Admission to the University of the Czech Republic – applications. Applying to a university “Prihlaska”

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Feedback about applications to the Czech University in Prague. How and where I applied for admission to the Czech University “Prihlaska”

My personal experience of applying for admission to the Czech University “Prihlaska”

I studied at the Czech language courses in Prague, and I didn’t worry about anything. I thought that I still had plenty of time before studying at the university and I would have time to apply for admission. But one day, a conversation about “Prihlaska” came up with friends from studying at Czech language courses and it turned out that most of them had already submitted at least three applications to different universities in Prague. Well, I, faster, faster began to make out “Prihlaska”, where I planned to enroll. Admission to the University of the Czech Republic.

Retreat. Now almost all universities in the Czech Republic have switched to using electronic “Prihlaska”. There is a link to the application server on the website of each university. You need to visit the university’s website, fill out all the necessary information, and pay the registration fee.

Entrance TSP test of Masarikov University. Test of mandatory learning conditions

Applying to a university in the Czech Republic “Prihlaska”

I thought there would be no problems with applying to a Czech university and we can wait a little longer with this.

Two weeks after studying at the Czech language courses, she sat down for registration. But, as luck would have it, there were some problems with the Internet that day, and I postponed the application to the Czech university for another day. I sit down again, find a server for submitting “Prihlaska” on the website of the Higher School of Economics in Prague, everything is going well, fill in the necessary fields on the website. But when I got to the place where I had to pay the registration fee of 810 CZK, it became unclear to me. I can’t figure out how to do this.

A couple of days later, I called a friend who had already submitted all applications to Czech universities, and we still successfully sent mine. As a result, what should have taken a few minutes took me about 3 weeks.

I was lucky that I came to my senses more or less in time. Because the deadlines for submitting “Prihlaska” in all universities are different, and I could simply not have time to submit them where I wanted.

The deadline for submitting applications to Charles University is February 28. At the VSE – the deadline for submission depends on the faculty and may be up to April 30. If you think that you will have time to do everything later, then you are mistaken. It is better to do everything in advance, and you will not have additional problems. It is better to submit separate applications to the Czech University for 4-6 specialties: three to five applications for specialties that you are really interested in and one application to a university in the Czech Republic, which accepts without entrance exams.

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Benefits of studying in the Czech Republic for foreigners

How much does it cost to apply to a university in the Czech Republic?

University of Economics in Prague: International Trade. The cost of applying to the VSE is CZK 870. An additional fee is paid for the Czech language test – 610 CZK.

University of Pardubice (without entrance exams): economics and management. The cost of applying to a Czech university is 500 CZK.

Czech Land Management University in Prague: Entrepreneurship and Management – 500 CZK. An additional Czech language test is paid – 700 CZK.

How I passed the entrance exams to the University of Economics in Prague

Feedback about applications to the Czech University in Prague

How I applied for admission to the Czech University. I have applied for admission to a university in the Czech Republic for the following specialties:

  1. VSE in Prague to the Faculty of International Relations, specialty “International trade”.
  2. Czech University of Life Sciences. CZU. Faculty of Economics, specialty “entrepreneurship and Management”.
  3. University of Pardubice to the Faculty of Economics, specialty “enterprise management”.

In addition, I submitted separate applications to a university in the Czech Republic for the “Czech language test for foreigners” at the VSE and CZU, because these universities do not accept the B2 Czech language certificate, which I will receive after completing the UJOP courses at Charles University.

I also signed up for the trial exams in mathematics and English at the VSE – “nanecisto”. At these trial exams, they give tasks similar to those that will be on the main exam, so I strongly advise you to go. Here is the website – The cost of the trial exam “nanecisto” is 850 CZK.

Student expenses in the Czech Republic for study and life

1. Admission in Czech Republic universities

University of Economics in Prague. Faculty of International Relations specialty “International Trade”

The entrance exams to this faculty are mathematics, English and a second foreign language, in my case it is French. I came here primarily because I liked the training program and because I want to continue studying French at a high level.

But I wanted to learn more about studying at the VSE, and so I decided to talk to students who are already studying at this faculty. This can be done in several ways: find the faculty’s Instagram account – @fmv_vse – there we go to the subscribers section, and write to several people at once. I wrote to seven, and only four answered me. They were all Czechs, and we communicated in Czech. One girl offered to call me so as not to answer all my questions in writing. I got a good practice of the Czech language.

The second option is the channel in the telegram.

After communicating with the students, I highlighted the following things for myself: in the second semester, you will have the opportunity to choose your teachers (only in some subjects) and make your own schedule. And the choice of teachers should be approached very responsibly. It is best to write off with undergraduates, they will tell you which teacher lectures more interesting, which is the easiest to pass the exam, etc. You always need to prepare absolutely for each exam and earn as many “credits” as possible every half-year, this will free up a little time for graduation work in the last year. After the first course, they can really kick you out if you don’t get the number of “credits”, and in general, the first course will be the most difficult.

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Many students say that it is really difficult to study, and they will have to devote absolutely every day to studying. But nevertheless, everyone told me that they like to study and they did not regret their choice. One girl even told how she went to Norway under the Erasmus student exchange programm, she was just delighted.

In general, everyone spoke very warmly about the faculty, and this was the decisive factor why I decided to apply for “Prihlaska” at the VSE.

In addition, I applied to the VSE “Prihlaska” for another faculty and paid another 870 CZK.

Podcasts for learning Czech. Podcasts for students in the Czech Republic

2. Admission to the University of the Czech Republic

CZU Faculty of Economics, specialty “Entrepreneurship and Management”

It is also a good option, a classic training program for the Faculty of Economics. Studies easier than at the VSE. I’m still wondering if I want to sit at textbooks 24/7 at the VSE, or if I want to have at least some free time while studying at the CZU.

I also wrote off with students via Instagram @pefczucz – they didn’t tell me anything particularly interesting, they were satisfied with their studies, I didn’t learn any useful tips.

Apply to a czech university without entrance exams – Prague faculties

3. Czech Republic admission

Pardubice University, Faculty of Economics, specialty “Enterprise Management”

Admission to the university in Pardubice takes place without entrance exams. For the application of “Prihlaska” for the specialty “economics and management” you need to pay 500 CZK. This university is enrolled without exams, it is necessary to provide a certificate with school grades and nostrification.  There is an opportunity to undergo internal nostrification at a Czech university.  This is a backup option for admission to a Czech university, and I am applying here only “just in case” if I fail to enroll in the VSE or CZU.

OSP SCIO test prerequisites for learning with examples OSP exam

Submission of applications to Czech universities

Czech Republic university admission. Czech universities are opening the second round of applications due to a shortage of students. Every year, the dates of the second round of applications and faculties are different. For up-to-date information about the faculties and the dates of the second round of applications to Czech universities, visit the faculties’ website. The terms of the second round begin at the end of June and last until August.

Preparation for exams for admission to a Czech university – advice

How and when to apply to the University of the Czech Republic “Prihlaska”

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