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The SCIO test is a test of general learning conditions. Exam OSP SCIO in the Czech Republic

OSP SCIO test- the content of the article:

  • What does the OSP exam consist of?
  • Examples of OSP SCIO test

Many faculties of Czech universities are increasingly accepting students based on the results of the National Comparative Exam (Národní srovnávací zkoušky). NSZ is conducted by SCIO, and is intended to replace or supplement the entrance exams to universities in the Czech Republic.

Testing is carried out in various disciplines, the main ones among which are: mathematics, chemistry, biology, fundamentals of social sciences ZSV, English and German.

However, the most common NSZ exam is considered to be a test on general prerequisites for learning (Obecné studijní předpoklady), or simply the OSP test in the Czech Republic – OSP test.

The SCIO test takes place 6 times a year, and therefore the student has 6 attempts to pass it and demonstrate his abilities, and then, based on the results of all exams, choose the best result, which will be counted by the university.

Knowledge of the school curriculum in the OSP test does not play a decisive role, the main task of the exam is to identify the student’s skills necessary for studying at the university.

Testing is complicated by the limited amount of time allocated to each section of the exam. In addition, the test is designed in such a way that it will not be possible to skip the section in order to return to it later – you need to make a decision right away, and that is why many students, giving in to panic, begin to answer at random, which is not recommended, because points are deducted for each incorrect answer.”

On the official website of SCIO, you can see which faculties accept applicants based on the above tests, find out what requirements they have and apply for testing.

Examples of tests prerequisites for learning. NSZ – State Comparative Exam

Preparation for OSP SCIO test – examples

-ZSV pro navazující magisterské studium Evropských studií download test

-English language download test, listening

-German language download test, listening

-Chemistry download test

-Biology download test

-Mathematics download test

-Fundamentals of Social Sciences – ZSV download test

OSP v NSZ tests download the test, take the test online

The SCIO exams are not the easiest, but you can prepare for them. On the official website of the company, you will always find relevant examples of tasks that can be used to prepare for the exam.

In addition to many attempts, there are two other advantages to the test prerequisites for learning SCIO. Having passed it once, you will be able to submit the results to several universities at once (more precisely, your results will be sent by SCIO to your chosen universities automatically). The exam is held in different cities, you do not need to go specifically to Prague, or any other city.

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If you have already decided on the choice of specialty and you know for sure that one of the entrance exams will be an OSP test, we strongly recommend using all 6 attempts. The first exam may be too much, but each next one will be easier, you will understand the principle of testing and determine the strategy for successfully passing the test.

Why is the OSP SCIO test called “comparative”

Because the test result is not points for correct answers, but a percentile (a characteristic of the result with a range from 1 to 100). Roughly speaking – the percentage of applicants that you have surpassed. The percentile is calculated separately for each part of the test, and then the arithmetic mean is output. It is counted from below, so the lower the percentile, the worse the position of the individual.

For example, the 76 percentile means that 24% of all applicants who took the test with you have the same result as you (or better), and 76% have a result worse than yours. To enroll in some specialties of Czech universities, it is simply necessary to have certain abilities, namely, to be able to think logically and express thoughts, have a sense of language, analyze proposed texts and see patterns.

What does the OSP test in the Czech Republic consist of?

OSP consists of 90 tasks, lasts 110 minutes, and is divided into four parts – verbal, logical, argumentative and quantitative. Each part has a strictly defined time allotted for completing tasks. You need to write down the answers immediately, because after the time allotted for the execution of one part, you immediately move on to the next – and you can no longer go back.


Verbal – 23 tasks designed for 20 minutes. Checking the ability to work with the language, knowledge of vocabulary and the ability to understand different texts. For example, compare words or pairs of words, determining their relationship (synonymy, antonymy), supplement sentences with missing words. The test may include several voluminous texts for task analysis. For example, to summarize the main idea, to deduce the author’s idea, etc. The section is devoted to the skills of the Czech language. The examinees will have to summarize the articles, insert the missing words and supplement the sentences

Logical – 22 tasks designed for 30 minutes. Tasks for logical thinking and analytical abilities. In particular, the ability to understand tables and graphs, apply the rules of simple fictitious games, solve logical puzzles, and see logical connections is tested. Logic tasks include tasks that require the use of analytical skills, an understanding of graphs and tables, and logical connections.

Argumentation – 22 tasks designed for 30 minutes. Here, as in the verbal part, the applicants’ abilities to work with the text, understand its meaning and see logical connections are tested. It is necessary to demonstrate the ability to argue and think critically. For example, a task can be a comparative reading of two texts on a common topic. It is necessary to note how the positions of the authors differ, or indicate which statements may follow from these texts. Tasks for understanding the meaning and orientation of the text by the student, as well as his ability to think critically.

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Quantitative – 23 tasks designed for 30 minutes. Tasks for percentages, questions with geometric shapes, unknown quantities, etc. Knowledge of combinatorics and the ability to count fluently in your mind will be useful. Czech applicants find the quantitative part the most difficult. Foreign applicants, on the contrary, usually consider this part to be the easiest. For obvious reasons, questions that test knowledge of language vocabulary and critical reading abilities are more difficult for them. This block tests quantitative thinking, the ability to find unknown quantities, and solve tasks with geometric shapes.

Preparation for exams for admission to a Czech university – advice

OSP SCIO test in the Czech Republic – how points are calculated

Of the proposed answers, only one is correct. But not only the correct answer is taken into account – points will be deducted from you for an error. When a question has 5 possible answers, the fourth part of the score is deducted for an error; if 4 possible answers are given, the third part of the score is deducted.

It is impossible to teach the prerequisites for learning. It is only possible to train yourself to solve problems, adapt to work with the OSP tests themselves and develop strategies for solving typical tasks, as they say – tune in to the wave. Try to understand the structure of the test and the principles on which the tasks are based, which will significantly speed up the passing of the test. Remember, you have 6 attempts to pass OSP testing!

Nostrification without exams

How much does it cost to take the scio test?

The cost depends on the chosen package, and for OSP is from 390 to 740 CZK, for ZSV – from 260 to 610 CZK, and NSZ (Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Languages) – from 460 to 810 CZK. Packages differ in the number of services provided – somewhere only the test itself is included, and somewhere you will also receive a detailed analysis of it, additional SMS notifications and a certificate of passing the test.

For those who are interested in learning about the SCIO test:

1. By clicking on the link https://www.scio.cz/nsz/fakulty/ , you will see universities and faculties with lists of exams, having passed which for a certain score (the note is written for each faculty separately), you enter without further exams.

2. In the next section you will find the dates of the exams – https://www.scio.cz/nsz/terminy – and items. Choose from them the ones you need.

3. The third section is the SCIO tests and preparation for osp tests. In this section you will find examples of tests for the past year. If necessary, you can enroll in preparatory courses https://www.scio.cz/nsz/priprava , buy manuals or online osp test preparation in the Czech Republic.

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