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Become a student in the Czech Republic without exams. Prague faculties without exams

Where should students apply to the university for insurance for reserve faculties in the Czech Republic? It is enough to provide the necessary documents. Further in the article, faculties are indicated where it is possible for foreigners to enter at least one undergraduate specialty without entrance exams in the Czech Republic. Passing the Czech language exam is not considered an entrance exam.

Prague faculties without exams

At Charles University, admission without entrance exams is traditionally available at the Faculty of Natural History in the specialties “Geology”, “Geotechnology” and “Management with natural sources”. And it’s a pity that according to the updated rules, students are expelled even after the first semester. In addition, this year the main university of the country has an unproblematic admission to a number of specialties of the Hussite theological faculty. True, the first acceptance of invitations ended in February, and the second – in March.

Prague student without exams

A similar situation is at the Czech Agricultural University, where there are no entrance exams at the Faculty of Forestry and Forestry (invitations until April 14), the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources (admission until April 16), as well as the Faculty of the Environment and the Faculty of Technology (admission was until the end March).

Apply to a university in Prague without exams

Apply to a czech university without entrance exams - prague faculties

In recent years, the Czech Technical University has not had entrance exams at the branches of the Faculty of Transportation (applications until the end of March) and the Faculty of Nuclear Physics in the city of Decin, in the very north of the Czech Republic. In addition, due to the coronavirus, mathematics exams at the Faculty of Civil Engineering were canceled (and in many specialties this is the only exam), and entrance exams to the Faculty of Nuclear Physics in Prague were completely canceled, and admission goes until the end of April. At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the deadline for admission was not extended – therefore, it had already ended in March.

One of the most difficult in the Czech Republic, but at the same time one of the most promising is the Higher School of Chemical Technology – the leading chemical university in the Czech Republic. There are always no entrance exams (with the exception of specialties in the field of restoration).

In addition, the newly opened economics majors this year can be passed without exams if you have a passed SCIO or simply a high school average.

In general, the study of economics at the Higher School of Art and Technology should be taken as a fallback option, after all, this is a chemical university. Applications to the Higher School of Art and Technology are accepted until April 16.

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Apply to university in Brno without exams

At Masaryk University in 2021, specialties without entrance exams were not noticed, but at the Brno University of Technology it was possible to enter only the Faculty of Chemistry, and only until the end of March.

Brno student without entrance exams

Agriculture is not in demand in Prague or Brno, therefore, at Mendelov University for agronomy (until April 16), horticultural departments (until the end of April) or the forestry and forestry department (invitations until April 21) can become a Brno student without exams.

Czech student without entrance exams


Entry to the University of Palacký without exams is only at the Faculty of Natural History, and even then not in all specialties. Without waiting for the end of spring, they have already announced the second wave of invitations, and therefore you can apply until June 16th.

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Сzech university without entrance exams . The Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Liberec conducts admission without exams until the end of March, but there may well be a second wave of applications to the Czech university. Textile faculty – no exams, but applications were accepted until the end of February.
So far, invitations are being accepted to such faculties without exams as the Faculty of Natural History, Humanities and Pedagogics (until the end of April) and the Faculty of Medical Research (until May 26 – and this is the first wave still).

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Hradec Kralove

In the city of Hradec Králové there are no exams this year for 2 specialties.
“Fundamentals of Technology with a Focus on Teaching” at the Faculty of Education, as well as similar specialties for teachers of computer science, physics and mathematics, or “Physico-technical measurements and computer technology” at the Faculty of Natural History. Reception of documents has been extended until April 16.


Apply to a czech university without entrance exams - prague faculties

As usual, at the University of West Bohemia, admissions are being made on the basis of certificate grades to the Faculty of Applied Sciences (until the end of March only), Electrical Engineering (until April 16), Mechanical Engineering (until April 19) and even the Faculty of Economics (until May 18).

