Nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic

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Nostrification of higher education in the Czech Republic


Nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic. Graduates of degree programmes at international universities wishing to obtain recognition in the Czech Republic are required to submit a written application. Recognition of a diploma, qualifications or parts of study programmes then depend on examination by a relevant public higher education institution providing a study programme similar in its contents. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will issue a certificate of recognition of education only if it was acquired in a state with which an agreement on the recognition of document equivalence has been concluded and the ministry is authorised by this agreement to recognise a document.
The Czech National Academic Recognition Information Centre ( provides information and consultations on the recognition of qualifications in the Czech Republic.

Why is higher education recognized in the Czech Republic?

Sometimes you need to work in the Czech Republic
For admission to a master’s program in the Czech Republic, a recognized bachelor’s degree is required!
For admission to doctoral studies in the Czech Republic, a recognized master’s degree is required!
Sometimes (depending on the university) instead of nostrification of secondary education, you can present a nostrified bachelor’s degree in order to enter the Czech baccalaureate. But this is very rare and needs to be recognized!
If you have a specialist diploma (higher education not divided into master and bachelor), then depending on the Czech university, on your specialty, you can be nostrified as a master or as a bachelor (as you are lucky).

If you have a nostrified master’s degree in your hands, then again, depending on your specialty, from the Czech university where you are applying, you can be accepted with this diploma in the Czech Republic for a master’s degree.

How to write and defend a diploma

Nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic

You need to find a university in the Czech Republic, where there is the same specialty. The university usually has a department for the nostrification of foreign diplomas. Write an application there and attach a translated and certified diploma with inserts. Specialists compare the program of your diploma with their own (in this specialty) and you are given a nostrification (or not, if there are many discrepancies). Those. the main thing is to choose the right institute, with the most matching with your specialty. This does not apply to the nostrification of a medical diploma in the Czech Republic – everything is complicated there.

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For admission to the magistracy in the Czech Republic, you need to pass the nostrification of the bachelor’s degree, to doctoral studies – the master’s degree. The procedure for nostrification of a diploma is carried out without passing exams (unlike the nostrification of a certificate).

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Procedure for nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic

– apply to a state university of the Czech Republic (each university has its own application form on the website), which conducts training in the specialty of your diploma;
– submit documents: translated into Czech and notarized copies of the diploma and diploma supplement, as well as pay. 3 000,- kroons – payment to the university for the consideration of documents for the nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic.

In state universities, this procedure is carried out by departments of nostrification of foreign diplomas. The Nostrification Commission compares the program of your diploma with the programs of your university and, if the programs generally correspond, your diploma is recognized in the Czech Republic, i.e. nostrified.

The decision on the recognition of a diploma, according to the current law, the university has the right to take within 60 days. It does not matter which state university nostrified your diploma.
After the recognition of a diploma in the Czech Republic, you have the right to continue your education at a university, and also get the right to use the appropriate academic title: Bc (bachelor), Mgr (master).

Nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic

Nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic. The nostrification of economic and technical diplomas, as a rule, goes without problems, the nostrification of humanitarian diplomas is a little more difficult. Nostrification of the diploma of a lawyer in the Czech Republic: the most difficult diplomas are legal ones, because in the Czech Republic, the specialty “Law” is not divided into bachelor’s and master’s programs – training is carried out according to a five-year master’s program.

Documents for nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic

Where and how to make a nostrification of a diploma of higher education in the Czech Republic

So, let’s repeat it again. If we are talking about a diploma of higher education and if it is not a nostrification of a doctor’s diploma: look for a faculty where there is a similar specialty. Then, after you decide on the faculty or on the website of the faculty (or on the website of the university of this faculty), look for contacts of those who are involved in the nostrification of higher education. You start to communicate. You find out everything. In general, the entire procedure can be remote (sending all the necessary documents by mail). There are sometimes exams – but then it’s not remote. The university that conducts the nostrification of your diploma and the university where you want to enter are completely different things.

Professional recognition in the Czech Republic

A university qualification (diplom) is a public document of the State on whose behalf it was issued. Diplomas from foreign universities are valid in the Czech Republic without further ado. Direct recognition of foreign higher education and qualifications within the meaning of the Czech Higher Education Act can only be required if this is provided for by law.
Recognition of foreign higher educations and qualifications in the Czech Republic (the so-called diploma nostrification in the Czech Republic) is a procedure for the academic recognition of certain foreign higher educations and qualifications obtained by the applicant, i.e. a graduate of a foreign university; the procedure is an administrative proceeding carried out on the basis of an application submitted by the applicant in accordance with articles 89 and 90 of Law no. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and on Amending Other Laws (Law on Higher Education), as amended, together with No. 500/2004 Coll., Code of Administrative Procedure, as amended.
The procedure for the recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic and qualifications does not imply professional recognition, i.e. does not concern the recognition of education for the performance of so-called regulated professions, such as teacher, doctor, lawyer, architect. The nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic does not in itself entitle the holder to practice a regulated profession. The recognition of professional qualifications for the exercise of regulated professions is governed by special legal provisions –

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Requiring a Higher Form of Diploma Acknowledgment and Diploma Supplement

A state university may require the highest verification of original diplomas and diploma supplements, the so-called super legalization, i.e. verification of the authenticity of signatures and seals on diplomas and diploma supplements by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. the state in which the foreign university issuing the documents is located, or the competent foreign authority and the competent embassy of the Czech Republic, unless otherwise provided by an international treaty to which the Czech Republic is bound.
If a diploma and a diploma supplement issued in a country that has acceded to the Hague Convention  or the “Apostille Convention”, like the Czech Republic, is submitted along with the application, then the diploma and the diploma supplement will only have the “Apostille” checkpoint, and then officially translated into Czech in accordance with the law.
The list of states that have signed the Hague Convention (states that have accepted the Convention) is here.
The list of authorities authorized to issue an apostille in each state is here.

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Documents and procedure for nostrification of higher education in the Czech Republic

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