrance. Most likely, there will not be a special queue. Even if it happens, take advantage of this time, put yourself in order, everything will happen quickly enough.
Next, go into the room, show the record book or passport. The woman will do all the necessary actions and put you on a chair to be photographed. This is where photographs brought from your homeland will come in handy. The photo will most likely come out quite crooked, so don’t even bother. Literally in a minute you will receive a ready-made ISIC, a cover for it, promotional papers.
The ISIC card CZ will have a sticker stating that it is invalid until you register on the site. Also, do not forget to write your student number on the coupon with a regular pen.

ISIC card in the Czech Republic

In addition to certificates, you will be given a few more papers. One of them will be a check, it is not particularly needed. But the second one is very important. It will contain your username for entering the information system and the primary temporary password. The username will be your last name + the first letter of your first name.
Using this password, you need to visit as soon as possible and create your own permanent password.

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Attention, the temporary password is valid only for 5 days, if you do not have time to use it, you will have to go to the issuance center again. And now, the password has been created. Now you are already a full-fledged student – at last you will have the opportunity to enter the information system and try it out – but do not rejoice so much, you will be able to use it fully in about a week.

What are scholarships for students in the Czech Republic

How to apply for an ISIC card in the Czech Republic

ISIC card in the Czech Republic

ISIC card in the Czech Republic

ISIC office in Prague. Official website of ISIC in the Czech Republic –

Always look for the current isic points of sale in the Czech Republic on the official website of the company, they may change –
You can also order a card on the Internet, on the official website of the company. But! – in practice, through the site, the production of ISIC can only be paid with a Czech bank card! When paying with a foreign card, the payment most likely will not go through and at the same time the money may be deducted and not returned! To issue each of our cards, you need to fill out an Application for a card –

A package of documents for obtaining an ISIC student card in the Czech Republic for course students:

  • Confirmation of studying in Czech language courses
  • Application from the ISIC website
  • Photo 3×4 (like a passport)

Card fee CZK 350 or plus an additional CZK 150 for an ISIC plastic card.

ISIC discounts in Prague. In general, I advise you to apply for an ISIC card before leaving for the Czech Republic in your home country. The discount database is a unique list and overview of all discounts and benefits that you can get in the Czech Republic with a valid ISIC card. Here’s a link:

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