Important contacts in the Czech Republic for foreigners

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Emergency phone numbers in the Czech Republic

Even though the Czech Republic is one of the ten safest countries in the world, it can happen that you may need help unexpectedly. We have put together a list of the contact information for the most important services – places that will always be happy to assist you. Emergency phone numbers in the Czech Republic. Important contacts in the Czech Republic.

Emergency phone numbers in the Czech Republic

Toll-free, operate all day, every day, including holidays

112     The unified European emergency call number intended for reporting any kind of emergency. In addition to Czech, they also speak English, German and other world languages.

150     Firefighters

155      Emergency medical services (ambulance)

156      Municipal Police

158      Police of the Czech Republic


On the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic website, there is an up-to-date list of embassies with offices in the Czech Republic or the nearest representation in a nearby country, with all contact information and opening hours.

How to use public transport for a foreigner in the Czech Republic

Emergency Medical Services

The majority of Prague’s large hospitals have an emergency department. Should a tourist or other foreigner without Czech public health insurance have a medical issue, they should go to the special foreigners’ department at the University Hospital at Motol, which has an emergency department and pediatric emergency medical services. The department will arrange a visit with a doctor, take care of all the administrative details regarding payment, and assist with language or other issues.

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In situations where no one’s life is in danger or there is no other reason to call an ambulance (155), healthcare facilities with emergency medical service for adults and for children and adolescents under 18 years will provide urgent care.

The dental emergency clinic will assist with acute toothaches at night or at the weekend.

Emergency phone numbers in the Czech Republic. Pharmacies with After-Hours Service

Pharmacies with after-hours service dispense medicines through an emergency window at night and on weekends, including over-the-counter medicines, medical supplies, supplements, or prescription medicines.

Etiquette in the Czech Republic – code of good manners and rules of conduct in the Czech Republic

Important contacts in the Czech Republic

Police. Emergency phone numbers in the Czech Republic

Police of the Czech Republic, tel. 158

Important contacts in the Czech Republic. City centre:

  • Prague 1 – Old Town, Benediktská 1, tel. +420 974 889 210
  • Prague 1 – Old Town, Bartolomějská 14, tel. + 420 974 851 700
  • Prague 1 – New Town, Krakovská 11, tel. +420 974 851 720
  • Prague 1 – New Town, Jungmannovo náměstí 9, tel. +420 974 851 750
  • Prague 1 – Lesser Town, Vlašská 3, tel. +420 974 851 730

Municipal Police, tel. 156

City centre:

  • Prague 1 – Old Town, Mariánské náměstí 2, tel. +420 224 482 222
  • Prague 1 – Old Town, Uhelný trh 10, tel. +420 224 234 860
  • Prague 1 – New Town, Opletalova 19, tel. +420 222 025 192
  • Prague 1 – Lesser Town, Letenská 23, tel. +420 257 533 117
  • Prague 1 – Lesser Town, Hroznová 5, tel. +420 257 310 258

Important contacts in the Czech Republic – Post Office

Postal services in the Czech Republic are operated by Czech Post. The main Prague post office with almost non-stop opening hours is located near Wenceslas Square at Jindřišská 14. Postcards and letters can be placed into orange mailboxes, which are usually located on the outside of post office buildings and on buildings along the main tourist routes.

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Luggage Storage

Whether you come to Prague by train, bus or plane, there are several options for storing your luggage. At the airport, the luggage storage room is located in the right rear corner of the Terminal 2 departures hall. In the city centre, you can use the storage facility at the Main Railway Station, Masaryk Railway Station, or the Florenc Bus Station. A list of other storage facilities can be found here.

Veterinary Hospitals and Emergency Services

Veterinary hospitals have professional teams capable of providing a full range of acute procedures and high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Outside office hours, they operate emergency veterinary services.

Zahradní Město Veterinary Hospital. Prague 10, tel. +420 271 751 907, +420 604 242 789,

VETNEMO Veterinary Hospital Libuš. Prague 4, tel. +420 244 470 704,

Lost and Found

The Central Lost and Found office, where items handed over by citizens and police and things forgotten on public transport or taxis are stored, is located in the center of Prague at Karoliny Světlé 5.

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