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How to become a student in the Czech Republic. Admission decision to a Czech university

Enrollment in students of the Czech Republic. Be sure to go to the first available date for enrolling in students of the Czech Republic. You will receive two required documents:

1. Decision on admission to the Czech university “Rozhodnutí o přijetí”. It is sent to you after successfully passing the entrance exams, and if they are no exams, simply in response to the submission of “přihláška” (application for admission to a Czech university). “Rozhodnutí o přijetí” is not a full confirmation of your status as a student of the Czech Republic, it is only a letter of intent from a Czech university to accept you when you appear for enrollment in students to report missing documents such as a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language B2 and nostrification of previous education.

2. Proof of study in the Czech Republic “Potvrzení o studiu” (Proof of study at a Czech university) not earlier than the day of enrollment in students, i.e. only when you become a student of the Czech Republic.

Important points

Student enrollment takes place at different universities at different dates from July to September.Many universities in the Czech Republic announce the second round of applications.
If suddenly you did not pass the competition, then find out if “additional recruitment” is possible. The additional recruitment takes place when much fewer applicants came to enroll in students in the Czech Republic than they accepted.
Some universities are waiting for you to request a review of the dean’s decision.
You begin to be considered a student after the day of registration. As a rule, studies at the university begin on October 1

The system of higher education in the Czech Republic

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Decision on admission to a university in Prague. Questions and answers

Is it possible to enroll in students of the Czech Republic for several places? Will this not affect the reduction by one year of the 4 years of free undergraduate education?

You can sign up, but this will have a high impact on the reduction of free education at the Czech University and the deprivation of certain scholarships in the Czech Republic. The main thing before starting studies or at the very beginning of studying in the Czech Republic is to write to those universities where you will not study in the Czech Republic, refusing to study. And in the documents for extending a visa in the Czech Republic there should be a “real place of study in the Czech Republic” – again you need to carry the document to the Czech migration police.

The decision on admission to the university of the Czech Republic. Conclusions 1. They may not pay for the first semester a scholarship in the Czech Republic for housing. 2. If you didn’t write a refusal in time, you waste one free semester of study in the Czech Republic.

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If I enroll as a student at two universities at once, how much free education will I lose?

Student enrollment in Prague. If you enroll in students in several places, then each will go for a period of free education, so you should not do this. You will lose a free year in each. Since not all universities expel after the first semester, there is a big risk of losing a year.

Education in Czech Republic for international students. If you entered several faculties at the same time – do not refuse a place, sign up as a student! It is not prohibited in the Czech Republic. And only when you are completely sure that you entered the university of the Czech Republic where you wanted to, inform the student department of the university that you will not be able to continue your studies at the university in Prague. Most importantly, do not forget to inform MVCR about the change of place of study if you applied for an extension of a student visa to the Czech Republic documents from another university.

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The duration of free study at a university in the Czech Republic

Enrollment in students of the Czech Republic

Student life in Prague. When does the first session in the Czech Republic end?

Czech student.

Czech Republic education for international students. Specific dates depend on the university, but basically it starts in October and lasts until February. If you did not pass the first time, there is an opportunity to retake it (in each university).

If I get kicked out after 1 session, how much time do I have to find a private university?

It also depends on the university, sometimes they immediately report that you are expelled, sometimes not. In any case, you have time until the end of the session, the official dates of which will be indicated on the official website.

Education in English at private universities in the Czech Republic

Everywhere deducted after 1 session?

In the regional – less. Basically, they are expelled in technical specialties, because it is easy to enter there, because. the competition is not that big. On humanitarian – mostly delayed, because. getting there is more difficult.

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