Reviews of UJOP Czech language courses in Prague – personal experience

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Personal experience of studying at Czech language courses UJOP in Prague. Feedback

Reviews of UJOP Czech language courses. I was very surprised that the training center is located in the hotel building, so everything looks pretty nice and presentable. The classrooms are located in the far wing on the ground floor and only course students, teachers and curators can go there. Message from courses UJOP. “Please note that at the beginning of the course, the learning process will take place in the building of the Prague-Kristall Training Center. Accommodation for you will be booked in Gostivarzha”.

Address of the training center: José Martího 2/407, Praha 6.

As for the teachers, we have two Czech women teaching here, and I really like them. In the lessons they explain everything in Czech, but since they show pictures, write on the blackboard, then everything is really clear. Sometimes, of course, they can explain in English, if it’s really difficult for us, but this does not happen often.

So far, we’ve only had Czech lessons for three hours a day. There are 13 students in the group. We also wrote a distribution test in English.

During the lunch break, you can eat in the dining room, which is located there. The dining room is just super! For 110-120 Czech crowns, you get soup, the main course (you choose from the four offered) and a drink. The portions are just huge, at least for me, you can eat until the evening. The first Czech lesson.

At home in the dorm, we work in the Microsoft teams program.

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Reviews of UJOP Czech language courses in Prague

During the course, we were given a textbook and a workbook. We are given homework, and a lot of it. There are three types of homework:

  1. You need to make and send it to the teacher before 17:00. I do this task on my laptop.
  2. You need to do it before 23:59, also on a laptop.
  3. You can do it at least at night, but the next day have it with you to check in class. I am doing this task in a workbook.
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I must say that the teaching material is taught very well and in detail, but no one will run after you and beg you to teach. They don’t give you grades for an unfinished homework assignment, and they don’t give you grades for a failed test either. It’s every man for himself. In any case, the Czech language test at the end of the year will show everything.

I brought a laptop from home – I use it to perform tasks that need to be sent to the teacher. I like everything at UJOP Czech language courses in Prague.

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Personal experience of studying at Czech language courses UJOP in Prague

Personal experience of studying at Czech language courses UJOP in Prague

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“We study five days a week in two shifts. That is, one group starts classes at 8:00, and finishes at 13:00, and the second group (shift) studies from 13:15 to 18:15. Three lectures a day, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, instead of the third pair of classes, there is a specialization lesson (preparation for university admission). The audience is not too big, but bright. At the end of each week, we definitely write a test that checks what we have mastered in the Czech language.

The truth about education in the Czech Republic – reviews of UJOP students in Prague. There are a lot of homework, really a lot. It should be done right away, because the information comes in an unrealistic amount. Once you don’t do something, and problems with understanding will start to snowball. Czech teachers teach at UJOP.

Lectures are different, sometimes as boring as possible, it seems that they will never end, sometimes they are fun. We can sing songs and watch a movie in Czech, sometimes they give team tasks, it turns out cool. Teachers are trying to defuse the situation, so in general it’s really cool to study. In any case, you can always find a reason to smile at the back desks.”

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“Sometimes UJOP in Prague organizes cultural and sports events. For example, football. Czechs organize all events at the highest level.

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Language courses in the Czech Republic – reviews of nutrition. You can have lunch either in the dining room, or go to some student cafe, which costs about the same. I don’t cook very often in the dorm. On weekends, you can relax a little and go to see the Czech Republic. Or Europe in general. We gathered ourselves and have already traveled to Austria and Hungary, we do not plan to stop there.

In general, studying at Czech language courses does not end within the walls of the school. We were initially advised to go to the cinema, listen to Czech music, podcasts, get acquainted with the locals – for the sake of language practice, which we do regularly. It’s easy to combine business with pleasure, and that’s what I like the most. I didn’t regret a bit that I left for the language courses of Charles University.”

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Registration with the Migration Police of the Czech Republic:

Students living in the hostel Gostivarzh do not register with the police – the administration of the hostel notifies the police of their arrival after registration at the reception. Students who do not live in a dormitory are required to register themselves with the Migration Police of the Czech Republic within 3 (three) working days from the date of arrival at: Olšanská 2176/2, 130 51, Praha 3.

If you have been issued a short-term visa and the visa designation is In / MS (K), then within 3 working days or other time agreed with the curator, you need to go to the migration police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, at the place of residence in the Czech Republic, in order to remove biometric data and get a plastic card with a residence permit. You need to have a passport and medical insurance with you. The address of the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the OAMR – department for students – only by appointment by phone +420 974 820 680 : Hládkov 682/9, Praha 6 – Střešovice.

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