Effective tips for preparing for university exams. The “3-4-5” method for exam preparation

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Tips that will help you better memorize the material and pass the exams perfectly, without making supernatural efforts

preparing for university exams

Preparing for university exams

Studying at the university implies that a student should be able to memorize large amounts of information in a short period of time. Here is an experience and a modern, scientific approach to studying at the university. Preparing for university exams.

How to learn quickly, efficiently and effectively

1. Take breaks between studies

It seems that the more you study, the more you know. However, this is not so that learning is effective, our brain needs some time to “pack” the learned information and get ready to absorb the new one.

When preparing for an exam, the score goes by minutes, it is better to divide the preparation time into more classes than to lengthen the breaks.

A study by American experts has shown that long pauses in learning activities help to keep attention.

2. Pronounce the learned material after some time

When preparing for an exam, sometimes our brain plays a cruel joke with us — you study a topic, fully understand it and already think that you know it from “a” to “z”. At the same time, it seems that there is no need to pronounce the topic from memory — it is clear and understandable.

But then, after a while, when you switch to other tasks, it turns out that the topic is either partially or completely forgotten. Why is that? Because our brain remembers what it uses. If you say the learned topic after half an hour, and then after 2 hours — it will definitely be stored in memory, checked.

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Such work is designed for high-quality long-term memory, and the topic learned by this method will definitely be able to remember on the exam.

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3. Adhere to the correct regime, sleep and nutrition

No matter how obvious this advice may seem, but during the preparation for exams, many people forget about it, eat poorly and sleep little, and then demand from their body that it works a lot, quickly and efficiently.

Without physical health, there will be no mental health, which means that there will be neither the strength nor the energy to study new and repeat old material.

Proper nutrition, sleep and daily routine is a long—term work on yourself to learn quickly, easily and with pleasure!

4. It is necessary to develop self-discipline

If you do everything at the last moment, sometimes you are lazy and like to waste time, then with the start of your studies at the click of your fingers nothing will change and your lifestyle will not change. In order not to postpone things for later and not to accumulate academic debts, you need to start developing discipline now, and then you will help yourself a lot in the future.

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Tips that will help you better remember the material and pass the exams perfectly

  • Start from your individual characteristics. If you are an audial, read textbooks and notes out loud, if you are a kinesthetic, write according to your notes and make a plan for the answer.
  • Which questions should be taught first? If you have a good understanding of the subject during the semester, proceed to the questions about which you have at least some idea.
  • It also makes sense to start with difficult questions, allocating enough time to study them. It’s better to deal with them before you get tired and lose concentration. Leave easy questions for later.
  • Delve into the ticket, and do not try to memorize it. Memorization is a losing strategy, which also takes more time. Find logical connections in questions, come up with associations.
  • You can delve into each topic for an infinitely long time, so do not try to remember all the subtleties. From a large chapter in the textbook, highlight the main thoughts: structured material of a small volume is easier to perceive.
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Preparing for university exams. The “3-4-5” method for exam preparation

preparing for university exams

Preparing for university exams

A good method when you need to prepare for the exam in a short period of time. It will take only three days, but there is a lot of work to be done. Every day you need to work through all the material, but at different levels, constantly deepening.

On the first day, you read your entire synopsis or training manual to refresh your knowledge of the subject, roughly speaking, to get involved. Conditionally, we believe that you can already pass the exam for the top three.

On the second day, you deal with the same questions, but according to the textbook, in order to learn more details and subtleties. If you prepare diligently, you can already count on a four.

On the last day, you bring your answers to the ideal: repeat, fill in the blanks, memorize. After the third day, you are ready to pass the exam perfectly.

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The method of preparation for the exam is two days to study, one to repeat

The system is very simple: all the material should be divided into two identical parts and learned in two days. The third day is devoted entirely to repetition.

One of the most important qualities of a real student is to be able to learn everything on time!

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