How much expenses does a family have in the Czech Republic

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Living expenses in the Czech Republic for a family of 4 people

My name is Anna, I have been living in the Czech Republic for almost 20 years, I am talking about life in the country from the inside, and now I will tell you about the monthly expenses of the family.

These prices are not in Prague, in Prague the prices, although they seem the same, are still slightly higher.
Next is a list of the main living expenses in the Czech Republic for January. Further in the text there will be a transcript of each item.

• Travel card — 700 CZK. 4200 kronor is a travel card for a year for 1 family member. Children under 15 do not pay for public transport in the Czech Republic.
• Petrol 1000 CZK
• Car service — 10,000 CZK
• Communal, electricity, Internet – 8000 CZK
• Telephones (communication) — CZK 2000
• Products — 8000 CZK
• Household chemicals — 400 CZK
• Clothing — 4000 CZK
• Entertainment (trips, restaurants) — 1500 CZK
• School supplies — 300 CZK
• Payment for clubs, tutors, school canteen — 9000 CZK
• Savings and insurance — 5000 CZK

Costs for a family in the Czech Republic: CZK 49,900.

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What are the expenses of a family in the Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary

Travel card and gasoline. We spend so little on gasoline, because we drive a little, only if we need to go to another area of the city, so as not to go with a transfer. And so we live next to the tram, the tram goes every 3 minutes on weekdays. We go to work or to the city center, therefore, by tram. The cost of an annual travel card is 4200 CZK, I divided it by 12 months and multiplied it by 2, because my husband and I have a travel card, and the children travel for free. My husband drives a lot for work by car, but in this case he gets paid for gasoline at work.

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This month we had a car service, it was put after a certain number of kilometers of mileage. Not every month there are expenses on it, but in January there were just.

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How much money does a family have to live in the Czech Republic?

There are 5 main suppliers of gas and electricity in the Czech Republic (ČEZ, E-ON, INNOGY, PRE, PRAŽSKÁ PLYNÁRENSKÁ). The calculation always goes according to the counters, once a year a recalculation is made. The system is very simple and transparent. New buildings refuse gas for environmental reasons, so you will have to pay only for electricity. We have high utility costs in the Czech Republic, since we live in a large apartment, and electricity prices have been raised in the Czech Republic.

There are 3 international giants operating in the Czech Republic that have monopolized the market — Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2. We pay about 300 CZK for home Internet. For phones — I have an unlimited tariff, I pay 1200 CZK, and my husband is about 600, he has little Internet, the rest of the amount we pay for the phone to my son. But since he practically does not use it, and there is WI-FI at home, the consumption is small.

Products. To begin with, I consider the products in the Czech Republic to be of high quality and affordable. The price range can be divided into 2 groups — budget and expensive. Prices vary depending on what products you buy, for example, going to a TESCO supermarket, you can find products called “TESCO Value”, or you can find more expensive ones — “TESCO Finest”. Moreover, the difference for the same product name will vary by 100%.

Products — it turns out not so much, because children eat in kindergarten and at school, but I took out their lunches in a separate item. With household chemicals — in my opinion, everything is more or less clear. Entertainment — we didn’t have many of them, because we were sick a lot, so it didn’t turn out so much. We went for a walk to another city 2 times and took the children to a cafe several times.

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The cost of living in the Czech Republic for a family

We spent a little on school supplies, because we only bought notebooks, pens, and bought coloring books and DIY kits for the youngest, who is still a preschooler.

Paying for tutors and clubs — we get a lot of it. And then, the younger one doesn’t go anywhere yet, the first year is only in kindergarten. And the older one has: karate, English, speech therapy — speech development, mental arithmetic and fitness. In the same amount, the payment for canteens, in reality comes out about 500 CZK per child per month.

In a separate item, I took out savings and insurance — we have different accumulative insurance and life insurance with accumulation and pension. About as much per month goes to them.

Optional expenses. Optional expenses include money spent on entertainment, theater, cinema, holidays, premium services such as cable TV, magazine subscriptions, meals at the best restaurants. There are many options to spend on. In this case, it depends only on the family and its habits. Let’s say 7000 CZK or more.

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