The basic principles of achieving goals. How to set goals and achieve results

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The basic principles of achieving goals. How to learn to set goals and achieve results

Admission to the Czech University - Czech language courses

Admission to the Czech University – Czech language courses

The most pressing topic at the beginning of the new year is how to set goals in order to achieve them.

You can set goals, you can not, but the fact is that people who set goals for themselves often achieve them because they know where to go and what to do

Basic principles of achieving goals

1.Set goals by spheres:

  • me and study
  • me and health
  • me and finance
  • me and the world
  • me and the people

Etc. These areas were taken as an example, you can write yourself new goals. How to set goals and achieve them correctly?

2. Break down goals into specific steps

For example, let’s take the field of “me and study” ➡️ the goal of “going to university” ➡️ divide it into several more areas: an oral interview and a written test. Take into account the requirements of a particular faculty.

Oral interview:

  • listen to one interview on a certain topic once a week and write out important points for yourself;
  • analyze 2 oral topics once a week: search for arguments in Czech.
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Written test:

  • not to miss lessons at school
  • solve 25 questions from the task book per day

All the steps are indicative, focus on your specific goal and capabilities.

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How to learn to set goals and achieve? Write goals so that they don’t scare and are achievable.

3.Check if this is your sincere goal

You want to become athletic and do sports three times a week. What for? For the sake of a beautiful figure? For the sake of a healthy body? Or because it just sounds good?

Until you decide why you need a specific goal, you will not take steps to implement it.

4.Go back to your goals and analyze

You can hang your goals in front of you so that they are always visible, or you can, for example, return to the list in your notebook/notes once a month.

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5.How to set goals for the year and achieve them?

The main principles of achieving the goal:

  • set goals consciously, in your free time, when no one and nothing distracts you.
  • do not be afraid of your desires, but rather describe the specific steps to achieve.
  • goals can be abandoned if they no longer correspond to your values. This is normal: time goes by, we and our goals may change.
  • you can set goals for several hours, days, weeks, or you can at least every month. This is also normal.

The main principle of achieving the goal: do as you feel comfortable!

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