Levels of knowledge of the Czech language for admission to the university

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The system of Czech language proficiency levels used in the European Union

To enroll in a Czech university, you must have a certificate that confirms the level of knowledge of the Czech language according to the CEFR system (A1, A2, B1 or B2).

Description of the levels of knowledge of the Czech language according to the CEFR system

A – The level of elementary language proficiency.

A1. Survival level.

Understanding of common, everyday expressions and basic phrases with which to satisfy simple needs, the ability to use these skills, correctly apply these words and phrases. This is an elementary ability to introduce yourself and introduce someone, the ability to ask simple questions, both personal and general. About yourself, about the place where you live or are, about people you know or want to know, about things, about actions. This is an opportunity to communicate with a person who speaks correctly, clearly, slowly, wanting to help you, understanding your language difficulty.

A2. Pre-threshold level.

Understanding sentences, plain text, and frequently used expressions related to areas that are directly important to you. About yourself, your family, friends, shopping, descriptions of places, the territory of the city, a specific street, place of work. The ability to communicate with the help of simple, ongoing tasks in which you can exchange simple information necessary in a specific situation. The ability to tell about yourself and your family, about the environment and activities, about goals, in more detail, the ability to solve issues that have the most necessary needs.

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Proficiency level B – independent knowledge of the Czech language.

B1. Threshold level.

Understanding the basic ideas of accessible, literary expressions, notices important for current, commonly used topics that everyone encounters in the classroom, at work, in transport, in public places, including in their free time. The ability to solve issues in most situations that occur during trips, during acquaintances during travel and travel in the Czech Republic. The ability to write a simple text on close topics, well-known or those that are personal in nature. The ability to talk about events and impressions from them, about plans and goals, the ability to explain and justify the opinion about the problem and find a solution in a multiple and succinct way.

Czech language level B2. Threshold advanced level.

Trouble-free understanding of the main idea in texts of high complexity, affecting both specific and abstract topics. Understanding professional discussions in the studied or close specialty. Understanding and ability to support a conversation with native speakers without hesitation and reservations. The ability to conduct dialogues without effort, vocabulary and questions. The ability to write competent, rather complex and deep texts on a large area of topics. The ability to express and justify your opinion concerning an important and urgent problem. The ability to present arguments “for and against” in dialogues, discussions and group polemics.

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C – Fluency in the language.

C1. The level of professional knowledge of the Czech language.

A high and free level of understanding in a wide range of complex and large texts. The ability to determine the subtext, allegory, hidden, implicit, implied meaning of the text. The ability to quickly, acutely, without delay and in a timely manner to support any conversation without effort to select the right words and expressions. The ability to use language deftly, vividly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. The ability to write very complex, expressive, logically structured, detailed texts with a clear and harmonious structure on any topic. The ability to use figures of speech, phraseological units, national and folk proverbs and sayings with knowledge and absolutely to the place, to resort to the help of adverbial and participial phrases.

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C2. The level of proficiency in the Czech language is perfect.

The ability to easily, effortlessly understand everything that can be heard or read. The ability to summarize information from the media and any printed sources, the ability to freely express their opinions and convey orally and in writing someone else’s. The ability to start and successfully conduct reasoned debates and disputes, logically build a line of presentation of the topic and dialogues in any audience, including professional. The ability to improvise quickly and naturally, organically and accurately, communicate on the most difficult topics, not to get lost and panic among unforeseen situations and in particularly difficult circumstances. The ability to write a scientific work of high complexity in the professional field, to understand the issues of the country’s history, to freely navigate in matters of culture and art, to have knowledge in matters of Czech politics.

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Some interesting tips for those who have decided to learn Czech.

  • Make new acquaintances with Czechs.
  • Watch cartoons in Czech.
  • Online Czech language courses.
  • It is very useful to start getting acquainted with the Czech language even before arriving in the country.

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