How I was preparing for admission to VSE in Prague. Review of preparation for exams at VSE in the Czech Republic

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Preparation for exams for admission to VSE in the Czech Republic. Preparation options, a list of textbooks, materials for admission, trial tests of  VSE exams in Prague

How to prepare for exams and enroll in VSE in the Czech Republic

There are four main options for preparing for admission to Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze in order of effectiveness:

  1. Courses at the selected faculty of VSE
  2. tutor
  3. self-training
  4. courses of special subjects at the language school where you study Czech

Follow this link to learn about the preparatory courses for the entrance exam in mathematics and English, which are conducted by VSE in Prague –

Feedback about VSE preparatory courses

How I was preparing for admission to VSE in Prague

How I was preparing for admission to VSE in Prague.

“Classes are held once a week for two lessons from 16:15 or 18:00. For those who are outside Prague, the course will be open on Saturdays. Classes are held for a duration of four lessons once every 14 days (mathematics, English and German only).”

“From my experience, I will say that preparatory English courses can be taken at VSE, but I do not recommend taking math training.” “The solved examples on the website helped me more to prepare for mathematics . I bought the collections for the previous two years for 260 CZK. In these collections, the materials are explained in great detail and theoretical material is attached. These materials can be used as an addition to the courses, or they can be used without preparatory courses at VSE in Prague.”

Mind map examples in training. How to make an intelligence map “mind map”

General information for admission to VSE

Every VSE entrant in the Czech Republic should know that the tasks of the VSE entrance exams in Prague remain unchanged every year. The university does not hide the tests of last year from students, with the exception of the Czech test. The variants of the Czech language test are kept in the strictest secrecy. On the Czech language test at VSE in Prague, 100% of those applicants who do not have sufficient knowledge of the language are eliminated.

Important! A VSE entrant is allowed to take tests in mathematics and English only after successfully passing the Czech language exam.

Attention. If an applicant submits two “Prihlaska” to different faculties or specialties, then he passes two exams in mathematics according to the rules of VSE. The audience and the building where the test will take place will be notified by e-mail a few days before the exam at the Higher School of Economics in Prague.

To get acquainted with last year’s tasks in the VSE exams, follow the link

Preparation for exams at VSE

Sample tests of the mathematics exam in VSE can be found on the Czech student website kampomaturite — /.

Preparation for exams for admission to VSE in the Czech Republic

Preparation for exams for admission to VSE in the Czech Republic

The green collection of problems “Matematika k přijímacím zkouškám na Vysokou školu ekonomickou” (average price 200 cop) can be purchased at any bookstore or online.

For successful admission to VSE in Prague, you need to score at least 80% of the maximum number of points in mathematics and a foreign language or two foreign languages in the case of the Faculty of International Relations. The passing score for admission to VSE in Prague varies at different faculties. Please note that when applying to VSE in the Czech Republic at the Faculty of National Economy, successful passing of the SCIO test is required. However, this faculty is not particularly popular either among Czechs or among foreign VSE applicants. The official website of the faculty –

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OSP SCIO test prerequisites for learning with examples OSP exam

Math Test – VSE exam in Prague

This test lasts 75 minutes and consists of 15 tasks. Of these, they offer to complete 10 easy tasks with 5 points for each task. Such easy tasks are solved in 15 minutes. The other 5 tasks are much more difficult. It usually takes from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to solve them. Last year’s versions of math tests with correct answers are published on the website Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze in the section “Exam tests”.

Note the important detail that the type of questions in all tests is multiple choice. You need to choose the correct answer from the proposed five options — A, B, C, D, E. This greatly facilitates the detection of errors. The students who wrote the test declare with one voice that all tasks are solved in standard ways, there are no tricks and pitfalls there. It is also not necessary to show the progress of the decision, i.e. there are no formalities associated with the correct recording of the decision and the answer.

Before you start practicing on the tasks of the entrance tests of previous years, you will need to repeat the theoretical foundations of some of the topics that you took at school. The programs of all preparatory courses for admission to VSE come from one thin 200-page textbook called Sbírka příkladów z matematiky k přijímacím zkouškám na VŠE – A collection of math assignments for preparation for the entrance exam to VSE.

VSE exam in Prague. Preparation for exams at VSE.

VSE exam in Prague

The textbook is published by VSE in Prague. This textbook explains in abundance all the necessary theoretical foundations of those sections of mathematics that are involved in the preparation of the tasks of the VSE exam. In addition to theory, this book primarily consists of detailed explanations with many examples of how to optimally solve a particular task. This textbook touches on other topics that are not found on the entrance exam, but their development is recommended for further study at VSE.