Usti nad Labem

Сzech university without entrance exams.The University of Usti nad Labem traditionally invites those who have not entered the main Czech universities to study in the humanities. This year, it is also possible to enter its Faculty of Philosophy for a number of specialties without exams – however, the acceptance of invitations was completed in March. But there could well be a second wave.
Also, in March, admission to the Faculty of Medical Research ended without exams, but, on the other hand, until May 1, admission to the Faculty of Engineering, Environmental Protection, Pedagogical and Natural History is still ongoing. At the socio-economic faculty – at all until the end of May.

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At the University of Ostrava this year there were only 2 places without entrance exams – natural history and philosophy faculties, in both of which the acceptance of documents ended on March 16.
An order of magnitude more pleasant situation is in the more famous university in Ostrava – the Ostrava Technical University. Its faculties traditionally have many specialties without exams, and the second and third waves of applications are coming close to the beginning of the new academic year.
The first wave of the Faculty of Mining and Geology ended in March, but until the end of May, you can apply for geoinformatics. The second wave has not yet been announced at the machine-building and labor protection departments, the first one ended in March. The Faculty of Materials and Technology opened the second wave until July 17, the Faculty of Civil Engineering – until September 1, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – until June 16.

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A frequent fallback for technical specialties and not only is the University of Pardubice. Invitations are still accepted: at the Faculty of Transportation and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics – until June 1, at the Faculty of Economics and Management – until April 16, Chemical Technology – until May 1, Philosophical – until April 21.

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Сzech university without entrance exams. Another small regional university is the University. Tomas Bata in Zlín. Many different specialties, simple admission, and often without exams at all. Unfortunately, the acceptance of invitations to the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Humanitarian Studies ended in March, but you can still go to the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management until the end of April, the second wave of technology will begin on May 1, and the Faculty of Management and Economics can be at least in April apply, at least later until July 16th.

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České Budějovice – czech university without entrance exams

Based in České Budějovice, the University of South Bohemia offers admission without exams at most of its faculties, but invitations are no longer accepted at its Faculty of Natural History, Agriculture, Theology, and the Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection. But they accept even before April 15 at the pedagogical, and at the economic and philosophical – until May 1.
In the southern capital of Bohemia, you can also get higher education and at the same time free education at the České Budějovice Higher School of Technology and Economics. It is not divided into faculties, so there are uniform deadlines for accepting invitations – until the end of April.

Charles university Сzech language course


A similar small university without division into faculties is located in Jihlava – the Higher Polytechnic School of Jihlava. This school likes to announce several waves of admission in advance: this year the first wave is until May 13, the second is until July 22, and the third is until August 20. So not to do absolutely nowhere, you still have to try.

Opava – czech university without entrance exams

Czech university without entrance exams.The composition of the modern Czech Republic includes 3 lands: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, little known to the Russian ear. Just in the capital of Silesia is the logically named Silesian University. Without exams, you can apply to the Faculty of Trade and Entrepreneurship at the moment until May 25, to the Physics Institute created last year – until the end of April, to the Mathematical Institute – until the end of summer.
But the admission to the Faculty of Philosophy and Natural History, alas, was completed in March. Perhaps there will be a second wave of admission to universities in the Czech Republic.

What is the catch of entering a Czech university without exams

Apply to a czech university without entrance exams - prague faculties

Many applicants see faculties without exams completely incorrectly, they look at them through the prism of simple life. In fact, everything is very difficult, there are two huge problems here.

Rapid expulsion from good universities in the Czech Republic

Among the leading universities, admission without exams in the Czech Republic is offered for purely technical, chemical specialties. These are educational institutions of international level, but you should not assume that if someone keeps you there, they will give you time to build up or fill in the gaps in school education. Either you immediately begin to effectively study in these extremely complex specialties, or you fly out at the very first session from a university in the Czech Republic.

Due to the low quality of education, regional universities in the Czech Republic are forced to lower the bar of requirements to the very bottom, often canceling entrance exams in the Czech Republic. But foreign students, due to lack of awareness, will receive a useless diploma from a Czech university.

It makes no sense to go to the Czech Republic to study in mediocre places and enter a Czech university without exams.

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