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Czpoint. Where and what services Czech Point in the Czech Republic provides: post office, notaries and city administrations

Czech Point is a state system. services used by students from the very first months to prepare documents for the nostrification of a certificate or diploma. With its help, at any post office, at any local administration, at any notary, you can certify a power of attorney, make certified copies, and get an extract from the cadastre, the commercial register, a certificate of non-conviction, and much more. Czech Point is the “contact place of services in the Czech Republic”.

Czech Point services for foreigners is available in 3 types of institutions: notary offices, post offices, city administrations. Throughout the country, Czech POINT contact points can be found on the map on the official Czech POINT website https://www.czechpoint.cz/public/

Czpoint. Address Czech Point in Prague

Contacts. Czech Post – Main Post Office (Česká pošta – Hlavní pošta)

Jindřišská 14

110 00 Praha 1 – Nové Město

Working hours. January – December. All week: 02.00 – 24.00

When you arrive at the Czech post office in the coupon receipt terminal, you can see “Czech POINT” on the screen.

Czech Post

Czech Post

Czech Point for international students

Czech Post (Czech. Česká pošta) provided an opportunity for each visitor to receive a wide range of services in one window. Mail in the Czech Republic for foreigners allows not only to notarize signatures and copies, but also to quickly receive certified extracts from the following Czech registers:

  • real estate cadastre (Czech. Katastr nemovitostí), the public version is available at nahlizenidokn.cuzk.cz;
  • the trade register (Czech. Obchodní rejstřík), the public version is available at www.justice.cz;
  • register of Entrepreneurs (Czech. Živnostenský rejstřík), the public version is available at www.rzp.cz;
  • criminal record registry (Czech. Rejstříku trestu);
  • register of drivers’ penalty points (Czech. Bodové hodnocení osoby), because in the Czech Republic, penalty points are awarded according to a special system for violating traffic rules, over time they are written off;
  • register of suppliers for state tenders (Czech. Seznam kvalifikovaných dodavatel?);
  • the register of bankrupts (Czech. Insolvenční rejstřík), the public version is available at isir.justice.cz;
  • register of enforcement proceedings (Czech. Centrální evidence exekucí).
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You can get a certificate of non-criminal record at the Czech post office in just a minute.

In the case of the cadastre, the commercial register, the register of entrepreneurs, bankrupts, enforcement proceedings, you can get an extract for any person, not just for yourself! Access to the main registers is completely available on the Internet, free of charge, so that everyone can check the company when buying in it, check the real estate with its rental plans, etc.

Czech Point services for students. Thanks to the free availability of all registers, there is no need to carry Czech certificates to the state body. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs, when extending a visa, they will look at the real estate cadastre themselves, a notary will check your lack of criminal record in the Czech Republic, etc. when drawing up documents during the preparation of the company’s constituent documents.

In addition to the above, Czech POINT solves a number of other important issues of life in the Czech Republic:

  • registration and restoration of access to the “data box” system (chesh. Datova schranka). As well as the translation into paper form of documents from it. The system is necessarily used by firms for communication with state institutions, and can also be used voluntarily by individuals.;
  • connection to the MA ISOH system for accounting of disposed vehicles.

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Czpoint: City Administration and notaries

Czech Point services

Czech Point services

Czpoint. To certify signatures, copies of ordinary documents and other cases, I recommend going to the city administration as a priority: they will help you there in the absolute majority of cases. The catch is that not all documents in Czech POINT in the Czech Republic will be copied to you. If the text is bound, if there is a photo on the document, if the document has special degrees of protection, you will be sent to a notary. In some cases, Czech POINT for students in local administrations refuse to make copies of documents in foreign languages.

Czech notaries for foreigners

It is advisable to apply to a notary in the Czech Republic only in difficult cases when you have not been helped at Czech POINT.

Unfortunately, you will pay 21% more at the Czech notary, because all notaries are VAT payers. For example, certified copies at Czech POINT will cost 1,000 CZK, and for the same at the notary you will pay 1,210 CZK.

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Certification of copies of documents in the Czech Republic for foreigners

At the same time, it should be remembered that even notaries in the Czech Republic do not make certified copies of identity cards for students and in general any documents whose certified copy does not have the same weight as the original. To put it simply, even a notary will not make a certified copy of an identity card (passport, passport, residence permit card, driver’s license, etc.), as well as securities.

An ordinary copy is provided to all Czech authorities as a copy of the identity card. Under the penalty of revocation of the license, the Czech notary does not make up the text of the certified documents, so if you want to certify in the Czech Republic a power of attorney, a parent’s consent to leave, a receipt or otherwise, you need to either compose the text yourself or do it with a lawyer, and the notary will only certify for 30 crowns plus a potential VAT of 21% the fact of signing by you this document.

Czech Post Office services for students are a backup option in case of emergency. When it is very important for you to certify copies or signatures very quickly, and local administrations and Czech notaries no longer work. The most incompetent employees from all Czech POINT work at the post office. Therefore, they can make a crooked copy, sew it carelessly, stamp the original and otherwise surprise you unpleasantly.

The rates of Czpoint in the Czech Republic in all cases are established by law, the certification of each signature or the certification of each page of a copy costs 30 CZK. The exception is notaries in the Czech Republic, they, as legal entities, additionally charge Czech VAT in the amount of 21%.

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