Things to the Czech Republic for a student for Czech language courses

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Things to take with you for moving to the Czech Republic for a student

What things I took with me to the Czech Republic

What things I took with me to the Czech Republic

Things for a student in the Czech Republic

It is better to prepare for departure to the Czech Republic for training in advance. So, a list of important documents that you need to take to the Czech Republic.

1. What to take with you to the Czech Republic.

Gather your documents first.

International passport
Birth certificate (you will need it at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and when opening a bank account in the Czech Republic, as a second document).
Notarized copy of birth certificate
A copy of the first page of the international passport (personal data) and a copy of the page with a visa to the Czech Republic
Documents for nostrification of secondary education in the Czech Republic


1. Things to take with you for moving to Prague for a student – Documents. Documents received from the Czech Republic from a language school: an agreement for studying Czech language courses, an agreement for student residence in the Czech Republic, proof of residence in the Czech Republic, medical insurance (included with the card) for a study visa to the Czech Republic for foreigners.

Photos 3×4 and 3.5×4.5, 4-6 pieces. Plus the original file. Needed when registering at a language school, for a travel card, when extending a visa, enrolling in a university, obtaining your ISIC. It is better to issue and receive a claim card in your home country before arriving in the Czech Republic.

Things for studying at a university in the Czech Republic. Attention! Minor students must have two powers of attorney with them: a power of attorney from parents to independently travel abroad for the entire period of study (usually one year) and a power of attorney for a representative person from the school to conduct affairs on his behalf regarding the nostrification of the certificate, assistance in the hospital and the like. Under the laws of the Czech Republic, a minor student cannot sign on any official documents.

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Nostrification without exams in the Czech Republic interni evaluace

Money and payment bank card

2. What to take to the Czech Republic for a foreign student – Money and payment bank card. To withdraw money in the Czech Republic, you need a bank card. Think in advance and choose a bank and a method of withdrawing cash and paying by card in stores. You should not take a lot of things with you or buy a lot of things in the Czech Republic, because at first you will have to move often. We take cash euros with us on the road and for the first time. Bank account and card in the Czech Republic

Subjects for study

Things for a student in the Czech Republic

3. What to take with you to the Czech Republic for study – Subjects for study. At language courses in the Czech Republic, for admission to a university, we learn the Czech language and you only need a notebook and a pen. If you want to save money, you should buy notebooks at home, because in the Czech Republic they cost fabulous money. But it is better to take with you: a laptop or tablet, flash drives. Purchase a phrasebook with a short dictionary before arriving at the courses and read it from cover to cover, remembering as many phrases as possible. On the road, try to learn Czech.

What to take with a foreigner to the Czech Republic – medicines

4. What to take to the Czech Republic – medicines. European medicines are different from medicines in other countries. In addition, almost nothing can be bought in the Czech Republic without a doctor’s prescription. If you drink some medicines at home, buy in advance and take it with you, calculate how many pills you will need during your stay in the Czech Republic. According to the rules of transportation, your relatives cannot send you medicines by mail. Transport medicines in packages, because otherwise they may find fault with them at the border.

Rules for contacting teachers in the Czech Republic. Academic degrees in the Czech Republic

Household items

5. Necessary things for studying in the Czech Republic – Household items. In the early days of living in a hostel, you will need: 1) an iron, there are very compact camping options, in many hostels an iron is provided 2) a hairdryer 3) a kettle (most often there is a common kettle in the kitchen, but it is usually very old and broken) 4) towels (not provided in the hostel) 5) slippers for the house. You don’t have to bring your own utensils! It will be possible to buy it on the spot, having found out the type of plate. If you are going to rent an apartment or a room, then things will be better. Often all the necessary household appliances are on site. Dishes are also always available in a rented apartment, but it is better to check with the owner in advance all the nuances related to everyday life. To solve the question “How to go to the Czech Republic” – think about what you will take with you from this, and what you will buy in the Czech Republic.

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Obligations of foreigners in the Czech Republic – Law on foreigners, fines

Things for a student in Prague – clothes

Necessary things for studying in the Czech Republic

6. What to take to the Czech Republic – clothes. Although you will arrive in the Czech Republic in autumn, it is worth taking clothes for all seasons of the year with you, because it can be very hot in September. Do not litter your suitcase with clothes. It is better to take a few things for autumn, winter and summer, and then buy more clothes in Prague, focusing on local fashion. Nobody wants to look like a black sheep.

European mentality in the Czech Republic and reviews of life in the Czech Republic

Necessary things for a student in the Czech Republic

Perhaps you need to take with you to the Czech Republic: 1) a warm jacket 2) warm boots. Here the climate is different. And although the temperature will not drop to our usual levels, it will be cold to the bone due to high humidity. “But I didn’t find a decent warm jacket and boots here.” It is worth paying special attention to the selection of a suitcase or backpack. When packing things, you can use vacuum bags. Things for studying in Prague are always needed!

Etiquette in the Czech Republic – code of good manners and rules of conduct in the Czech Republic

Important contacts in the Czech Republic for foreigners

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