For convenience, we will divide the content of the textbook into these 2 parts: A — “you need to take the exam” and B — “the rest”.

A) Sections of the textbook, the development of which is necessary for passing the VSE exam (numbering of the textbook table of contents):


1.1. Degrees and roots

3.1. Functions — basic concepts

3.2. Power functions

Equations and inequalities

4.1. Linear, quadratic and irrational equations

4.2. Linear and square inequalities

4.4. Logarithmic equations of inequality

5.1. Properties of trigonometric functions and equations

5.2. Trigonometric functions and equations

6.1. Complex numbers — properties

6.2. Geometric representation of complex numbers. The Moivre Formula

7.1. Determination of progression

7.2. Arithmetic progression

7.3. Geometric progression

8.1. Combinatorics: Placements (combinations), combinations.

8.2. Newton’s binomial. Binomial coefficients.

Vector algebra and analytic geometry

9.1. Points and vectors

9.4. Graphical solution of equations (in a two-dimensional coordinate system).

— — —


B) Textbook topics that are not on the VSE entrance exam:

2.1. The logic of sayings

2.2. Sets. Operations on sets

4.3. Equations and inequalities of higher degrees

9.2. Straight lines and planes

9.3. Cross section of polyhedra

So, we are interested in the above section A — what you need for the exam for admission to VSE. You will need the topic “Complex Numbers” if you have not studied it before.

Having knowledge at grade level 4 in mathematics, you will spend only 4-5 academic hours on mastering this theory, because this whole theory fits on 1.5 pages with examples.

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If you are thinking about applying to VSE and reading this while at the graduation stage, then ask your math teacher to explain this topic to you. You will understand how easy it is.

In mathematics there is a collection “Příprava k přijímacím zkouškám na VŠE” by J.Klówfa,

Review of studying in Prague at the university of Economics

Test for admission to VSE in a foreign language

Preparation for exams at VSE. The test lasts 60 minutes. During this time, it is proposed to answer 50 questions, approximately the same in complexity, but on different topics in grammar. Each correct answer is estimated at 2 points.

The type of questions in this test, as in the math test, is multiple choice. It is necessary to choose an answer from the proposed five options — A, B, C, D, E. Attention! Points for an incorrect answer are not deducted. That is, in case of ignorance of the answer, it is definitely worth trying to guess. On the VSE website, in the section “Examination tests” (in Czech, Přijímací çízení), you can see the variants of the tests of the previous year with answers.

The methods of English language preparation that led to the successful passing of the VSE test are very different. However, those students who were able to pass the test by 98-100% agree on two main points:

  1. The English test material 100% intersects with the content of the textbook English Grammar in Use, author Raymond Murphy.
  2. The test tasks are exactly the same from year to year.
Preparation for exams at VSE

Preparation for exams at VSE

This is exactly how the most successful students prepared — studying grammar by Murphy and memorizing the tests of the previous year. It must be said that, according to many, 100% of the test result is easily provided by thorough preparation by any one of these two methods. But those who, from their own words, limited themselves to memorizing the answers, despite the 100% result of the test, experienced some difficulties after starting their studies at the university. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to look into the textbook.

Following the two mentioned principles, the entire entrance test in English is solved with 100% success in just 10-15 minutes out of the allotted 1 hour of time.

A lot of tests from the entrance exams in English can be viewed here —

Breathing practice “square”- Exercises to reduce stress in exams

What is the best way to prepare for the VSE exams?

Preparation for exams at VSE. For those who are at least a little confident in their knowledge, the mathematics course at VSE is more than enough. Its price ranges around 90 Euros for 32 academic hours. In these courses, you will once again make sure that the textbook was enough and you wasted 90 Euros.

For those who are not very good at mathematics, probably VSE preparatory courses will not work, because there are quite large groups. In this case, you will be completely satisfied with any courses of Czech private educational firms, of which there are many in Prague. The cost of special courses in mathematics does not exceed 3 Euros per one academic hour. Any additional expenses in preparing for the VSE exams in this regard are meaningless.

Well, if your knowledge of mathematics is almost at zero, I advise you to take a few individual lessons. Tutors’ rates for individual preparation for the VSE test start from 8 Euros per hour. Thus, classes with a tutor will be cheaper than some group training courses.

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